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Posted - Dec 3 2005 : 12:06PM

I think it's safe to say that they have one of the best selections anywhere you look; but what good is it when the movies take up to three weeks to return/ship?

1st month = Fast turn around and good service. Very happy!

2nd month = 2 weeks average turn around time, still okay, I'll live with that. I'm not too greedy.

3rd month = We've got your membership so serivce is GONE COMPLETELY OUT OF THE WINDOW! NO Emails? NO Explanations?

Web Interface is a total diaster - the ONLY WAY to see if a previous movie has been rented in to CLICK A FEW TIMES and check "ITEM HISTORY" and compare (intead a window pops up instantly and let you know if it's be previoulsy rented) It's as if they don't care if you'd accidentally rent the same movie again.

4th month - Account cancelled.

Because I live in the eastcoast, so I can understand the longer return/ship time. But THREE WEEKS is completely out of question.

Penny Wise, Pound Foolish. You try to cheat your customer only to lose a life-time customer. Beware!

Next time, I'll post my reviews on BushDVD.

Share your knowledge and help everybody


XRentDVD Employee - with a little pull ;)
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Posted - Dec 3 2005 : 1:24PM
I'm shocked by this. Can you please contact me directly so I can look into this matter in detail. You can email me at

Many of the people who post on this smartbuydisc.ru would tell you that this is NOT a typical experience with our company. We constantly strive to exceed our customers expectations.

I look forward to hearing from you,

-- XRentGuy

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Posted - Dec 3 2005 : 2:04PM
Dear XRent DVD Guy:

I'm impressed that you'd respond to my smartbuydisc.ru message so quickly if only the customer's service has been trained to respond in a timely manner as well.

A quick search in this smartbuydisc.ru will yield the fact that I'm not isolated in my experience with your service - first two months is generally great, the third month, mysteriously - everything starts to going down hill.

Now some customers are just plain crazy and demanding - they expect instant delivery from on-line stores not counting weather conditions or the USPS delivery system - which is so-so at best.

I sometimes wonder why it always take a lost customer for a business to do something - the fail to put Quality Control
in place and monitoring will truly, and eventually drive new customers away - it's only a matter of time.

I do hope you are someone at XRentDVD with power to change things - as I mentioned earlier. Your store has terrific selections.

FIRST THING TO FIX: When the "Queue" bottom is clicked on, let the customer know right away it that video has been rented it or not. This simple yet crucial feature will make rental much easier in the future.

I will come back in three months to see if things have improved - I hope it will - and you will have another life-time customer.

Very sincerely yours,


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Tastes so good...
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Posted - Dec 5 2005 : 1:00PM
As I recall, most of the complaints you speak of were from people who posted that and nothing else, which can make them quite suspicious. Yes, if you look at my Bush vs. XRent post it did take longer with XRent, but since they started shipping on Saturdays I saw very little difference between the two as for the amount of DVDs I'd receive each month.

As for the 3rd month and web interface, I really can't blame a company if I can't keep track of what I do and don't rent...

"Vegetarianism for me is about saying ‘yes’ to things - even meat." - Coupling


XRentDVD Employee - with a little pull ;)
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Posted - Dec 5 2005 : 1:47PM

Edited by - xrentguy on 12/5/2005 1:50:50 PM

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Posted - Dec 5 2005 : 3:25PM
Just to say it ... again. Because I think it's warranted.

I've been a member of XrentDVDs Preferrred program since shortly after they initiated it (years ago now), and I've been ordering DVDs from them since they started as a company. I think their service is outstanding. When I've had problems, and that is rare, they've always fixed them to my satisfaction.

Just a little counterpoint to hitormiss's point.

Edited by - MLyons on 12/5/2005 3:27:09 PM

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Your other left
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Posted - Dec 5 2005 : 3:54PM
X-Rent does let you know if you put a title you've already purchased into your purchase basket. What's different about rentals is that it makes perfect sense for somebody to rent a title again. Why wouldn't you want to see a great porn scene a second time? People rerent mainstream titles, don't they? Sure they do.

So it may be a feature you'd like to see, hitormiss, but it hardly constitutes bad service or some attempt to milk the customer.


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Posted - Dec 5 2005 : 6:11PM
I have been a member of both Xrent and Bush and have found both very responsive when I have had a problem(a rarity for both companies). I currently rent from Xrent, without a monthly plan, for new releases and use Bush on a monthly plan basis. In my humble opinion problems are usually isolated events occuring a few times a year. Over the long term both companies deliver what they promise with attentive customer service.

I also must say if I have an issue with them, that can't addressed, I can come to ADT and find XrentGuy or Norman from Bush. Reading thru the Shopping Info post's you can find that they are willing to help.


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Posted - Dec 20 2005 : 3:21AM
I have had a similar experience to HITORMISS's experience about a year and a half ago when I signed up with Xrent. First month was absolutely perfect. 1 or 2 days to get DVD's and 1 or 2 days to return 'em back to Xrent. Then the turnaround time progressively got worse. 2-3days on my 2nd month, which was still okay, then 2-7 days on my 3rd month! I live in LA btw.

I cancelled my membership on the 3rd month and found Bush in this smartbuydisc.ru, and since then it's been very, very satisfying. I recently upgraded to a 6 out at a time, 'cause their service has been excellent. The wait time's are getting longer, I think probably due to their increasing popularity, but I'm willing to be patient until they adopt.

