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Golden Age Classic

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Posted - May 27 2019 : 1:40PM
Howard Ziehm's classic superhero parody Flesh Gordon is coming to Blu-ray courtesy of Hen's Tooth Video.


Flesh Gordon was originally intended to be a hardcore film, however, the police seized the hardcore footage in a raid, which was never returned (and is probably rotten in a police evidence room at this point). The Blu-ray is mastered from a 2K scan of the 35mm negative.

I am assuming this is going to be the extended version of the film (which is not the hardcore version). Previously, Hens Tooth Video released a DVD of Flesh Gordon in the extended version (which has literal glances of hardcore footage), which was also mastered from the 35mm negative. The extended version is the final version of the film prior to being cut down to receive an R-rating.

The release will have a commentary track from Howard Ziehm, which I am assuming is the same one that was on the DVD.

The Blu-ray arrives on August 27th of this year.

Golden Age Classic

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Posted - May 27 2019 : 1:49PM
My review of the DVD from Hen's Tooth Video .


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Posted - May 31 2019 : 7:01PM
Thank you for link. A guilty pleasure of mine for sure.
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Posted - Jun 1 2019 : 2:10AM
Thanks for the review Flash!

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