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Monsters of Cock 62
Dear IAFD-Team!Please can you add this movie:Monsters of Cock 62 (2016)Minutes139DirectorNo DataDistributorBang ProductionsStudioBang BrosAll-GirlNoAll-MaleNoCompilationNo Release DateJul 01, 2016
gerry99Replies: 2
Views: 870
Oct 31 2016 7:18AM
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IAFD is DOWN not working
Self explanatory
backdoormanReplies: 5
Views: 1172
Oct 31 2016 2:13AM
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Interracial Massage 2
Dear IAFD-Team!Please can you add this movie:Interracial Massage 2 (2016)Minutes132DirectorZanderDistributo rMetroStudioShe Will CheatAll-GirlNoAll-MaleNoCompilationNo Release DateNov 8,
gerry99Replies: 1
Views: 848
Oct 30 2016 11:42PM
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Jasmine Delatori
<link> Nationality/Heritage American Piercings Tongue <link> Todd
TmkowalReplies: 3
Views: 1109
Oct 26 2016 7:59PM
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Sabrina Cyns
Age: 36Height: 5'5Weight: 118 lbsEyes: BrownHair: RedMeasurements: 32-26-36(Bio data taken from her model page at <link> )Twitter - <link> Found three movies she's done so far:
Jman5245Replies: 0
Views: 1758
Oct 12 2016 11:11AM
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Search result Re-sort options and year of release? (topic moved)
Hi Drew,I was searching for Chop Stix using the Review Text option and the results listed did not changed when I clicked any of these options.. [Re-sort by title] [Re-sort by reviewer] [Re-sort by
draghixafanReplies: 1
Views: 344
Sep 16 2016 9:20AM
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Top 20 White Females IR Performers
Hey Jeff i would like to know if you can help me get a hold of a list of the top 20 white female IR performers according to I'm trying to build this list by myself and is kinda hard.
Danger JoshReplies: 5
Views: 1989
Sep 9 2016 11:48PM
Escaped Slave
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Lexi Luna
Age: 27Height: 5'7"Weight: 135 lbs.Measurements: 34DDD-27-39Hair: Redish BrownEyes: BrownShoe Size: 9Dress Size: 6Pants Size: 6Bra Size: 34DDDPanty Size: MedShirt Size: MedPiercings: Belly
Jman5245Replies: 0
Views: 1287
Aug 23 2016 10:05AM
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Adriana Sephora
<link> 's Instagram page has been updated to <link> .
matchmakerReplies: 0
Views: 576
Jun 2 2016 7:14AM
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Callie Klein
Callie KleinBirthday - July 18, 1997 (as per her <link> )Hair - BrownEyes - BrownHeight - 5'2 Weight - 115 lb.Measurements: 32C-25-36 (physical attributes taken from her <link> Per her
Jman5245Replies: 0
Views: 664
May 25 2016 11:18AM
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Lyla Storm
<link> Birthday February 23, 1990 Birthplace Newark, Delaware, USA Nationality/Heritage American <link> Todd
TmkowalReplies: 13
Views: 6517
May 20 2016 1:20PM
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New Pornstar Galleries - big natural boobs pls? ;)
Hi,The 3 girls featured in the 'New Pornstar Galleries' are nearly always girls with small tits.Just a big tits fanatic wishing we could get some previews of girls with big tits for me to discover
draghixafanReplies: 2
Views: 1330
May 12 2016 3:39AM
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IAFD movies page link to add to discussions?
Hi Drew,Would be very handy if the IAFD movie pages eg.. <link> had a link creator similar to posts very visible at the top of the page, one that we could quickly copy and paste into our
draghixafanReplies: 0
Views: 414
May 9 2016 2:43AM
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PLEASE, replace Ashley Blue 'moustache' picture
In the name of all that is good, please replace. BAD <image> GOOD <image>
nietzscheReplies: 0
Views: 667
Apr 29 2016 4:50PM
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Jennifer Best
<link> , but in an interview with XCritic (her 2nd answer) <link> .