Oh, and BushDVD DOES let you know if you rented a movie before. A little window pops up, and you have the choice of renting the movie again or not. This is one of the features I absolutely LOVE about Bush. Try


Santa Ana, CA
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Posted - Dec 20 2005 : 10:40AM
Hi jolly,

Based on your previous posts on ADT about the same issue, your third month was during December of last year. Year after year we see the same slowdown from the post office starting about the middle of November as all the holiday retail sales start. It doesn't effect all of our customers equally so it may be related to how well staffed your local postal facilities are, especially on the return sortation. Also, I think you were with us before we were able to process business mail on Saturday. Saturday processing has helped return times, especially for those shipments that just missed the Friday sort and would normally wait 3 days for the Monday sort.

I invite you to try us again in January when the postal service has returned to normal. The USPS makes affordable rental movies delivered to your house possible. At the same time, it can be frustrating for customers and us to see them lose, damage, or delay shipments. We hope that all our customers are able to see that we do everything we can to minimize the problems.

(Typos fixed)

Edited by - xrentwebmaster on 12/20/2005 11:37:19 AM


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Posted - Dec 20 2005 : 11:27PM
Great response, XrentWebMaster!

I didn't know Xrent started shipping on Saturdays. That is good news. And thank you for your invite. I'll keep it in mind if I happen to want to switch providers in the future.

I'm not sure of the exact time frame when I rented from Xrent, but as you say, it could have been near the holiday's. If I do encounter problems when I sign up again, would it be okay to email you?


Santa Ana, CA
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Posted - Dec 21 2005 : 5:59PM
Thanks for the complement.
Your best bet is to contact or call them at 888-XRENTDVD should you have any issues. We have representatives answering email 6 days a week and answering the phone 5 days a week. I wouldn't want you to email me and become frustrated because I am on vacation or something.

You shouldn't switch back to us if the only reason your doing so is for better mail times. I believe your current shipments are coming out of San Diego and it is unlikely that delivery times from our facility in Santa Ana would be much different. We would be happy to have you as a customer again, but both services are going to have the USPS in common.

Happy Holidays!


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Posted - Dec 22 2005 : 6:31PM
Thanks for your response here - you made a very good point - to be cost effective rental companies must use USPS - imagine the cost of FedEx or some other overnight - we might as well buy the DVD. 2 DVD's cost about $.60 to mail using USPS - that's really a bargain (and I don't work for USPS). The down side is possible delays. We've had lots of experience with mass mailings with unpredictable results. Some envelopes take 1 week, some take 2 days, some 2 weeks... with no rhyme or reason. I admire you for gambling your entire business model on the efficiency of USPS. Hang in there and keep posting here - we appreciate hearing from company representatives!


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Posted - Dec 23 2005 : 2:19PM
I understand. I was planning on adding Xrent's 3-out plan to my current plan with a different provider, simply because most of the movies I want have been claimed by other customers. I really have zero complaints about shipping times from and to San Diego.

In addition, I'm interested in trying out Xrent's service again to see if the service indeed degenerates each month, and whether or not customer service is responsive when there are issues with delays or lost mailings. I recall being extremely disappointed with Xrent on my third month, but I don't remember if I contacted customer service or what steps I took to resolve the issues. This time, I'll document everything to provide a clearer picture.


Los Angeles/OC
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Posted - Dec 25 2005 : 10:26PM
I've been with X RENT DVD going on three years now, I have had 99% satisfation with DVDs arriving on time/returns posted on time. I think the other 1% lies with the postal service delivery system. Only on one or two occasions have I missed a quick delivery. The one time I had a return not post to my account in a day or so, I sent them an email and they researched it immediately and found the error and corrected it, in my favor. I received a quick email from them confirming the correction, etc.

I don't subscribe to their Preferred Plan, rather rent out DVDs on an ongoing basis on my own.

I use the US Postal Service "Priority Mail" for delivery, it cost a couple bucks more but worth it for the DVDs to arrive on time. I think using "Priority Mail" is key. The post office keeps track of these deliveries closely as it is their signature delivery system.

I HIGHLY recommend X RENT DVD. They are out of Orange County and I live here in "The OC" so I'm spoiled, so to speak, as to the reliable delivery service since they are in my neighborhood.

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Posted - Jul 27 2012 : 10:54AM
I would never rent from Xrent DVD again.
I totally agree with Hitormiss and Jolly. The first few months were perfect. I lived nearby their facility so their shipments and my returns almost always arrived the next day which was an advantage for me. After they recognized this, suddenly EVERY shipment and return had problems and they blamed them on the Post Office. I talked to several Post Office branches and they said that 99% of local mails should arrive the next business day. I contacted their customer service twice and still had the same problem. When it took 3, 4 days for their shipments and my returns to arrive I decided to cancel my membership.They also stopped shipping on Saturday. In my opinion, Bush DVD rental is a much more honest company and I highly recommend it.

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Posted - Jul 28 2012 : 4:46AM
It should be noted that the post office is or will be operating slower due to the economy and other factors. Not saying arguments aren't valid though.

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Posted - Feb 7 2019 : 11:37AM

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Posted - Feb 7 2019 : 12:27PM
^Dawg69 - that's kind of a bullshit post. A brand new user bumps up a topic from 2005 critical of a store without adding anything of your own. Something fishy there.

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