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Posted - Mar 16 2019 : 5:47PM
i am a member of Realitykings and a fan Inthevip series.

just looking at the videos that are 1920-1080 resolution.

But I am wondering why some videos are just horrible and some are excellent (in quality/technical wise).
You need to look at video in 1920-1080 resolution to see the big difference.

and it's NOT like earlier year videos 2010-2013 are bad and 2014-2016 are good. It's all very random to which videos are good and bad

and i also noticed 5 of the videos are not Good or Bad, it's medium and in the middle.

anybody here who is video expert/savvy or that work in this field to know what is the reason for this?

here are the links of 2 good / 2 bad / 2 medium. can you tell which one is which (it's more noticeable with 1920-1080 video)


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Posted - Mar 17 2019 : 7:07AM
Lighting is going to have a huge impact on video quality. If your camera sensor is small and/or your lens aperture is narrow and you are shooting in low ambient light, you will need to ramp up your camera's ISO to "compensate" but this almost always comes at the expense of sacrificing quality as the sensor will be prone to "noise". Video lighting can help significantly but you need to be pretty close as portable lighting especially has a limited effective range. I haven't subbed to RK in a long time but I do remember that the lighting conditions varied from scene to scene in InTheVIP.

Post production can also have a big impact. You can get good or even great quality raw/"raw" footage but poor choices of inefficient, older codecs to make a certain file size can give you poor quality video in the published output.

Unless anyone replying knows RK's production workflow, especially the camera/lens model, settings on the camera and the software/codec settings used in post production, they can only speculate on the exact reason(s) for the inconsistent quality you've noticed.

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Posted - Mar 17 2019 : 10:26AM
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Posted - Mar 17 2019 : 9:26PM
i added the links so people can see


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Posted - Mar 18 2019 : 12:10PM
It depends on many things

Camera sensor
camera compression
camera setting
camera fps
time of shoot
location of shoot
editing software
intermediary codec
mastering codec
encoding software
actual editing person

it depends

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Posted - Mar 21 2019 : 2:53PM
The older vids from that era of RK were all shot on relatively ancient HD camcorders that shoot 720p/1080i to tapes. Sometimes they used pro gear and sometimes they used consumer gear. The newer vids are likely pro HD camcorders that record to flash memory or light-weight hand-held consumer ones, depending on the type of shoot. I don't know if they ever used DSLRs for video, but the RK production model definitely favors fast and cheap methods over quality and fancy hardware, so probably not.
All smartbuydisc.rus > Tech Talk > any video/camera/ expert who can help me?

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