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Posted - Aug 5 2017 : 8:01PM
I have a large DVD collection and have worked in the "biz" for a number of years. I've never heard of these guys.
Has anyone had success in selling DVDs through them? Are people really willing to pay $80+ for an old title from Jill Kelly Productions, Anabolic and Diabolic?
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Or are people just asking crazy prices hoping someone bites but never actually really selling anything?
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Posted - Aug 5 2017 : 9:36PM
I sell there. I find often if I list a rare title a pile of bootlegs show up for sale cheaply on the listing. Staff won't respond to tickets about bootlegs.


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Posted - Aug 6 2017 : 11:29AM
Flash I think I have bought a few things from you on there and you are right. Once something legitimate and very hard to find appears then the bootleggers show up in droves at times with there DVD-R's and despite me complaining about them they tell me they will not do anything but make sure they state its a DVD-R. I know some of the sellers and have asked do folks pay that kind of money for some of the titles such as what was pictured in the prior post and they seem to indicate that eventually someone buys them though usually not for months or until the seller needs to make some scratch and lowers the prices some.
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Posted - Aug 8 2017 : 10:37PM
Totally right about that. I remember getting kicked off of Amazon before because I was selling porn. I didn't create the listings they were already there. But they said I couldn't sell porn on their site. Over 10 years ago now, but it sounds like similar backwards logic.


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Posted - Aug 9 2017 : 11:29AM
That is so hysterical as I got the boot from Amazon like 8 years ago for selling porn and in particular the Amy Fisher Red Light District one as I had noted what it was and some douchebag buys it and then says how he was mortified that it was porn and not one of the 3 TV versions that were made he thought it was. They have blocked me ever since-funny as they screw so many people over with knockoffs and false reviewed products-but I am someone that needs blocking.WTF. And the kicker was I always used the titles that were already on Amazon for these few titles so its not like they took them down. Now EBAY who I sell with is cracking down on anything family or taboo related because it promotes...ready...incest. So I get warned over My New Black Stepdaddy 12 and Lesbian Family from Filly Films. Called the Phillipine hot line because EBAY has a zero American person operator policy and the nutjobs there do not even know what incest is. They even thought perhaps because it was a black person with white that may be the issue...again WTF and yes a true story. Hypocrites and Idiots gotta love them in this age we call the Trump era...because right now they are running things
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Posted - Aug 9 2017 : 6:53PM
^ I don't sell on eBay, never figured out how to crack that nut, but the Amazon thing you ran into sound exactly like what happened to me. You ban me FOR LIFE?!?!?! I made close to 20k on there, but that was long before they began shoveling tax forms at people and putting refunds on hold until you provide your social security number?!?!? I was absolutely killing it over on that site and it wasn't just DVDs. I took a giant dip in the media side of my business when this happened. And again I can't get back on. Apparently, having me on their site is a no-go. That sure isn't to change now.


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Posted - Mar 7 2018 : 3:08PM
I've had tremendous success on this site. I own over 2,300 titles and all but maybe forty were purchased from Adult DVD Marketplace.
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