matchmakerReplies: 0
Views: 681
Apr 28 2016 7:49AM
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Cher Adele
<image> <image> Cher AdeleEthnicity - BlackNationality - AmericanHair Color - BlackMet her two months ago at AEE in Vegas. Brand new girl, said she's 24 years-old and lists her birthday
Jman5245Replies: 1
Views: 1808
Apr 13 2016 2:40PM
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Suggestion: My Topics pls link to unread posts? (topic moved)
Hi,Thanks as always for the awesome and Happy New Year and all the best for 2016!No doubt been asked before, but is a bit of a pita that My Topics links to your last post in the thread instead
draghixafanReplies: 4
Views: 525
Feb 22 2016 8:17PM
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New Entry: Balls In Action
Balls In ActionYear: 2016 (2257 = N/A [released in 2016 but appeasr to have been filmed around 1969)Distributor: HustlerDirector: uncreditedMinutes: 58 minutes (00:57:45)Compilation: NoAll-Girl:
FlashReplies: 0
Views: 508
Feb 15 2016 3:55PM
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New Entry: Doctor I'm Coming
Doctor I'm ComingYear: 1969 (2257 = N/A)Distributor: Tansir Productions / HustlerDirector: uncreditedMinutes: 57 minutes (00:57:17)Compilation: NoAll-Girl: NoActresses List:Unknown Actress 2Unknown
FlashReplies: 0
Views: 1227
Feb 15 2016 3:48PM
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Fernandinha Fernandez - Perfect
Forgive my horrible English!But this topic is to show everyone this beautiful actress we have here in Brazil.Her name is Fernadinha Fernandez!No wonder she has tattooed Perfect. She does anal, d.p.,
PibeReplies: 6
Views: 2658
Jan 30 2016 5:36PM
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New: Elen et les cochons
New to IAFD.Elen et les cochons (1994)Distrib/studio: L'Amour ProductionsMinutes: 88Comp: NoAll-Girl: NoDirector: Gil Viennet (==> new to IAFD)All-Male: NoActors:Alain L'YleJean-Pierre
Walter BurnsReplies: 2
Views: 1052
Jan 17 2016 4:17PM
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Filter out gay, tranny, males from Those Born Toda
y? Or anywhere else on the site...Maybe allow user to set cookie or something. thanks.
nietzscheReplies: 0
Views: 496
Jan 17 2016 2:31AM
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Autumn Westin
<link> Birthplace Fort Wayne, Indiana, USANationality/Heritage American <link> ----Todd----
TmkowalReplies: 2
Views: 872
Dec 11 2015 10:33AM
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I have an update for <link> .Here is <link> .
matchmakerReplies: 0
Views: 696
Nov 30 2015 6:37AM
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Brittany Andrews
Corrections for <link> . Her Twitter account is <link> and her official website is <link> .
matchmakerReplies: 0
Views: 703
Nov 7 2015 3:22AM
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New: Depraved
DepravedYear: 2005Distributor: SunshineDirector: none creditedMinutes: 89Compilation: YesAll-Girl: NoActresses:Lisa DeLeeuw/ rfid=deleeuw/gender=f/lisa-de-leeuw.htmN ina...
FlashReplies: 2
Views: 699
Oct 31 2015 6:37PM
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Vollgewichste Gangbang Schlampen 29 (2011)
Does anyone know from where I can download a VOD for this video ?Tnx
porn_rangerReplies: 0
Views: 717
Oct 6 2015 6:46AM
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Olivia Austin
Regarding Olivia Austin: <link> has her birthday is listed as July 22, 1986 ... but after wishing her a Happy Birthday she tweeted my bday is August 19th :) ... I figured I would do my duty as
DeidreReplies: 2
Views: 1256
Aug 14 2015 1:34PM
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Licious Gia
I found more info on <link> .Her website: <link> Some info from her <link> :Birthday: October 20, 1977Birthplace: Naples, FloridaMeasurements: 36DD-28-38Height: 5'7 Weight: 135 lbs
matchmakerReplies: 2
Views: 1004
Aug 13 2015 3:37AM
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Dia Zerva
<link> Birthday: September 7, 1976 <link> and I remember that she was born in 1976.
matchmakerReplies: 3
Views: 1253
Aug 13 2015 3:35AM
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Nicole Moore
Twitter account of <link> is: <link>
matchmakerReplies: 1
Views: 2357
Aug 9 2015 6:00PM
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Rachel Steele/Rachel Steel
(1) In her IAFD info page, <link> she is listed as Rachel Steel. In the movies she made in the 1990's she is billed as Rachel Steel . However in her own website />
Len801Replies: 9
Views: 9544
Apr 3 2015 6:27PM
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Mary Jane
Babe: <link> Correction: Mary Jane's ethnicity is currently listed by IAFD as Asian. This incorrect. She is <link> .
Delaware Replies: 6
Views: 1335
Mar 27 2015 5:38PM
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When did you start putting up JAV idols?
