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Director: Pat Myne
Starring: Rico Strong, Prince Yahshua, AJ Applegate, Isiah Maxwell, Candice Dare, Kissa Sins, Whitney Wright.
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Posted - May 12 2018 : 6:07AM
Hi, i want to ask about one rare porn movie,which i saw some years ago.I saw information about it before some months ago in adultfilmdatabase and than search it in iafd and find it but in that time i have issue with my PC and when i fixed my history was gone even in myactivity don't show it.Problem is i dont remember the title only one of actors participated in it.Is Dave hardman.But when i serached recently,that information is gone about that movie both aduldfilmdatabase and iafd.Only information i remember is that Dave hardman is in 2 or 3 part in that movie and its made abot 2001 or 2003,also has description in adultfilmdatabase something like that'' in this crazy movie husband paid guys to fuck their wives'' or something like that.When i watched years ago i remember in one scene like this ''the husband suprise his wife and making her to do gang bang.He like dominating her and im not sure but i think he punish her for cheathing or something.I watched clips from this movie years ago maybe like 2012,then it was deleted.And like i said in the begining i saw this information about that movie accidentaly in adultfilmdatabase,bou now is gone and i don't know why,its strange.I hope somebody can help me find that movie.I know i didn't give many information,and i supose movies is very rare,because isn't selling in adult stores,maibe even the company isn't producing anymore.In iafd has only information about some distributor which dont remember.I search for that movie because its maybe the best i've watched with good acting,beautiful porn actresess and good fucking :D.Its something like the first kink boundgangbangs when they kidnapped the wife and dominating her without this BDSM stuff like ropes or something or those russian clips when they raped some chik
. Its more professional.I just wonder if someone have information about that movie,because from unknown reason for me is deleted from iafd and adultfilmdatabase.i mean why that specific movie is deleted i have no idea.I hope someone can help find that movie(sorry for my bad english i hope at least is enough understandable :P ).Thanks in advance.
All smartbuydisc.rus > IAFD Direct > Deleted information about movie

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