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Posted - Jun 10 2018 : 10:14PM
Brooklyn Chase: Part-time Marriage Counselor, Full-time Homewrecker
Brooklyn had always wanted to do something to help people with their lives. This led her to career of being a wedding counselor. She helps married couples deal with issues going on in their marriage. She's been doing this job for two years, but about six month into the job she noticed she wasn't getting the satisfactions she wanted, and started to feel the need for more of a thrill and adrenaline rush in her everyday life. While having a a session with a couple in her office, Brooklyn noticed the husband eye's fixed directly on her tits. She was at first stunned because the couple had been married for ten years, but then she got so turned on and hot. The husband had a whole family but that couldn't keep his lustful thoughts about Brooklyn away, even in front of his wife. Brooklyn knew she had to act on this. The couple had been struggling in the bed recently, and Brooklyn was sure she could give the husband what he wanted. While the wife went to the bathroom Brooklyn sat next to the husband, put her hand on his pants and started rubbing his cock. The stunned and reluctant husband couldn't believe it. "Let me know if you want to see how a real woman fucks sometime," Brooklyn whispered in his ear.
About a week later, the wife had plans for her and the kids to go out for the evening. The husband was staying home and planned to finally fuck Brooklyn like he hadn't ever fucked his wife. They both went up to the bedroom and thinking about fucking him in the bed where is wife slept turned Brooklyn on so much. Brooklyn undressed and wore a sexy black lingerie set that his wife would never think to put on. She went to her knees to suck his cock and give him a sensation his wife hasn't awarded him in years. He couldn't believe how amazing her mouth felt. "Your wife ever suck your cock," she asked. He couldn't answer because of the sensation but she knew that was a no. Brooklyn then followed that up with titty fucking, which she knew couldn't happen with his wife because her boobs aren't even close to hers. One thing that turned Brooklyn on so much the whole time while titty fucking him and fucking him in general, was the many family photos in the room. Photos of his whole family, him and his wife and including some of them together on their honeymoon. She loved looking at these photos knowing that he still couldn't resist her even with all he had to lose with a family and a wife. Brooklyn loved knowing she had this lustful power over him. "Fuck me! Fuck me better than you've ever fucked your wife. Fuck me like you wish she would let you all these years." Brooklyn said with salacious intent staring at photos of him and his wife, he fucked her doggy style. "You guys fuck this good on the honeymoon," She asked him with devious smile. "Hell no," he answered. "Figures," she said with a laugh. "Your wife can't fuck like me, your wife doesn't have shit on me." When the husband was ready to shoot his cum on Brooklyn she made sure to do it right in front of a picture of them together on their honeymoon. "I want you to think about how much better I fucked you than your wife in your bed when ever you look at this photo and whenever you see your wife," Brooklyn said. He finally finished on her with his cum getting all over her big fat tits. She sucked a little more off his cock. "Your married cum tastes so good and it looks so good on my tits," she said. Brooklyn noticed some of his cum got on the picture. "Oh my, it got on the picture," She said with a sinful smile. Brooklyn grabbed the picture and licked the cum off the picture with such naughty delight.
Brooklyn continued to think about the debaucherous evening and knew she had to keep this addicting feeling. So she did. She started to use her job for her new passion and hobby, professional homewrecker. From then on Brooklyn kept sleeping with every husband of the couples she could. This was finally the rush she needed. For a year and a half now, Brooklyn has seduced married men she counsels and she loves every minute of it.
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