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Posted - Aug 18 2016 : 5:54AM
Loved the taboo series but havent found anything that compares. any ideas?
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^Lucy Pinder
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Posted - Aug 18 2016 : 3:13PM
Really the only movie that stands out in my mind in this category in the past 10 years (or maybe even 20 years?) is .
Everything else is either extremely amateur, clips4sale-type stuff, or faux-incest (step-daughters, etc.) stuff. There seems to be an infinite supply of scenes/movies in both of these categories though, if you're into them.
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Posted - Aug 18 2016 : 7:03PM
Taboo American Style Parts 1 through 4
Playing With Fire
The Taming of Rebecca
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Posted - Aug 19 2016 : 6:32AM
Desperate pleasures make a lot of movies like that with Hope Harper mostly in main role.
If you want "real" incest scene from new ones you have Keisha and Sheila Ortega for CUMLOUDER where they do a guy together and do kiss each other and lick each others pussy. Overall is a really really hot scene no matter if you are into "incest fantasy" or not.
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Posted - Aug 19 2016 : 7:26AM
More of an art movie (not a porn move), but Louie Malle's Murmur of the Heart I thought was very good film. Although it was somewhat controversial it's a gentle film and I think reflect's the more mature european way.
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^Lucy Pinder
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Posted - Aug 23 2016 : 3:18AM
(1984) starring Nikki Charm in the lead role. This is a forgotten little gem.
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Posted - Aug 23 2016 : 3:41AM
Not porn but Ma Mere is an adaptation of Georges Bataille's infamous novella.
BTW Taboo is coming out on bluray soon from VS.


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Posted - Aug 23 2016 : 9:45AM
I liked the first couple hours of the overly long DADDY'S GIRLS but DADDY'S GIRLS 2 was a pretty big mess---tb
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^Lucy Pinder
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Posted - Aug 23 2016 : 4:08PM
^ I liked those movies (yeah the second one wasn't anywhere near as good as the first but I still liked a couple of scenes).
But while there is a lot of desire for incest by Riley's character (and possibly her father's character too), there are no actual incest scenes in those movies.
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Posted - Aug 23 2016 : 4:48PM
German and what not has way more movies about this "genre". And they do it well, to be honest. Don't have the same fear around doing it either. Europe is not as uptight about sex as the US. Sucks really, because i do believe this is more popular then one might think. Sex and something being so wrong is.. well, exciting!

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