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Posted - Apr 9 2019 : 8:03PM
I'm trying to locate a film that I remember seeing a few scenes from on TV some ages ago. I suspect it wasn't hardcore porn; the cinematography suggested a boob/sex comedy, or maybe an erotica with a weird sense of humor. I don't know when it came out, nor do I remember when I saw it, but I'm pretty sure it was pre-2000.

I remember 2 scenes.

The first involves a man sitting in a room (I think a studio, but that could be wrong). He's wearing glasses or sunglasses. A woman enters. They have a conversation. She whips him several times with a belt, taking him by surprise and pissing him off. The weird bit of foreplay evolves into a striptease and lapdance. The scene is stylistically shot; I remember a lot of repeating shots. His entranced expression. Her waving her breasts in his face. Pretty sure the scene cuts before anything happens.

The second scene is what makes me suspicious that it was a sex comedy. A man walks down a line of women, in a faux military fashion. He hands them each a bikini (underwear? Lingerie?) until he gets to the end of the line, where there's a man. Instead of a bikini, he hands him an animal costume (pretty sure it's a realistic gorilla mask), which I guess is supposed to be the punchline to a joke. I don't remember much of what comes after, though I think there's a make-out scene at a desk very briefly thereafter, and some comedy shots of the guy trying to put on his animal costume.

I know it's not a lot to go on, but I feel those are pretty distinct scenes. Hopefully someone will remember any be able to clue me in. Thanks for any help!

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