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Posted - Apr 4 2012 : 8:53PM
As i live in the uk, i was wondering if anyone had used (recently) adult dvd market place. If so which sellers did you use, did you get your dvds, where problems dealt with by the sellers fast ect. Also what are adult dvd market place like as a company, do they respond to emails fast, help with problems ect?. Thanks


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Posted - Apr 6 2012 : 1:27PM
I've bought from 1price and LuckyStarDVD, and from another seller who's not there anymore due to their owner passing away.
I live in Finland.
Ordering from LuckyStarDVD took about 1 month for the DVDs to arrive. It's ok.
I've ordered from 1price three times now and every single time the DVDs have arrived super fast: in only 1 week (add one or two days to it).
There was a mistake from 1price though as they sent a wrong DVD to me once. I had ordered perhaps about 15 DVDs and for some reason they messed up one time but when I ordered from them the next time they sent me also the DVD I didn't get earlier.
The latest purchase happened on January.

Notice that for international orders they send only the actual disc and the cover paper. Not the cases. That's to keep the shipping cost lower. So you need to buy the empty DVD cases yourself. Those are cheap though and it's really worth time and money to do that. When I order, I usually try to find 5-15 DVDs I want. I pick some a bit more expensive titles and some cheap ones. Most sellers give you extra DVDs when you order many. In the end, buying many movies and putting 2 or 3 euros/pounds to buying a pack of empty DVD cases, you'll likely end up getting the movies cheaper than from anywhere else.
I wholeheartedly recommend that site for you.


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Posted - Apr 22 2012 : 11:44AM
I'm always looking around for new online sites
i've never heard of 1price .. what is the name of the site ?? is it .com .uk .org ?
i tired googling 1price / 1pricedvd etc ... didnt see what i was lookin for


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Posted - May 4 2012 : 7:22PM
1price is a seller at adultdvdmarketplace.com
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Posted - Aug 20 2013 : 6:57AM
I'm a regular customer of all of them 1price, luckystar and also Alldelight it took usually 20 days to arrive , they are usually reliable
There's a site called HLH with incredibly low prices, also they claim they send originals DVD which should be a given , no needed to be said.
I don't know , can't find any review about them, anyway I'm doing a low purchase , something like $100 to give them a try
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Posted - Mar 20 2014 : 1:50PM
Brand new member, stating to buy from one seller at a store, in the only two posts made, smells like spam to me.
A note to this seller, pretending to be a customer never works, people catch on really fast and it gives you a poor name.
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Posted - May 24 2014 : 10:33AM
Alldelight have started declaring full value on packages. Bad news for International buyers.
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Posted - Aug 3 2014 : 6:32PM
Are there any customs issues when ordering from LuckyStarDVD?

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Posted - Oct 11 2014 : 3:59PM
Luckystardvd are fine.....it's always worth requesting that packages are valued under $20 for the UK. Just to make sure. Alldelight will do it, but you have ask first.
I've found Alldelight are the quickest followed closely by Luckstardvd. 1price are very good but seem to order films in (it only takes a few days)
Tony55447 is very helpful. Perfectpartner and Tendernights are also reliable.


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Posted - Oct 30 2014 : 7:38PM
Great - thanks for the reply. I'm just about to place a large order with LuckyStarDVD.
I bought a load of Harmony DVDs from 1price a few months ago. It arrived very quickly - about a week I think. Very good service. This time it's LuckyStar that have the DVDs I want though.

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