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Posted - Jul 30 2001 : 3:10AM
Thought I would throw out this musical question as I see some live albums making various lists.

2. Led Zeppelin Live at the BBC
3. Woodstock 1969
4. Iron Maiden Live After Death
5. U2 Live Zoo Europa-- a bootleg from their Zooropa tour
6. AC/DC Live
7. Tom Petty Pack Up The Plantation
8. Tesla Five Man Acoustical Jam
9. Midnight Oil Scream In Blue Live
10. Ozzy Osbourne Live and Loud

Let's hear what some other good choices there are out there.

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Posted - Jul 30 2001 : 5:02AM
1. MC5-"Kick Out The Jams" A live album so good it is their official first album.
2. Ramones-"It's Alive" The mark of a truly great live album is when the versions of the songs it contains become the definitive versions of the songs. This is easily my favorite Ramones title, a good, clean recordings by the band in peak form.
3. The Stooges-"TV Eye/I Feel Alright (AKA 1970)" Bootleg "7 of a television broadcast of the band's performance at the Cincinnati Pop festival. At this show, Iggy famously waded into the audience, was handed a jar of peanut butter (in interview with Search & Destroy fanzine Dead Boys/Lords of the New Church frontman Stiv Bators claimed to be the guy who handed it to him) which he proceed to smear all over himself and fling into the audience, there is a priceless moment on this record when you hear an announcer say "(apalled) that's peanut butter. "
4. Jimi Hendrix/Otis Redding-"Live At Monterey Pop" That Jimi Hendrix's appearance at this festival is the stuff of legend is pretty much common wisdom, what rarely get's commented upon is how on fire Otis Redding was. It's interesting to note both men had something to prove at this festival. Hendrix had to follow The Who and was determined not to be blown off the stage while Otis was facing a predominatly white, west-coast hipster audience for the first time and was uncertain what to expect. Both men excelled under pressure. Is this not available on CD?
5. James Brown-"Live at the Apollo" JB live, even on crack while getting on the goodfoot on the hood of his truck following a high speed pursuit, is a sure bet for solid entertainment, as a result there are a number of strong live albums by the godfather of soul. This is a strong contender for the best.
6. The Cramps-"Live at the Peppermint Lounge" arguably the last truly great Cramps record.
7. Various-"The Decline of Western Civilization" Without this record, and the movie, the phrase "eat my fuck" might never have insinuated itself into the lexicon of occidental discourse. Black Flag were never better (or ever would be again) than they were at the point this was recorded.
8. Aerosmith-"Live Bootleg" Aerosmith showed good judgement here in cherry picking their best performance for each song and throwing in some pleasant surprises.
9. Henry Cow-"Concerts" Sprawling collection of fine performances by these overlooked giants of prog-rock.
10. Charles Mingus-"Epitaph" fascinating posthumous performance of Mingus' most ambitious, previously unknown compositon with some classics thrown in.

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Posted - Jul 30 2001 : 7:47PM
I just thought of another good live cd and that is U2 live at Red Rocks or as it is titled Under A Blood Red Sky-- this also is a great vhs concert film hopefully it will be on dvd soon if it isn't already. This has the great little interchange before the song Sunday Bloody Sunday when Bono says "this song is not a rebel song, this song is Sunday Bloody Sunday". This is a great time capsule of U2 at the time with some really great tunes on it, along with Sunday Bloody Sunday there was Gloria, New Years Day, and 40 which was their show closer for awhile I think.
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Posted - Jul 30 2001 : 9:29PM
Ay. That's hard.

Made In Japan, Deep Purple.
Live at Last, Black Sabbath.
Biking Skulls, Black Sabbath (live w/ Ian Gillan!)

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Posted - Jul 30 2001 : 9:36PM
I'm not a huge fan of Live albums but here goes:

Dream Theater - Once in a LIVEtime
Van Halen - Live: Right here, right now
TNT - Three Nights in Tokyo
Dokken - Beast from the East
Michael Schenker Group - Rock Will Never Die
Blue Oyster Cult - Extraterrestial Live
Metallica - S&M
Yngwie Malmsteen - Trial by Fire: Live in Leningrad
Iron Maiden - Live after Death
Scorpions - World Wide Live
KISS - Alive
Manowar - Hell On Stage: Live

Damn, I guess I like them more than I thought.

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Posted - Jul 30 2001 : 9:47PM
I have that Scorpions one on tape, need to get it on cd, love the live version of Holiday and also of Still Loving You.


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Posted - Jul 31 2001 : 12:12AM
Dokken-Beast from the East
AC/DC-If You Want Blood
Neil Young-Live Rust
SRV-Live Alive

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New England
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Posted - Jul 31 2001 : 9:45AM
I'm showing my age here but the best live record of all time is
Frampton Comes Alive
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Posted - Jul 31 2001 : 1:17PM
Jimmy Buffet: You Had To Be There.

