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Posted - Jul 16 2017 : 2:10PM
Reading that Pamela Morrison is the daughter of Cali Ryder got me wondering. Does anyone know other 2nd generation performers?
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^Lucy Pinder
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Posted - Jul 16 2017 : 2:52PM
Kelly O'Dell's daughter had a short career. She went by the names Molly O'Dell, Willow May and Willow Lynn.
Ryan Conner's daughter also worked for only a short time. She went by Dylan Phoenix.

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Posted - Jul 16 2017 : 3:22PM
Sunset Thomas' niece is Sunrise Adams.
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Posted - Jul 16 2017 : 6:31PM
She did a nice scene for Brazzers called "Big Tits On The Bottom Bunk" with Molly Jane and Danny D.

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Posted - Jul 24 2017 : 12:29AM
Pamela Morrison has her own website. It's TopShelfBae.com. Does anyone know if Kali Ryder is mentioned?
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Posted - Jul 24 2017 : 5:25PM
Most famous mothers imo were:
- Angela D’Angelo (Ice La Fox)
- De' Bella (Jewel DeNyle)


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Posted - Jul 24 2017 : 8:03PM
Desi Foxx got her daughter into porn and then started making films herself. They even worked at the Bunny Ranch together but Elli got out of the business.IMG_0408.JPG

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Posted - Jul 24 2017 : 9:25PM
God, I loved Elli Foxx
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Posted - Jul 25 2017 : 8:46PM
In BTS from Bring'Um Young # 19 Anabolic style august of 2005, an early favorite of mine, Kelsey Michaels says: " My mom did porn". It sounded like this was not a speculation, that was just a fact. Then Talon all of a sudden showed up, and stuffed her vag full of cock, missionary big time, and she couldn't say no denial no more, except from letting it all go with some oh my oh my and then Jesus came rolling by.

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Posted - Jul 28 2017 : 10:29PM
Ah yes, the incredible Kelsey Michaels.
She is one of the all time greats

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Posted - Jul 29 2017 : 11:55AM
Normally I would tell you to visit her site to find out but in this case I will simply say that she doesn't. In fact since she calls herself Bae and not Pamela Morrison then that tells you everything you need to know about the site.
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^Lucy Pinder
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Posted - Aug 5 2019 : 5:29AM
New porn girl Jaycee Starr is apparently the daughter of retired performer Brandi Lyons. See this post in her ADT thread.

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Posted - Aug 5 2019 : 10:24AM
^ There really is a striking resemblance.


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Posted - Aug 5 2019 : 2:30PM
^ How did I not notice that?!


Delilah Strong's mother was a performer if IIRC


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Posted - Aug 5 2019 : 2:33PM
I'm pretty sure Tiffany Mynx's son did a scene with Alana Evans, which must have been something like fucking a hot step-aunt for him, because Tiffany and Alana are BFFs in real life...

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