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Golden Age Classic

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Posted - Jan 1 2019 : 1:19PM
Back in November, the box cover for Breaking Mr. Hart caught my eye. I'm not sure exactly what about it interested me since I am a straight male. However, I checked the movie out and found an incredibly well-made feature where the sex worked with the story and the story was enjoyable.
The writer and director were D.P. Welles, who I wasn't familiar at all with. He's written a bunch of adult movies over the last few years but Breaking Mr. Hart was his second as director.
I recently got to check out his first movie as director UltraFan, , which I found to be just as good as Breaking Mr. Hart. Just as with Breaking Mr. Hart, UltraFan has a story where the sex and the story work together for one feature movie.
Not often am I this blown away by a director and wanted to bring him out to people's attention.
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Posted - Jan 3 2019 : 11:43AM
"The audio for Breaking Mr. Hart sounds beautiful making nice use of the dynamic range. The dialog in the movie is clear and easy to understand at all times."

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