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Posted - Jul 1 2019 : 2:59AM
Brazzers and other mindgeek sites starting to use filters on scenes.

I know theres been some talk about that brazzers cut the bitrate in half which had a big impact on video quality.

But I haven't seen anyone talk about that they are also using filters on all the new scenes since awhile back, some are worse then others. But basically all the skin texture and details are washed out and blurry. Also colors seems to be washed out and off on some scenes.

The latest Digital playground movie I watched also had this same filter, So they seem to be pushing it on their other sites as well.

What do you guys think? Any idea why they do this? And is this the future? Will we see more sites/companies move this direction?

In my opinion this looks very bad and is almost unwatchable. I can't understand why they do this. To me porn is about watching beautiful women, but with these filters you can't even see how their skin looks. Everything just looks so fake and unreal.

It's seems like they don't care about quality at all anymore, which is ashame.


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Posted - Aug 17 2019 : 2:46PM
Probably an attempt to disguise the digital artifacts caused from decreasing the video bitrate.
All smartbuydisc.rus > Tech Talk > Brazzers using filters on new scenes.

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