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Posted - Jul 23 2018 : 8:23PM
I am ordering from a Canadian website company, and I noticed some of their Evil Angel products are distributed by Valentine Video.
I heard they make some cuts on their DVDs.
However, my only options are local stores, US companies, or this Canadian company.
The problem with local stores is that they cost too much (roughly $80 a movie!).
Ordering from US companies is also very expensive, as they charge high import fees.
So, my question, is it worth getting the Canadian versions for low cost? Or should I fork out almost double ($80) for the US versions?
Keep in mind, I don't care about bonus features. Thanks!
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Posted - Jul 23 2018 : 9:12PM
Hmm, a user in this topic said "I am pretty sure the Canadian Valentine "Evil Angel" releases are identical to the US releases."
Is this true? Maybe they don't cut them apart anymore.


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Posted - Jul 24 2018 : 1:54PM
Anyone? I really need to know this.
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Posted - Jul 24 2018 : 4:33PM
Please don't take this as being sarcastic or a challenge to what you want, but subscribing to the Evil Angel site gets you unedited access to a lot of their classics and pretty much everything more recent. I'm in Canada too and have been a regular subscriber with no issues. If having the charge appear on your credit card is an issue get a pre-loaded one at any drug store or grocery store and use that. If your concern is just using a credit card on any adult site I can attest that I've joined EA and sister sites probably a hundred times and have never had a problem with billing or cancelling. They have some hoops to jump through to cancel but it is nothing serious. I can give you some tips if needed.


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Posted - Jul 25 2018 : 12:42AM
^ Thanks for your help. I'm not too worried about credit card information on major sites. I already have a subscription to Brazzers.
I'm looking to get a few DVDs. I found a Canadian website ( and they charge fairly. I just wanted to know how secure they are and if Canadian versions of DVDs are still heavily cut. On the latter, I read Canadian versions are now the same as US, but I don't know if this is true.
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Posted - Jul 25 2018 : 9:51AM
^I wish I could help you but while I live in Canada. I have always bought my movies through US distributors and therefore all my versions were US. I know our dollar is significantly lower than the US one but you check to see if it would be cheaper to buy from a US vendor?


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Posted - Jul 25 2018 : 6:23PM
^ The only US vendor I checked was AdultDVDEmpire. Their prices are good, but import fees are extremely expensive.
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Posted - Jul 25 2018 : 8:49PM
^ Not to mention that you'd have the hassle of border inspection. Years ago I used to read a quarterly list of stuff seized at the border coming into Canada and very frequently Max Hardcore DVDs were deemed unfit to be allowed into the country. The irony for me was that I downloaded them from US sites. I figure that if sold DVDs those would be confiscated too. If you really don't need the physical copy of the DVD (and I realize that some people prefer that) then downloading is no hassle at all. I definitely don't miss the days of going to adult store to buy or rent DVDs and then needing the space to store them all discreetly. These days I have a collection that would surpass the stores I used to frequent but it all fits in a small briefcase. The internet and high-speed access changed my porn habits.

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Posted - Jul 28 2018 : 2:04PM
First, have you tried Video Canada?
/>They don't stock every release but seem to have a number of Evil Angel ones. (And no, I'm not connected to them as I mentioned them in another thread).
Second, the cutting of the film/videos were back years ago and no longer happens. If there's a problem with the content, they just won't stock them. For example the Max Hardcore ones, and any involving incest would still be a problem and you can't find them. Otherwise, you can usually find them.


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Posted - Aug 25 2018 : 2:50PM
Like others have mentioned, VideoCanada, while I haven't ordered from myself, seems pretty solid. I remembered calling them once, and someone answered almost immediately.
They ship from Montreal discreetly, and are priced in Canadian dollars.
Valentine Video from what I understand doesn't make any cuts to the film and just packages it and sells it for the Canadian market.
Personally I'd join Evil Angel over ordering the DVD, its a much better value overall


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Posted - Apr 23 2019 : 9:14PM
Sorry about being late in the game here, but having been an unfortunate customer of Valentine Video over the years, I felt I had to drop in and give a simplified/minimized account of my experiences with them. My more detailed accounts are available elsewhere online, but for the sake of brevity, I shall cut to the chase.

