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Posted - Jan 7 2017 : 6:47AM
I recently bought some films from ADM to the value of $19. On entry into the UK, the package was held up in customs and I had to pay £15 ($18) to release it. The charge is made up of a handling fee plus 20% of the value of the goods. I have let ADM know about this, but if customs are going to charge for every package worth more than £15 (17.50 euros), the current minimum, then people like me are going to buy a lot less films from the US.
US suppliers can help by giving the stated value on the package as $15 or less


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Posted - Feb 23 2017 : 2:59PM
Unfortunately Cormac I think customs are intercepting almost everything at the moment so as to earn revenue. I had four separate packages of non adult items over a period of five months which cost a total of £51 in customs charges to release. The annoying thing was that were all marked at $10 each yet that didn't matter. Two were sent via DHL whilst the others were sent by USPS so it didn't matter either way. There are certain companies who will accommodate you I'm sure but I'm finished with ordering from abroad because the company I dealt with didn't really seem to give a fuck even after many years of custom. More fool them really because I haven't been back in months and have saved pennies and pounds.

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Posted - May 10 2017 : 9:37AM
Since my original post, I've not paid any charges on orders from ADM. Individual sellers (I won't name them in public) have responded very kindly to my requests to state the value on the package as $14. What now worries me is the deal that Teresa May seems to be formulating for the Brexit negotiations.

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