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Posted - May 23 2014 : 7:22PM
Hi everyone, long time ADT'er here.
I'm wondering how many of you from Canada have used adultdvdempire with success? Have any of you had any discs stopped and seized by customs?
I ordered a couple of Elegant Angel blu-rays from them. There's a little of the usual EA rough stuff in them, some choking and slapping (I think).
Should I be worried? What are your experiences with them in regards to getting your discs to Canada without incident?
Just wondering.


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Posted - Jul 22 2014 : 3:47PM
I have used AdultDVDEmpire before and never have any problems with customs in Canada. AdultDVDEmpire is ok but prices is a little on the high side. I buy a lot from Adult Video Universe (CD Universe), buying one or two discs at a time, used their standard shipping and it arrive in a padded envelope in my mail box. No customs issues. Have also used a number of other stores, all without any problems to Canada.

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