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Posted - Jan 7 2019 : 12:21AM
I collect adult DVDs. Recently I've read about the phenomenon of disc rot. I take great care of my collection, but the thought of losing it all to disc rot honestly scares me. Is this something to worry about? If I take care of my discs, will they outlive me? To those hardcore collectors, have you lost any old DVDs to disc rot?
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Posted - Jan 7 2019 : 2:26AM
It's something to take some concern about. Depending on pressing methods the lacquer layer can delaminate over time from the reflective layer, which may oxidize. Tiny scratches in the lacquer can also cause the reflective layer to become oxidized.
I lost a mainstream DVD to disc rot about 2 or 3 years ago and I bought that DVD back in 2000 or so.


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Posted - Jan 7 2019 : 3:26PM
Thanks for your response.
Is disc rot wide spread though? Will it happen to your entire collection during your lifetime? Or will it only happen to a few poorly made DVDs?

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Posted - Jan 8 2019 : 3:03AM
I often have to use data DVD's that are from the late 90s, and I'm always amazed that they work fine.
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Posted - Jan 8 2019 : 11:30AM
I have been buying DVDs since 1999. I have yet to have one get disc rot.
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Posted - Jan 8 2019 : 3:46PM
I've got a couple of hundred DVDs and the one I mentioned is my only dead one I'm aware of. My oldest DVD that came bundled with a PC I got in 1999 still works and has no visible rot.


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Posted - Jan 16 2019 : 2:58AM
I notice it on the cheap bulk CD-R I have not replicated discs.

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Posted - Jan 18 2019 : 7:06AM
I opened a Redbull and it landed on the DVD and it left pits in the plastic! WTF?

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Posted - Jan 18 2019 : 8:27AM
Sorry to go off-topic.
Those CD cases that are like old LP gatefold covers, where the disk slides inside the cover. On one i have, part of the all cardboard cover has stuck to the disc. (Yes, i think i have been leaving it in sunlight.)
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Posted - Mar 15 2019 : 10:58PM
To answer your question, I have not experienced disc rot.

I store my discs in its case, upright like a book, on shelves, and away from direct sunlight. Fortunately, for me, I've set up my collection in the basement which helps tremendously because basements are usually cool, dry and away from direct sunlight.

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