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Posted - Feb 22 2017 : 7:24PM
Erodvd have been seen to be going downhill over the last few years. At first i thought it was just forgetfulness or poor customer service, but now i realise they are trying to dodge refunds for items they can't fulfill.
A few months back i had to chase them up for a refund after sending a disc back. They never replied to emails so after a few weeks trying to get a refund i had to threaten a chargeback before they responded.
They had to refund via bank transfer as they had recently changed payment processers (likely due to chargebacks?)
I ordered more dvds last month and 3 were out of stock. They sent coupons for just 2 missing items. I said i'd prefer a refund and reminded them there were 3 items missing.
One ignored email and then a reply to a follow up email to say they would refund.
A week later and i had almost forgotten. I checked my bank and nothing. I sent another email and no reply so far.
I think i will go down the chargeback route now and get this in the system. Their new payment processor will soon be on their case if the chargebacks build up.
Jeedoo is a good alternative for those looking for Euro retailers.
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Posted - Feb 23 2017 : 6:54PM
According to EU consumer law when a company can't deliver they have to give a refund, giving a coupon or credit is not allowed.

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Posted - Mar 9 2017 : 4:11PM
Well, my bank has got a refund for me. Hopefully that will be a warning to Erodvd not to try this on with other customers. Their payment processor won't want many other chargebacks otherwise Visa/Mastercard will pull the plug.

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