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Director: TT Boy
Starring: T.T. Boy, Mark Anthony, Simone, L.T., Ashley Raines, Georgia, Jamie Elle, Laveah, Jessica Jammer, Sarah Summers, Kristal Wetts, Stephanie Renee, Shawna Lenee, Layla Monroe.
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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 4:26PM
For this one I'm not talking about just some really fun or wild chick. I'm talking as in this chick should be in a rubber room, certifiably fucked in the head. The kind of woman who would superglue your tallywhacker to your stomach. The kind of date where you wonder if you will come back intact. Stalkers. A babe like in the episode of Star Trek where Kirk and Spock beam down to the insane asylum planet, Kirk thinks he's going to get some off the hot green chick, and she ends up pulling a knife out from under the pillow. The kind of woman where if people read she offed you in a sexual murder-suicide, people would say "What took her so long?" Bonkers.
To use a Kensington Chapp-type line, answer the fargin' question.
Oh, and yes, I'm sorry to say, more than once for me. There were really fun parts, though. Crazy in the head, crazy in the bed...

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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 4:38PM
Yes unfortunately.
Kensington Chapp
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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 5:46PM
You can't answer your own poll!
Ha ha. Only joking, but not really.
My answer is (*long, disappointed sigh*) no.
They were strange, butt not crazy as in wild and horny.

I really shouldn't be here

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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 7:00PM
Yep, for sure one that I can remember back when I was 18 years old. I didn't call her back the next day so I had a crazy lady on top of my car yelling outside my house. I should of known better.

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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 7:18PM
Well, I didn't fuck her because it was one of those situations where I was 21 and she was just a hair under 18. But yeah. She was nuts. I went out for coffee with her a couple of times and she wanted to get married. She literally showed up everywhere I went. I have no idea how she kept finding me but she was starting to make me really paranoid. I was looking in the mirror everywhere I went. Checking the parking lot before I parked and went in somewhere. It got to the point to where I told my room mate to be on the lookout for her and let me know if he saw her coming so I'd have time to get my pants on and get out the back window.
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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 7:27PM
Yes unfortunately. She was bi-polar and never ever took her medicine. It ended in a very bad way.
But i have to admit the sex was amazing.

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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 7:29PM
I met this girl in a bar one night,exchanged numbers and arranged a date with her.After the date and at her flat we kissed then she started saying.."Im so glad i met you,i really want to settle must have been fate,i could see myself having kids etc.."the rest is a blur as i made an excuse of not feeling well and got the hell out of there.I did text the next day to gently let her down then received countless texts from her slating men in general.Eventually i had to change number..god only knows what would have happened if i had fucked her.

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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 8:21PM

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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 11:35PM
yes- crazy chicks are far and away the best in bed
and you should always answer your own poll
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Posted - Jan 9 2008 : 11:54PM
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Posted - Jan 10 2008 : 12:24AM
Yes. They would probably call me crazy as well.
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"I'll never drink semen from a fucking cup. Sorry." - Brett Rossi
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Posted - Jan 10 2008 : 12:49AM
Any girl would have to be crazy to fuck me.

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"Don't let your lava love turn to stone."
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Posted - Jan 10 2008 : 5:22AM
We never actually fucked because she had interstitial cystisis (sp?), but I came on her face many times. I told you she was crazy. Cum crazy...

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Posted - Jan 10 2008 : 1:32PM
Ever fucked crazy girls? Yes and I married one. We met in an alky ward . We started to go to meetings together and I knocked her up . She is on her 5th husband and is still crazy . I was number 2.


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Posted - Feb 19 2019 : 10:26AM
All women that have ever chosen to fuck me must be crazy by default.
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Non Prevalebunt!
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Posted - Jun 22 2019 : 3:10AM
I'm not sure I used to date a girl who like to be denied her orgasms , I mean she made sure I knew she was cumming because she wanted to be slapped in her face strong , so strong that hhe shock would interrupt her orgasm abruptly , crazy stuff especially because that ruined my doing too ,.
Years after we parted because according to her I couldn't slap her hard enough I could not help but ask ,how was she liked denial that way and then she said right after that I use to cum the hardest but didn't tell you , I didn't want anything to stop that .
It made sense...I still think she was craz, I mean how do you even think to be slapped right when cumming? But at least she made sense

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I am...the forgotten one!!
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Posted - Jun 26 2019 : 5:50AM

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Posted - Jun 27 2019 : 12:09PM
I'm having a problem with your "what took her so long?" question because to me that indicates that the other person might be crazy, not the girl.

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Posted - Jul 1 2019 : 11:55PM

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Posted - Aug 13 2019 : 4:14PM
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