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Posted - Jan 25 2007 : 5:50AM

is . I have More Dirty Debutantes 207 and 214 and there's no doubt that Florence is Celine Maxima. Further confirmation is provided by . Please transfer the data for Florence to Celine Maxima's IAFD filmography.

In addition, Celine is . Under this alias she appeared in [link inactive:Server error]Private Performance 187: Austin Maple.

Celine is in . This is also confirmed by . Please take note that even though this movie was released in 2005, Celine's scene was shot in 2002. Therefore, her years active should remain 2001-2003.

Celine is in . You can clearly see Celine Maxima . Please remove Bend Over Butts 4 from and add it to Celine Maxima's IAFD filmography.

Celine (performing as Celeine) is in . Celine is the brunette . Please transfer the data for to Celine Maxima's IAFD filmography.

Additional information for Celine Maxima:

Performer AKA: Austin Maple, Celeine, Florence
Years Active: 2001-2003 (Celine began her career in 2001 as Florence)
Measurements: [link inactive:Server error]34B-24-35
Height: [link inactive:Server error]5'9"
Weight: [link inactive:Server error]115 lbs.

Also, in all of her movies except one, Celine Maxima's first name is spelled with a "C" instead of the "S" IAFD currently spells it with. The only movie that spells her first name with an "S" is The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 14. In my opinion, her primary IAFD first name should therefore be spelled with a "C".

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Posted - Jan 25 2007 : 7:12AM

Kperv said:
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Posted - Apr 20 2007 : 10:51AM
Celine Maxima is one of my all time favorites and I am surprised that one of her films is often left off her list of credits: Negro In Mrs. Jones 3, Robert Hill Productions. Yes she is from Pa. and an architect and I think she was married while making her movies perhaps with her husband on the set watching on certain films (including the one mentioned). I find slut wife porno stars particularly appealing but especially Celine with her all natural beauty. Check out this link: />and read the comments. She was working in California at the time and had just done her scene on, but since has gone to Europe and stopped making films. One of her first sets was a Anyone have anymore Celine (real name Jennifer) info?

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Posted - Jan 26 2018 : 2:44PM
Does anyone know why she was in so many interracial movies? Just wondering, since she seemed to be in a lot.

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