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Posted - Mar 19 2019 : 6:34PM
Does anyone know if ADT is undergoing any upgrades now? Starting yesterday morning when I try to access the main smartbuydisc.ru page on my iPad I get this:


I enter ADT through the main page and I can click on any of the ‘read more’ links for the most recent star posts and that will kick me to that smartbuydisc.ru. Likewise, I can get into the Porn Pool if I search a term I know is used there and enter through that way. But I can’t access the smartbuydisc.rus through the main page. I can access the other links in the drop-down menu, just not the main smartbuydisc.ru page.

But… I have no problems accessing the main smartbuydisc.ru page (or anything else) if I use my PC.

I should add that the pages look slightly different depending on if I’m using my PC or iPad. With the PC I get a ‘Forum’ link on the top bar and the drop-down menu lists the various sub-forums:


With my iPad I have the older look with the button on the bar being ‘Talk’ and one of the links is for the Porn smartbuydisc.ru:


I recently updated the iOS on my iPad but had surfed ADT multiple times for several days before this issue popped up so I don’t think this is related. I should also add that I copied the address link from my PC and emailed it to myself to try it on my iPad and still had the same problem.

You'd think that as the RearAdmiral I'd like having to come in through the back door, but in this case it's a bit frustrating...

Any thoughts?

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Posted - Mar 19 2019 : 11:24PM
I accessed ADT on my iPad (Google Chrome) earlier today and had no problems. I take it you're using the Safari web browser?
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Posted - Mar 20 2019 : 6:41AM
^ I am using Safari. I'm not particularly tech savvy when it comes to Windows products and even less so when it comes to Apple stuff. It didn't occur to me to try a different browser. I tried Chrome on my iPad and that has no problems. I can access the ADT main smartbuydisc.ru page again.

Thanks for the tip.

All smartbuydisc.rus > Tech Talk > Having trouble accessing smartbuydisc.rus on my iPad. Help!

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