I have decided about a year or so ago (around 2017-2018) to stop buying from my "local" shops who carry almost exclusively material distributed by Valentine Video (this is due to Valentine Video being the biggest and almost the only distributor of adult DVDs in my area; all other distributors are small time vendors who carry more niche material, and most of the time they just pick up Valentine Video stuff to re-sell to stores anyway).

At first when I started buying Valentine Video DVDs around the earlier 2000s (think the Feeding Frenzy 4 / Ass Worship 3 from Jules Jordan / Evil Angel era), Valentine Video only had single layer discs, so movies were edited to fit in the 2 hour time limit, and bonus features were limited to chapter selections and photo galleries (so no BTS stuff nor extra footage or bonus scenes, etc.). In one instance, a Joey Silvera film I had purchased was so heavily edited that one scene, from beginning tease to post cumshot, lasted a few seconds over the 6 minute mark!

Then came the wrong films being encoded on the discs. Twice I had purchased the "Whack Attack 1" DVD and twice, the film actually on the disc itself was "Whack Attack 7", even though the cover and the image on the disc was clearly "Whack Attack 1".

Then came a film (another Evil Angel title) which I had purchased specifically for a scene, which was simply completelly cut out of the DVD. The performer was still there on the cover, and was still listed in the credits, but the scene was just completelly cut off of the film. This happened on another occasion as well, when Valentine Video started proclaiming that they were now offering "uncut US versions"...

Yes for the most part, once Valentine converted to dual layer DVDs, the image quality also went from upscaled / glorified VHS like quality to that of decent DVD, but their incompetance at offering real "USA" versions was far from over. Yes, in some cases, you now had some bonus material like extra footage, or bonus scenes and whatnot, but in most cases, particularly with New Sensations / Digital Sin (et al) re-distributions, the bonus scenes were not the same as those offered in real USA releases. For example (but I will be somewhat obscure as to not arouse too much prying eyes or suspicions), when one would read fine reviews of, say, Jonni Darkko Evil Angel releases on this and mention bonus scenes on the DVD, these scenes were not the ones offered on the Canadian Valentine Video version, reguardless of the fact tha Valentine proclaimed to offer the original "uncut" US versions. Yes, maybe the film itself was now unaltered, but the bonus material was affected nonetheless.

Anyway, after those incidents (and maybe a couple more I haven't recalled while attemtping to write this post), I also had a few incidents when Valentine Video "distribution" of "Colmax" titles would end being the now somewhat predictable "it's not the same film on the disc as advertized on the cover", as well as one instance when the DVD was encoded in such as way that no reader could play it; be it a DVD player, a DVDr player, a BluRay player, a computer DVD/DVDr player, or even an Xbox player could read the disc.

After a few years of being forced to consume locally distributed porn from the main/major distributor in the metropolis, I finally gave up and decided it was well worth paying $26 & over (at least!) in shipping costs to order DVDs through USA distributors and get the real product, instead of taking a gamble on what Valentine Video considers to be "acceptable" porn releases in this city. Granted, most porn consumers actually almost pick a DVD in a store "at random" (more or less) and could not be bothered if the product they purchase is not 100% what is advertized nor what it is actually supposed to be, but throughout my 10+ years (at least) of trying to support the "local" retail stores, the fact that Valentine Video has no quality control nor any respect for any consumer who actually purchases titles for the title or performers themselves has made me decide to boycott the enterprise altogether.

... and let me not get into my recent 2019 purchase of a DVD title from a USA distributor, which was manufactured by Valentine Video (seriously, WTF?) and the film on the disc was again something completelly unrelated to the actual film, nor to the cover or the artwrok on the disc itself.

In conclusion: Valentine Video is a gamble at best. They may offer cheaper prices and may seem to offer a great deal of variety, the truth is that once you start dwelling deeper or further down the so-called beaten path, you will find out just how much they actually care about the end user consumer, and that is next to none.

So purchase at your own risk!

Cheers, be safe!

*** anything else is just brand X ***


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Posted - May 15 2019 : 8:56PM

Thanks for that great post! I'll be sure to stick with US versions.

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