Billy Joel: Songs In The Attic


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Posted - Jul 31 2001 : 8:07PM
Im not a big fan of live albums but the following are my faves
Neil Young - Live Rust
The Beach Boys - Live in Concert
AC/DC - If you want blood....
Steely Dan - Live in Glasgow 8/2000 (my own feeble attempt at mini-disc recording ,actually its not too bad but its definitely not for sale .
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Posted - Aug 1 2001 : 11:08AM
Billy Joel's Songs in the Attic is amazing. I also really like Counting Crowes Songs Across a Wire and AC / DC Live. CCR's live album was also great as I remember, but it's been quite a while since I heard it.


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Posted - Aug 3 2001 : 3:16PM
Neil Young - Live Rust
Tom Waits - Nighthawks at the Diner
MC5 - Kick Out the Jams
PJ Harvey - Polly Magoo (boot)
Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Rising Sun (boot)

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Posted - Aug 4 2001 : 5:06PM
My top 10, in no particular order:

1. Black Sabbath - Reunion
2. Allman Brothers - Fillmore Live
3. Kiss - Alive!
4. Grand Funk Railroad - Caught in the Act
5. Santana - Lotus
6. Judas Priest - Unleashed in the East
7. Lynyrd Skynyrd - One More From the Road
8. Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young - Four Way Street
9. Ted Nugent (tie) - Double Live Gonzo / Full Bluntal Nugity
10. Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive

I really, really like live albums...others I recommend:

* Various artists - No Nukes Concert
* Woodstock (the 1969 version)
* Ozzy Osbourne - Speak of the Devil / Live and Loud
* Black Sabbath - Live at Last / Live Evil

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Posted - Aug 6 2001 : 1:05AM
My choices are partially new to this list, and also some rehashes (not in any particular order):

1. Neal Young, Live Rust
2. Black Sabbath, Live Evil (Dio rules!)
3. Rush, Exit Stage Left
4. Rush, Different Stages (3 CDs!)
5. Kamelot, The Expedition
6. Helloween, High Live
7. Dio, Inferno: Last in Live (Dio still rules)
8. Loudness, Live Loud Alive
9. Genesis, Seconds Out
10. Iced Earth, Alive in Athens (another 3 CD set!)

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Posted - Aug 11 2001 : 3:41AM
my favorite is gins n' roses live era '87-'93
also ac/dc and aerosmith have good live albums
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Posted - Apr 13 2005 : 8:11AM
has put together a list (and the world truly needs more of those, doesn't it?) compiled by Bud Scoppa, of the best and worst live albums of all time, it is:

The Best:

The Allman Brothers Band-"At Fillmore East"
The Band-"Rock of Ages"
James Brown-"Live at the Apollo 1962"
The Grateful Dead-"Live/Dead"
Little Feat-"Waiting for Columbus"
Van Morrison-"It's Too Late to Stop Now"
Nirvana-"MTV Unplugged in New York"
The Rolling Stones-"Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out"
Talking Heads-"The Name of This Band is Talking Heads"
Neil Young & Crazy Horse-"Rust Never Sleeps" and "Live Rust"

The Worst:
The Doors-"Absolutely Live"
Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead-"Dylan and the Dead"
Led Zeppelin-"The Song Remains the Same"
Lou Reed-"Live: Take No Prisoners"
The Rolling Stones-"Love You Live"

My vote for worst, by the way, goes to Jimi Hendrix-"High, Live & Dirty", bootleg quality recording of a great musician very drunk and playing poorly.


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Posted - Apr 13 2005 : 8:17AM
What, no mention of ?

And what about ?

Or ?

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Posted - Apr 13 2005 : 10:36AM
Don't forget Paul McCartney's "Back In The U.S." It's one the best live albums I've ever heard.


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Posted - Apr 13 2005 : 12:37PM
The Band - the Last Waltz (i probably watch the movie more)
Spiritualised - At the Royal Albert Hall
Johnny Cash - Live at San Quentin/Folsom Prison

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Posted - Apr 13 2005 : 2:24PM
Silverchair: Live From Faraway Stables
Pearl Jam: Live on Two Legs
311: live
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Posted - Apr 13 2005 : 4:18PM
Pink Floyd: Pulse
Sting: All This Time

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Posted - Apr 13 2005 : 6:32PM
You're not showing your AGE, exactly .... Every good 1st gen metalhead knows that indeed MADE IN JAPAN is, uh, um, THE BEST FUCKEN LIVE RECORD EVER MADE!

I used to torment my closeted 8th Grade music teacher by bringing that luscious two-record testament to overkill in every Friday, when students were invited to bring in their fave music, & insist on pointing out all the classical riffs that R. Blackmore would so merrily debase at the speed of amphetamine ...

2nd best: almost any live album done by Lou Reed/Velvets ... Wagner/whatsisface-tainted "Sweet Jane," anyone? Exuberent slapstick comedy at its best/worst ....

& lest we forget, as mentioned below, JOHNNY CASH Folsom Prison! "I thought I was her daddy/but she had five more!"

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Posted - Apr 13 2005 : 6:43PM
Led Zeppelin - "How The West Was Won"
By far their best release.

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Posted - Apr 13 2005 : 6:44PM
Even "Live MCMXCII"?...


