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DEANGELO JACKSON NOW THE FACE OF NOIR MALE WITH EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTGay Superstar DeAngelo Jackson Signs 1-Year Contract with Mile High Media & Production Ally Men.com. <image> Gay superstar
DustyMarieReplies: 2
Views: 34
Jul 23 2019 2:11AM
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Jay Dymel passes away
Star Jay Dymel, who was recently in the Five Brothers mini-series has passed away. <link> <tweet>
FlashReplies: 0
Views: 40
Jul 16 2019 1:05PM
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CUE THE FIREWORKS, NOIR MALE NAMES FAME ‘MAN OF THE MONTH’ Sexy Gay Newcomer, Fame, is Celebrated All July on NoirMale.com <image> New gay interracial porn studio Noir Male names
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 44
Jul 8 2019 12:57PM
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Do other straight guys enjoy gay/trans porn?
Or am I the only weirdo?
Pr0nLoverReplies: 9
Views: 860
Jun 30 2019 11:02PM
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Tranny surprises
I can remember seeing some videos where the guy didn't know the girl was a tranny but was so turned on or she was so hot that he had sex with her anyway. They were usually terribly acted, but I'm
Pr0nLoverReplies: 0
Views: 101
Jun 28 2019 11:20PM
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"Bisexual" porn
Am I the only one that would like to see this genre called something else? Bisexual in porn is labeled in the context of the current segrational model of porn where boys can't be fluid the way girls
Maxxx StirnerReplies: 5
Views: 1091
Jun 22 2019 8:56PM
Maxxx Stirner
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CHI CHI LARUE TAKES FULL REIN AT ICON MALE; FURTHERING TABOO FEATURESThe Iconic Director Helms Two New Dramas ‘A Stepbrother’s Obsession’ and ‘His Psychotherapist’!
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 52
Jun 18 2019 5:26PM
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DEANGELO JACKSON IS NOIR MALE’S PRIDE MONTH ‘MAN OF THE MONTH’ Award Winning Gay Superstar DeAngelo Jackson is Celebrated All June on NoirMale.com <image> New gay interracial
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 38
Jun 18 2019 5:24PM
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My boyfriend likes vr gay porn videos, I need help
Hello!Recently, my boyfriend likes to watch VR Gay Porn v deos previously to have sex with me. I am searching websites with this content. I found / It's cool, but i want...
paolagadoReplies: 0
Views: 131
May 26 2019 3:10PM
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Favourite Black-on-twink dvd
I'm pretty new to buying DVDs as I used to just watch free stuff online. Now I'm trying to buy my porn to help out the industry and get the benefits of the dvd features.Anyway I'm bi and haven't got
JohncloudierReplies: 4
Views: 1817
May 10 2019 5:12PM
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DON’T TELL MY WIFE- from IconMale & Chi Chi LaRue
CHI CHI LARUE RETURNS TO ICON MALE, DEBUTING NEW FEATURE ‘DON’T TELL MY WIFE’Wesley Woods, Nick Capra, Hunter Smith, Colby Tucker, Adam Ramzi, Nic Sahara and Silvia Saige Star in
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 216
May 3 2019 6:06PM
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AARON REESE NAMED NOIR MALE’S MAY ‘MAN OF THE MONTH’ Gay Star Aaron Reese is Highlighted All Month on NoirMale.com <image> New gay interracial porn studio Noir Male names
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 62
May 3 2019 6:04PM
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Which strait male star
has the best dick? I like Rocco Siffreddi and Nacho Vidal.
luv2sukReplies: 9
Views: 2013
Apr 29 2019 5:59PM
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Icon Male Takes Revenge Again w/Nic Sahara, Zander
VENGEFUL PASSION RETURNS IN ICON MALE’S ‘REVENGE 2’Nica Noelle Directs Nic Sahara, Zander Lane, Billy Santoro, Colby Jansen and Joseph Banks!Betrayal and vengeful passion returns in...
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 300
Mar 1 2019 6:34PM
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Does anyone make gangbang bi porn scenes this way
Does anybody shoot bi porn where one couple is the center of attention? Where the camera is only focused on them. And all the other cocks are there for the couple.Like if a bi couple went to Sex
MaggieFan69Replies: 0
Views: 246
Feb 18 2019 4:42AM
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Favourite Shemale Pornstar/Model
Who is everyone favourite Shemale pornstar/model
Graham ShawReplies: 45
Views: 13393
Feb 9 2019 11:32AM
Full Tilt Boogie
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Anyone else having trouble streaming from Helix?
I just joined Helix Studios, and I was looking forward to streaming it to my Roku device. However, the linking codes they provide are invalid. I've tried to get new linking codes, and every time they...
