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Posted - Nov 29 2012 : 1:02PM
[link inactive:404 - Page not found]Japan Airlines to serve KFC on select flights. Air KFC.

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Posted - Nov 30 2012 : 2:50AM
Forget about SARS, Japanese need to worry about the obesity epidemic.

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Posted - Nov 30 2012 : 4:26AM
"What's the payload for coleslaw?"
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Posted - Nov 30 2012 : 10:29AM
Yum, original recipe. Think of the smell circulating in the plane. I am getting hungry. I should get some fried chicken for lunch.

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Posted - Nov 30 2012 : 2:59PM
I usually eat until I pretty much can't move when I get KFC. Put some taters and gravy on a biscuit and alternate between eating that and a nice piece of chicken. Then, reload.
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Posted - Jul 19 2019 : 6:52AM

"KFC said it was a pilot project and a "new concept" in the fast-food industry.[...]

order and pay for a meal with the KFC smartphone app or website before arriving at the site."

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Non Prevalebunt!
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Posted - Jul 19 2019 : 8:38AM
I'm laughing just with the imagination of what a guy like Benny Hill would have done with this!

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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 6:38AM
^ I was at a drive through once when there was a guy walking, giving his order at the microphone, then walking down and waiting to pick it up.
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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 12:51PM
The idea isn't anything new.

Chick-fil-a has an I already ordered on my smartphone drive-through lane around this area.

All-Star Member - grover10
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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 1:55PM
^^ I used to do that at my local Booger Thing on Saturdays. Well, actually, Sundays mornings, technically. The restaurant closed at 11 pm but the drive through was open until 4 am.

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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 6:53PM
^^ I think the world first is that this store will be drive -through only. Three lanes app pre-order only, two lanes order at time.

^ Due to obvious safety reasons, that isn't/shouldn't-be allowed. I've actually seen signs saying you must be in a vehicle to order at drive-through.

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Posted - Jul 26 2019 : 8:15PM
All smartbuydisc.rus > World News Nonsense > Breaking! KFC is "widely popular" in Japan!

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