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Posted - May 29 2019 : 7:05PM
Still trying to find a link for that scene or a viable way of purchasing the Video Adventures of Peeping Tom #1
I've seen its available on DVD marketplace but because I'm not in the US it removes it from my cart when I go to international checkout.
Any help would be appreciated

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Posted - May 29 2019 : 7:43PM
^Sadly this would appear to be one of those movies that is lost to time. It's a 23 year old movie that precedes the advent of digital media and therefore did not benefit from a better storage system.
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Posted - May 30 2019 : 11:08AM
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Posted - May 30 2019 : 11:21AM
Video Adventures of Peeping Tom Volume 1 was released almost 20 years ago on DVD by Gen XXX. Gen XXX is long out of business so at this point only used copies are available.
Your best bet is to keep watching Adult DVD Marketplace (although be careful, some of those sellers are selling bootlegs, not originals) for a seller that will ship internationally. Jeedoo is another used site that is international that would be worth watching.

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