Full Tilt Bo...Replies: 0
Views: 75
Feb 9 2019 11:28AM
Full Tilt Boogie
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famous american pornstars have gay scene
i am searcing about straight male pornstar's gay scene for exampla danny d has gay movies also michael vegaswho else do you know guys?
what290Replies: 3
Views: 778
Feb 7 2019 4:54PM
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Jacen Zhu is Noir Male's Man of the Month for Feb.
NOIR MALE ANNOUNCES JACEN ZHU FEBRUARY’S ‘MAN OF THE MONTH’ Jacen Zhu Embodies Noir Male’s Brand Essence, Making him the Ideal ‘Man Of The Month’ New gay
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 131
Feb 7 2019 2:20PM
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D.P. Welles
Back in November, the box cover for Breaking Mr. Hart caught my eye. I'm not sure exactly what about it interested me since I am a straight male. However, I checked the movie out and found an
FlashReplies: 1
Views: 239
Jan 3 2019 11:43AM
Gore Gore Girl
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good movie to start TS porn with??
Can you guys recommend a full movie that is a good one to start with watching TS/Shemale porn??
wolvie667Replies: 0
Views: 255
Dec 29 2018 1:35PM
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Similar Porn
Does anyone know of any sexy similar pornos or homemade pornos that has the tranny sucking a man off on a couch . A tranny laying on the sofa sucking dick is so sexy gets me my life will be complete
jerkanator12Replies: 1
Views: 375
Dec 27 2018 8:17AM
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LatinoGuysPorn.com Launches New Site
Pittsburgh, PA – Adult Empire Cash and Latino Guys Porn have partnered to relaunch the popular <link> website. Designed to be the go-to internet destination for Latin-themed gay adult
ScottAEReplies: 0
Views: 223
Dec 21 2018 12:14PM
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why they don't have solo scene?
Rocco,Manuel ferrara and Mandingothey are legendery but they don't have any solo scene for gay fans? why? johnny sins has Nacho has but i really want to see manuel ferrara while jerk offTopic Moved
what290Replies: 0
Views: 262
Nov 28 2018 8:41PM
Thread Moved
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Wake Me Before You Breed Me (Leo Greco)
Who is the top on the cover of Wake Me Before You Breed Me? In addition I'd love to work with the director Leo Greco who works primarily for ThresholdMedia. Can anyone help me get in touch with
dalbelloReplies: 1
Views: 443
Oct 24 2018 11:39AM
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NOIR MALE & CHI CHI LARUE DEBUT ‘HARD AT WORK’ From Iconic Director Chi Chi LaRue, Noir Male’s 3rd Release ‘Hard At Work’ Is Headlined by Marquee D’Angelo
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 265
Oct 19 2018 6:27PM
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Where is this video from?
Hi, happen to see this screenshot on the web that I really like but where is this video from? No titles, no names. Any help? <image>
kenny1980Replies: 0
Views: 219
Oct 16 2018 3:21AM
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Section name change please?
This section has Gay/Bisexual & Transsexual threads.. why not change it to Gay/Bi/Trans DVD Talk or LGBT?
RicoEvilAngelReplies: 10
Views: 536
Sep 1 2018 6:48PM
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BoyFun Scenes
<image> [invalid URL removed]Cock SquatJared Shaw and ivan Sabado
KarupsReplies: 19
Views: 1913
Aug 21 2018 9:30AM
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Is D.O. making porn again?
Does anyone know if D.O. stopped doing porn for a few years and then re-started again recently?
irrlichtReplies: 2
Views: 224
Aug 13 2018 6:11PM
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BoyFunStore.com Now Online!
Get the hottest Gay DVDs, VOD and Sex Toys now at BoyFunStore.com! <link>
KarupsReplies: 0
Views: 208
Jun 26 2018 12:05PM
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Verbal blowjobs
Does anyone know any good Verbal blowjob scenes? like where the top says "here it comes" "swallow this" "lunch time" "dinner" etc. :) and what is you favorite
rebilakReplies: 0
Views: 374
Jun 16 2018 8:23AM
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Anal orgasms
Anyone know of any scenes or DVDs where the bottom has an orgasm preferably with out using his hands, also scenes where the bottom is rock hard thru the scene without stimulation
Floppo013Replies: 2
Views: 1519
Jun 10 2018 4:17PM
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More #DaddyIssues to work through!
ICON MALE’S NEW SERIES ‘DADDY ISSUES’ IS BACK Michael DelRay, Max Sargent, JD Phoenix, Tobias and Michael Roman Star in Tales of Hot College Men on the Prowl for Big Daddies!
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 272
Jun 1 2018 5:17PM
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Get a Hall Pass w. Michael Delray & JD Phoenix!
