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Director: Jacky St. James
Starring: Small Hands, Mona Wales, Silvia Saige, Lucas Frost, Danni Rivers, Some Dude.
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Fiona Cooper DVDs for sale in UK £5.00 each
I've got the following Fiona Cooper DVDs for sale. The discs are in good condition and the price includes postage:DVD844 - Elizabeth, Simone and MeganDVD767 - GeorgianaDVD773 - Georgiana 2DVD112 -
paul21Replies: 0
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Mar 3 2008 4:52PM
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DVD Clearout
Hi,I am unloading most of my collection due to an upcoming move. All DVDs are Original US Factory Produce DVDs and are $10 US each postage paid (worldwide airmail shipping included). OR 3 DVDS for
hunters666Replies: 6
Views: 856
Feb 27 2008 5:00PM
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New and old titles for sale
<link> All DVDs are originals and all are US imports unless otherwise specified. All DVDs are shipped without boxes, with box artwork and all are in excellent condition. All prices include
GofReplies: 3
Views: 605
Feb 24 2008 1:21PM
lucky slevin
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Over 100 Interracial DVD's For sale!!
HiI have over 100 dvd's for sale and they are all pretty much of the interracial nature (bm/wf), some are pro some are pro/am and the rest all pure amateur.From the pro section I have movies with
skandamanReplies: 3
Views: 1705
Feb 24 2008 7:10AM
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DVDs for sale or trade
I have some DVDs I will sell for 6 each or will trade for DVDs from US studios. I accept paypal or cheque.the following titles are in good condition.Apprentis 7POV Centerfolds 5 Gangbang 5
jamezy22Replies: 0
Views: 433
Feb 23 2008 3:40PM
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£5 DVD's -Evil Angel, Creampie, Anal- moving sale.
Girlfriend move-in last clearout at 5 each. Top titles featuring top stars, bought selectively. All DVD's original uncut US Version, excellent condition, most with jacket/artwork. Buy one from list 1...
pornlondonerReplies: 3
Views: 731
Feb 22 2008 2:40PM
lucky slevin
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Further discounts
Buy two or more and get a further 1 off each titlePostage is 1 no matter how many ordered. Posted securely with disks and cover only. Discounts possible for multiple purchases.WILL ALSO TRADE FOR
akiraReplies: 13
Views: 996
Feb 19 2008 3:25AM
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ADT Good Trader List and Rules (Part 018)
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5
This thread is closed. Please post recommendations in the pesent versionThis is for the non commercial trading of original adult DVDs. Please abide by these rules:Non commercial sales only No
paragliderReplies: 215
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Feb 18 2008 5:07AM
sir wankalot
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I'm selling the following DVDs :14 euros each title (postage cost to Europe included).DVD, box and cover in perfect condition (paypal accepted) :(I have been away from a while, but I think that I'm
Rupert PupkinReplies: 3
Views: 688
Feb 17 2008 4:05PM
Rupert Pupkin
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Seventeen DVDs for sale
I have the following DVDs from the Seventeen label, as good as new:The Seventeen Collection 2 (3 DVD set)The Seventeen Collection 3 (3 DVD set)My Sexy Kittens 30Sweethearts Special 2 9 each including...
HDviwerReplies: 1
Views: 494
Feb 15 2008 4:14PM
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Looking for a copy of "black girls get nasty
Looking for a copy of Justin Slayers black girls get nasty too .Please contact me if you have a new or used copy you are willing to sell.
sickguyReplies: 0
Views: 327
Feb 14 2008 3:46PM
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Edited by - oxlease on Feb 9 2008
oxleaseReplies: 15
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Feb 9 2008 12:24PM
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Huge Sale , starting from 4 Euro
HiHere is a new list of titles for sale. They are all original USA DVDs. They all come with original inserts. Discs will be sent with inserts but no boxes. All Prices in Euros. Payment by Paypal is
ikarusReplies: 31
Views: 2048
Feb 8 2008 3:10PM
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Classic DVDs
Hi,Some classics for a cheap price from my collection (all in very fine condition)5 each + Postage (I will look for the cheapest way), paypal or bank transferDVDs:Eiskalte Engel (Erotic Planet)
GerryMReplies: 0
Views: 629
Feb 8 2008 12:09PM
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Searching for some porn movies on Laserdisc
I am searching for some porn titles on Laserdisc. I can pay per Paypal, but you have to ship the Laserdiscs to the Netherlands or Germany.
caroline-NLReplies: 0
Views: 319
Feb 6 2008 7:14AM
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Edited by - oxlease on Feb 5 2008
oxleaseReplies: 0
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Feb 5 2008 2:38PM
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Updated 4th Feb,new titles added
These DVD's are now for sale 6.50 each inc P&P.All are original disc's and will come with artwork but no case.Both disc's and artwork are in excellent condition.None are R18.Paypal or
UrkoReplies: 8
Views: 1173
Feb 4 2008 10:02AM
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Has anyone access to an university video library ?
