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Posted - Mar 16 2019 : 2:29AM
Does the Kiiroo sex toy device actually feel almost like real sex? The Real Touch Interactive supposedly felt like real sex with strokes that matched what a cam model was doing or matched what was happening on a porn film. It used a lube computerized device that spit out lube perfectly to what the girl was doing on screen.. that let you truly feel what the guy in the film was feeling.

Does the Kiiroo come close to the Real Touch Interactive? Does it feel like you are actually feeling what the guy is feeling when the girl pleases him or when the guy gets to fuck the girl? Or does it just stroke your penis up and down?

I mainly am thinking of getting one for the blowjob scenes. So please tell me how those scenes are with the Kiiroo. For a whole $200 plus cost of films I def want to be sure if it's worth it.

And how is the library of films there? Good amount of stuff? Esp blowjob scenes and big tit scenes? I also would want to get a BJ from the device with Dee as the girl it mimics.. as Dee (as in Dee Rob, Puerto Rican pornstar who stars in compilation called "Down with Dee") as she looks like it would feel really good getting a BJ from her. Also from Bree Olson as she was my favorite pornstar of the 2000's 1st Decade.

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