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Posted - Oct 17 2011 : 4:37PM
"Racing in the Street"
runner-up: "Badlands"
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Posted - Oct 17 2011 : 4:56PM
Streets of Philadelphia
Born to Run
ok I'll stop there but I like a few Springsteen tunes.

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My favorite cartoon as a kid
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Posted - Oct 17 2011 : 7:17PM
Thunder Road with Jungle Land a close second

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I am...the forgotten one!!
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Posted - Oct 18 2011 : 6:20PM
I'm On Fire
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Posted - Oct 18 2011 : 7:29PM
Candy's Room.

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Posted - Oct 18 2011 : 7:58PM
Born to Run

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Posted - Apr 27 2019 : 3:49AM
The River. My all time favorite song.
Agreed. Often stated as one the great albums (I actually saw a list that had it as the greatest rock album of all time) yet I wouldn't even have it in my top Springsteen albums.

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From the land of peasant living
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Posted - Apr 27 2019 : 4:13AM
Spirits In The Night, Growin Up, Thunder Road, Hungry Heart, Independence Day

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Posted - Jun 15 2019 : 9:19AM
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Non Prevalebunt!
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Posted - Jun 15 2019 : 9:44AM
I'm not talking about the best one but the one that got the most significance in a part of my life occurring right when I heard it for the first time, it's:

I'm On Fire.

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Posted - Jun 16 2019 : 8:01AM
^ When I heard 'I'm On Fire' as a kid in the 80s, I thought it was about something really creepy.

"Hey little girl is your Daddy home
Did he go and leave you all alone
Ohh wo... I got a bad desire ..."

Years later I found out "little girl" and "Daddy" are actually American cultural terms for male and female partners.

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