ICON MALE GOES BACK TO COLLEGE IN ‘HALL PASS’ JD Phoenix, Kory Houston, Michael Delray and Blaze Austin Star in Nica Noelle’s Tale of Young College Men Caught in Temptation!
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 254
May 14 2018 4:50PM
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Most famous stars
Who are most successful actors? Biggest stars?
Fred39999Replies: 0
Views: 427
Apr 1 2018 1:59AM
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Chi Chi LaRue's #TheGraduation w. Sgt. Miles!
ICON MALE ANNOUNCES CHI CHI LARUE’S TABOO SOPHOMORE RELEASE, ‘THE GRADUATION’ <image> Gay Porn Superstars Sergeant Miles & Mitch Vaughn Captivate in New Icon Male
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 582
Feb 12 2018 6:05PM
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TS Porn Reviews
I have been reviewing TS Porn Reviews for a while now. Its such a brilliant Porn genre but seems that hardly anyone reviews itLost bit of faith with adding the reviews but back with more ambition and...
Ian Nelson T...Replies: 15
Views: 5244
Jan 18 2018 5:05PM
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HIS SON’S BEST FRIEND Michael Delray too tempting!
THE THIRD CHAPTER OF ICON MALE’S POPULAR ‘HIS SON’S BEST FRIEND’ IS NOW ON DVDMax Sargent, Brendan Patrick, Troy Accola and Michael Delray Star in Erotic Tale of a Young Man
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 505
Dec 21 2017 4:48PM
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Icon Male's Boys Of Summer w Brendan Patrick
ICON MALE PRESENTS ‘BOYS OF SUMMER’ ON DVDArmond Rizzo, Brendan Patrick, Roman Todd, Max Sargent and Troy Accola Star in a Tale of Jealousy and Summer Passions! <image> Leading gay
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 506
Dec 14 2017 4:14PM
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What is the names of these jap gay porn movies?
Need to find out the names of these movies. The synopsis are from different moviesSynopsis 1:This movie is from No-mask but i forget the code. The scene is a guy was bathing. While Guy A is washing
PornLoveReplies: 0
Views: 332
Dec 10 2017 7:59PM
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I want to be Penetrated
I am a man that want to be penetrated by a man but I am grossed out by oral sex what should I do? Thanks
straponguyReplies: 1
Views: 486
Nov 22 2017 6:23PM
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Father & Son Fun for Icon Male!
ICON MALE PRESENTS ‘FATHERS & SONS 6’ ON DVDReal-Life Husbands Hugh Hunter & Dolf Dietrich Lead An A-List Cast In New Erotic Drama! <image> Leading gay studio Icon Male
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 632
Oct 13 2017 6:51PM
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Suggestions for my GF who wants to see gay DAP
So, my girl and i love our DAP. She wants to see guys do this too. I have no viewing experience to know where to begin to buy her some scenes to watch.Prefer bareback scenes, and anal creampies would...
A_FanReplies: 0
Views: 518
Oct 5 2017 12:55PM
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Who are the gay guy's in straight porn?
I always hear how 80% of the male talent is gay/bi, and for some reason I find that hard to believe. So I'm curious as to who these guys are? Not trying to start rumors...so what guys are confirmed
iWorshipReplies: 34
Views: 32245
Oct 5 2017 11:16AM
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Help identify this clip!
If anyone knows any of the pornstars' names or the title of the movie, please tell me, Here are a few links to clips, but they are broken and do not play anymore. I hope someone can recognize the
funnybeethovenReplies: 1
Views: 455
Oct 4 2017 2:07PM
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Scene or performer help
Anyone know where this is from? OR who is here?/ 4409445494/lowblow2myspeedo-after-uncove ring-overpoweringAppreciate trying to find the entire scene.
miloandtock1Replies: 0
Views: 288
Sep 29 2017 7:14AM
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Best interracial scenes
Post your favorite interracial scenes and what your like about them.
Floppo013Replies: 0
Views: 808
Sep 21 2017 11:40AM
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Chi Chi LaRue's Icon Male Debut: Finding Father
CHI CHI LARUE DIRECTS ‘FINDING FATHER,’ HIS 1ST GAY FEATURE FOR ICON MALENewcomer Danny Gunn & Porn Veteran Kristofer Weston Captivate in New Feature. <image> Awarded gay
DustyMarieReplies: 0
Views: 623
Sep 13 2017 6:07PM
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Man looking for tips for Riding a Dildo
Hey I am a man looking for tips for riding a dildo,your advice is greatly appreciatted.Thanks
straponguyReplies: 0
Views: 422
Sep 10 2017 9:50PM
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