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Posted - Apr 6 2018 : 6:30AM
I just had a double orgasm for the first time ever a few days ago. Just 2 and that really surprised me. As a Male what is the most orgasms you can have in succession one after the other ?


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Posted - May 23 2018 : 2:58AM
I got 8 orgasms in 24 hours once.

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Posted - Jan 19 2019 : 9:27AM
Iíve cum 5 times in one night.
In one session I came 3 times.
The amount of cum and intensity was greater with each one.
My girl couldnít believe it.
Was about a 90 min fuckathon.

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Posted - Feb 21 2019 : 9:09AM

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Posted - Feb 24 2019 : 5:42AM
Had my second one only last weekend. Came in my wife's mouth and then a few minutes later came on her face.
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Posted - Feb 26 2019 : 11:30PM
I once came inside my ex girlfriend three times in the span of about 15-20 minutes. She was just as shocked as I was that I did it a third time.

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Posted - Apr 16 2019 : 11:51PM
actually multiple means carry on without breaks right ? i guess it is impossible


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Posted - Apr 17 2019 : 4:03PM
^ "Impossible" because you've never experienced it? I have cum 3 times in 15 minutes without going soft inbetween.


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Posted - Apr 28 2019 : 8:02AM
My current partner is able to have anywhere from 3-8 orgasms at a time and once or twice daily. It helps that i keep him in a constant state of arousal, but by no means can i take any credit as he learned how to master his orgasms back in college many years before me.
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