And their movies? I would like to suggest that if you are going to do these any justice, the title should be in Japanese as well as the idols' names. And the serial number of movie I would consider
nietzscheReplies: 0
Views: 592
Mar 12 2015 3:31AM
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New: Guten Morgen, mein Schatz! 2
New to IAFD.Guten Morgen, mein Schatz! 2Year: 2014Distributor: Erotic PlanetMinutes: 91 minutesCompilation: NoAll-Girl: NoActresses List:Jasmine Rouge (as Jasmine La Rouge) [Facial,
RosseauReplies: 2
Views: 1590
Feb 14 2015 7:33AM
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A most incredible ping-pong volley (topic moved)
nietzscheReplies: 1
Views: 527
Jan 10 2015 4:46AM
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Movie: <link> Add <link> to the cast. Caroline is the the blonde (wearing a purple garter with white stockings) pictured on the top center of the <link> . Add <link> to the
Delaware Replies: 4
Views: 1366
Jan 2 2015 8:24PM
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RE: BoodiGo
From IAFD; news of a partnership between IAFD and BoodiGo to combine search resources, in an effort to support performers in the industry.GoodI hope this partnership will help resolve some of the
dogzcatcherReplies: 0
Views: 449
Oct 23 2014 4:04AM
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Primary name or first name used?
One example is Heather Silk. The first porn name she used is Silky Thumper, so that's how she's listed at iafd, but she hasn't used that name in many years, and most customers wouldn't recognize it
charnReplies: 2
Views: 639
Oct 8 2014 1:27AM
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Search by year
My computer crashed and I lost the link to do a search by release year. Is there somewhere on IAFD that provides this ? It's a very handy tool to me. If not could you send me the link again ?
backdoormanReplies: 5
Views: 883
Oct 5 2014 10:49AM
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More Director Podcasts: Joey Silvera, John Leslie
Hey Skronker,I really liked the Jake Malone podcast, why not do one with Joey Silvera (I can't find any interview with him anywhere on the net) and John Leslie. More director interviews for sure, a
BlackSixReplies: 3
Views: 967
Aug 3 2014 4:05AM
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Teeny Splash 5
Hellosome hopefully helpful screen caps and scene /cast additions for this title(I also have started an ebi thread to identify the missing babes, with some more explicit shotsie the back
rashidnzReplies: 1
Views: 2137
Jul 3 2014 6:08PM
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Pop-Up Windows?
Are the annoying chat now pop-up windows originating from IAFD?Or, is it something my computer has aquired?Thanks.
XCollectorReplies: 24
Views: 1532
Apr 15 2014 3:58AM
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IAFD search is awful
The search engine for iafd is extremely outdated you cant search more then one thing. Compare the features of iafd to imdb and you see how bad it is, when is iafd going to be usable and at least
ButcerReplies: 1
Views: 925
Apr 8 2014 1:02AM
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Kristy Kincade
Babe: <link> Headshot:/ girls/257_b.jpg <link> Additional information for Kristy Kincade:Measurements: <link> Height: <link>
Delaware Replies: 2
Views: 910
Feb 23 2014 4:56PM
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Suggestion: New term to 'notes': rimming
Hello,Thank you very much for IAFD - it is awesome and I use it regulary.I like very much your 'notes' near movies title (i mean for example 'anal', 'a2m') when i exploring each actress. I want to
noriakReplies: 0
Views: 559
Feb 22 2014 3:17PM
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Nikita Von James
<link> Birthday 4/11/1977 <link> Todd
TmkowalReplies: 4
Views: 3157
Feb 11 2014 9:58AM
Matt Anthon
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Angel Wicky
Angel WickyApril 6, 1991Prague, Czech Republic <link>
gostaknullssonReplies: 0
Views: 2464
Dec 26 2013 5:52PM
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Possible corrections IAFD Extreme Associates list
Possible corrections IAFD Extreme Associates list1) I think Frystix is one word. The spelling Fry Stix seems to be wrong according to the cover art2) Was 'Lord of Asses 7' ever released under the
billybobReplies: 6
Views: 3021
Nov 10 2013 9:44AM
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Correction: Street Blowjobs 9
Street Blowjobs 9The Gia Love in Street Blowjobs 9 is not Jasmine Delatori. The Gia Love in Street Blowjobs 9 is a different actress. She has a tattoo on her right wrist, a tattoo of what appears to
Cornell LingusReplies: 0
Views: 795
Nov 8 2013 5:43PM
Cornell Lingus
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