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Posted - Jan 8 2019 : 9:00AM
I recently bought a number of scenes in the 4k format on the Dogfart site. They are not part of the supscription but have to be bought separately. The usual price is $4.99 per scene, but at the moment it is reduced to $0.99, so I decided to give it a try. I would definitely not pay $4.99 for a scene.
Now here's the problem: While I can download the scenes that are included in my subscription with up to about 30 MB/s, the DL-speed of the 4k-scenes is now limited to about 1.8 MB/s (after having downloaded three of the 4k-scenes at the usual higher DL-speed). This makes absolutely no sense to me. Limited DL-speeds are sometimes used to keep subscribers from downloading as much content as possible as fast as possible and then cancelling their subscription. But why limit the DL-speed for a scene I have bought separately? Do they think people will buy more of their 4k-content when they are pissed off? Their customer service was not helpful, they just denied that there are DL-limits. Maybe no one else buys their 4k-scenes.
Any ideas? Anybody else with the same problem?
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Posted - Jan 8 2019 : 8:28PM
Are you absolutely sure they're throttling the bandwidth and that it's not your ISP?
It would be poor judgement for Dogfart to deny traffic shaping when it is the case as they could land themselves in a class action lawsuit.


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Posted - Jan 9 2019 : 4:34AM
My ISP does not throttle the bandwidth. I have no problems downloading 4k-content from any other site.
The problem only occurs with the 4k-content from Dogfart, not with their other content. So I can only conclude that the problem lies with the servers they use.
Maybe the reason for limiting the DL-speed is to make sure that 4k-downloads don't take up too much of the bandwidth their servers provide. But that really doesn't make much sense, because I doubt that these scenes, for which you have to pay extra, are much in demand. Otherwise they wouldn't have reduced the price so drastically.
Anyway, I won't buy any more of them as long as the problem persists.
All smartbuydisc.rus > Tech Talk > Tech Talk smartbuydisc.ru Page 2Dogfart scenes in 4k format - Download speed limit

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