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Posted - Mar 4 2016 : 9:56AM
i have a hardcore script idea and was wondering if any studios take them? thanks in advance!
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Posted - Mar 4 2016 : 5:50PM
SInce most porn scripts fit on the back of an envelope or a post-it, I highly doubt you will find any takers.
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Posted - Nov 13 2016 : 4:47AM
I feel like I've just been transported back to 1995. This question use to appear on RAME about 3 times a week, and was so frequent they had to put it into their FAQ.
In case you were curious the answer was, paraphrased from memory, "You have a distorted view as to how important the script is to people who produce porn. Most of them are an afterthought. "


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Posted - Mar 26 2017 : 2:52PM
In the early 90s, I wrote to Jamie Gillis about breaking into porn as a screenwriter. His polite but blunt advice was, "Don't." (I was discouraged at the time, but still pretty happy that I got a letter back from Jamie Gillis!)

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