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Posted - Sep 18 2017 : 10:16PM
The beautiful Angela White entered the room and took a seat upon a large, very comfortable sofa. An elegant evening dress clung softly yet surely to every sensuous curve of her beautiful body. The room itself was lit by candles placed sparingly around its circumference and a fireplace that burned quietly in the wall facing the sofa. Angela did not know how she came to be here, and as she sat patiently watching the fire burn, she wondered who--or what--she was waiting for.
She did not have to wait for long. A crystal of pure, clear amber suspended on a golden chain was suddenly before her eyes. She barely had time to notice it before it began to swing back and forth. . .back and forth. . .back. . .and forth. . .and she had the notion that if she could follow the crystal's motion, she could see her reflection in its facets. . .so she tried to follow the crystal with her eyes as it kept on going back and forth. . .back and forth. . .back. . .and forth. . .but it became more and more difficult to do as her eyes became heavier and heavier with the effort, and a man's voice nearby kept telling her to sleep. . .to sleep. . .sleep. . .
It was all too wonderfully much. Slowly. . .serenely. . .inevitably. . . .Angela's eyes closed.
Angela sat quietly for an eternal moment of serenity and bliss, feeling beautiful, desirable, perfect, and content. She could not remember feeling any other way, nor did she want to remember. There was only this moment, now and forever, and none other.
"Rise," said the voice nearby as a soft, firm hand took her own. She stood before the voice and waited; her eyes remained closed, the swirling glitter of the crystal still filled her vision. Angela smiled softly as the voice spoke again.
"We are together once more. You are once again my mistress--not in the sense of bondage and discipline, but a secret and passionate Lover--a secret even to yourself. In the sleep of Hypnosis, you are awakened to the desire and adoration you hold for me in the deepest part of your heart and soul, and you are free to express the full measure of your passion--your devotion--your obedience. You are my mistress--and I am your Master."
Angela knew every word to be true. She felt the voice's hand caress her face, and she opened her eyes to see her Lover. She couldn't quite make his face or features, but she could make out his eyes--they shone like the glittering facets of the crystal. Angela stared into those eyes and was entranced all over again.
"How may I love you tonight?" she spoke softly, savoring the man's power over her mind and body. "How may I serve you?"
"You know what I want you to do," he said as he uncovered himself.
"As you wish," replied Angela, who then reached behind her back to unfasten her dress. With a soft sensuous shrug of pure sexual desire and practiced artistic expression, the dress came off her body and fell softly to the floor. As the candles cast their soft glow upon her skin, Angela felt the light of her desire and adoration rise to elate and illuminate her from the inside. She could no longer resist her passions--she knelt before her Lover and took his strong, hard member in her hands. She tasted it first with her tongue, flexing it along the length of his column, like taking a sip of the wine before drinking deeply. Finally, she placed a kiss upon the top of the head--then parted her lips to let it completely inside.
As she worked her mouth and tongue around her Lover's manhood, Angela felt the strength of it flow through her entire body. She imagined it--no, it was really there--in the soft sultry opening between her legs, pushing and stroking inside her there with motions identical to the pushing and stroking of it inside her mouth. It was exhilarating--it was overwhelming--it was what she wanted--and yet she wanted more.
With great effort and reluctance she pulled away from his great strength and stared up into his eyes. They were as powerful, if not more, than his manhood, and she almost experienced orgasm just by looking into them again and becoming entranced. But she knew she could not bring herself to that exquisite pleasure--she needed him for release.
"Please," she said as the Hypnosis washed over her, "please take me. . I'm yours. . .all yours. . ."
The man said nothing, but indicated the sofa with his left hand. Angela crawled up from the floor and onto the sofa and waited there on all fours, eyes serenely closed as she drifted in her deep Hypnotic trance. Everything was the purest bliss. . .
Then her eyes were opened bright and wide by the ecstatic shock of the strong, hard member of her Lover--her Master--as he entered her from behind. Transfixed by the power and the brilliance of the sensations which now enveloped her and subsumed all others she had felt that night, she could only give voice to what she was experiencing. . .what she was enjoying. . .
"Yes. . .oh please. . .yes. . .take me. . .I'm at your command. . .I love you. . .I need you. . .I will obey. . ."
After a night's eternity of deeply Hypnotized erotic pleasure, Angela felt her Lover's manhood withdraw from inside her. There was room on the sofa to roll onto her back, and she did so. As she relaxed, she saw her Lover's eyes once more, and lost herself in their shining, glittering light.
"Tell me you'll always Hypnotize me," she pleaded.
"Tell me you'll always be Hypnotized, my mistress."
"Yes, Master," was her reply--and with that her Lover lowered himself onto her and entered her once more. Seduced and surrendered, Angela gave herself completely to her Lover, her Master, and to the powerful succession of orgasms that engulfed her mind and body. . .one earth-shaking, life-affirming moment of ecstasy after another after another after another. . . . .
. . . . .She awoke the next morning in her own bed, in her own room, in her own home. She felt very delighted--albeit a little dazed and disoriented. The bed was wet and the covers wrestled completely off. . .and for some reason her hand was buried tight between her legs.
I must have the most wonderful dreams, said the beautiful Angela White to herself. If only I could remember them. . .

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