...., who am I kiddin' I'd count it too...I've been going through a phase of listening to "The Velvet Underground" and "Loaded" a lot, what a great band.

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Posted - Apr 14 2005 : 3:38PM
Ben Harper-Live from Mars
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Posted - Apr 14 2005 : 3:42PM
Depeche Mode - 101
Sarah McLachlan - Songbird
Rod Stuart - Absolutely Live
Jimmy Buffet - Feeding Frenzy
Metallica - Cunning Stunts, a DVD, but still good.


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Posted - Apr 14 2005 : 4:05PM
Dream Theater - Live at Budokan
Iron Maiden - Rock in Rio
Queen - Live at Wembley
Megadeth - Rude Awakening

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Cincinnati, O.
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Posted - Apr 15 2005 : 1:30AM
Already been mentioned, but my favorites are:

Deep Purple "Made in Japan"
Allman Brothers "Live at Fillmore East"

some more obscure ones:

Genesis "Live"
Miles Davis "Live/Evil"
Carlos Santana and Buddy Miles Live!

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Posted - Apr 15 2005 : 2:10AM
NIN- "And All That Could Have Been"


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Posted - Apr 15 2005 : 9:39AM
Jay Z vs Linkin Park although 2 short


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Posted - Apr 15 2005 : 8:27PM
Charles Mingus The Town Hall Concert
John Coltrane Live At The Village Vanguard Again

New Jersey
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Posted - Apr 16 2005 : 9:37AM
This thread is rapidly turning into a CD shopping list for me....

I have to disagree with "Tracks" on the Doors "Absolutely Live". It has long been my favorite Doors live album.

Others (that haven't been mentioned yet)

David Live (Bowie at the Tower Theatre in Upper Darby,PA)
Niacin Live:Blood, Sweat and Beers
Phish: A Live One
The Nice: Elegy
Emerson Lake and Palmer: Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band :So Far
(Before you turn your noses up, here's a quick list of folks who've appeared on this tour: Gary Brooker, Jack Bruce, Rick Danko, Dr. John, John Entwistle, Mark Farner, Peter Frampton, Levon Helm, Nils Lofgren, Joe Walsh, Greg Lake, Howard Jones, and Dave Edmunds.)


Hamburg, Germany
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Posted - Apr 16 2005 : 12:15PM
Ramones - It's Alive
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band - Live 75-85

Both contain the definitive versions of almost all the songs on them, which, as Ultradamno put put, is what a great Live album should be about.

Ethan Torment
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Posted - Apr 16 2005 : 9:26PM
Ever hear 'Blow Your Face Out' by The J. Geils Band? That's a pretty good one.
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Posted - Apr 17 2005 : 10:30PM
The Who-Live at Leeds!!!
That's blow your face off rock!

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Posted - Apr 17 2005 : 10:51PM
Favorite Live Albums:

Throwing Copper
Secret Samadhi
The Distance to Here

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Posted - Apr 17 2005 : 11:55PM
And I love you for it, even if it wasn't Black Celebration


Germany, Ruhrgebiet
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Posted - Apr 21 2005 : 7:17PM
I don't have too many live albums. From the top of my head I can only recommend these ones:
Depeche Mode - Songs of faith and devotion live (or much better: The DVD Devotional) (1992)
This CD is way too short, sure - but the versions played are great.
Dead can dance - Toward the within (1994)
The Cure - Paris (1992)
The Cure - Trilogy (2003)
Lacrimosa - Live (1998)

Well, I have some bootlegs, and especially the one of The Cure from 2000-04-25 in Paris is great - but only for fans.

However IMHO classical music is much more appropriate to be played live.


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Posted - Apr 21 2005 : 8:51PM
I like Live albums because it gives a good idea of the band's capabilities.

Van Halen - Live Without a Net (Video) [Right Here Right Now wasn't a good one IMHO]
Pat Metheny - The Road To You
Iron maiden - Live After Death
Ozzy Osbourne - Live & Loud
Frank Zappa - You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 1, 3 & 6 (The Master- all bow down and bask in his genius!!)


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Posted - Apr 23 2005 : 7:22AM
I´m not a big fan of live albums but i have two that i really like:
MC5 - Kick Out the Jams
Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps

David Aaron Clark

Just another WKW wannabe
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Posted - Apr 23 2005 : 7:47AM
Just like I ALMOST forgot about quaaludes, pot & beer on a Friday night, I ALMOST forgot ....

I .... I don't need NO doctor ... jus' another drink ....

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Posted - May 3 2005 : 3:16AM
All of my Rush bootlegs from 1974 to 1984.


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Posted - May 3 2005 : 5:48AM
"Blazing Away"
Marianne Faithful

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Posted - Jun 23 2019 : 12:34AM
And if they had a live album, it could have had the greatest name: Live Live

I don't listen to many live albums, but I'll say 'Independence Day' on 'Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band Live 75-85' is an absolute masterpiece.

(As an aside, does a collection of live recordings from separate performance's (and years apart) really qualify as a live album?

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