I am still searching for a NBC documentary Silent Shame , from 1984. Almost all US universities have this video. Some universities sell official copies too. Can somebody rent this for me or buy me a
caroline-NLReplies: 0
Views: 334
Jan 31 2008 7:13AM
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For Sale 2 X John Thompson DVDs
I have these 2 for sale (as new):Piss Spiele (666)Piss Und Sperma Chaos (Sex Box) 10 each or 17.50 for the both. No postage.
HDviwerReplies: 0
Views: 358
Jan 28 2008 2:58PM
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Hi,Anyone with good copies of Hot Rackets, Bad Girls, Insatiable, 800 Fantasy Lane, 1001 Erotic Nights (Pt 1) and Dream Girls please get in touch. I live in Australia.Grenville
grenville44Replies: 8
Views: 2385
Jan 26 2008 9:28AM
Connor Saw
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DVD sale. £5 each.
All DVDs now 5 unless stated otherwiseAll DVDs sent without cases, covers included except where stated. Shipping to UK is included in the price. Overseas please add 1 to total order.I accept Paypal,
goldenballs Replies: 10
Views: 1110
Jan 25 2008 1:32PM
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All dvds now available again (back from holiday)
I'm a Goldtrader here on ADTAll dvds are US originals with covers in good condition.I accept paypal, nochex and UK cheque/Postal Orders. Paypal/Nochex is free for 2 dvds or more. Otherwise there is a...
sir wankalotReplies: 29
Views: 3861
Jan 22 2008 1:41PM
Mal content
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Wanted Max Faktor Collection
Hi,Do any of you have Max Faktor DVDs original or trade back up, I will pay what you like for them (Within reason) :)
lucky slevinReplies: 4
Views: 535
Jan 21 2008 6:15PM
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Wanted: Amy Reid,Bree Olson,Julia Bond dvds
Hi everyone. Looking for dvds with the following girls: Amy Reid, Julia Bond, and Bree Olson.Also Deep throat this and bakers dozen series. Dvds need to be mint with covers. If anyone can help,
dragon_xxx Replies: 0
Views: 481
Jan 20 2008 11:05AM
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Wanted: Wasteland
This is a 2001 film listed on IAFD as directed by Tanya Hyde and distributed by Jaded Pictures.The link is here: / eland/year=2001/Wasteland.htmCannot find it
FellsmithReplies: 1
Views: 637
Jan 19 2008 3:29PM
Joey Starr
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All sold - please close
All Sold please close
lucky slevinReplies: 21
Views: 1211
Jan 19 2008 2:59PM
lucky slevin
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All sold!
Edited by - Len Nicodemo on Jan 11 2008
Len NicodemoReplies: 1
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Jan 11 2008 5:33PM
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Total Interactive Control Of Sasha Grey to sell
I just received the Total Interactive Control Of Sasha Grey in 2 copies, so if anyone is interested I got a brand new one to sell :)Check the cover
DOAPLReplies: 3
Views: 878
Jan 9 2008 9:13PM
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all gone
all gone thanks everyone
boywundaReplies: 3
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Jan 8 2008 1:17PM
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Look at ALL the movies I have to trade
Gawd, i wish I saw this soonersorry fella but NO copies are allowed to buy or trade on these smartbuydisc.ruspost deleted
tatboyReplies: 4
Views: 588
Jan 5 2008 6:51PM
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Wanted - Any Gag Factors
Hello everyone,I am looking for a good price on any of the Gag Factor movies, can pay by PAYPAL, I live in the UK.So could you quote on P&P too please.---EDIT BY SHIWARRIOR---Can u add this to
lucky slevinReplies: 0
Views: 446
Jan 5 2008 6:48PM
lucky slevin
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All sold!
All sold!
Len NicodemoReplies: 0
Views: 404
Jan 4 2008 7:19PM
Len Nicodemo
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DVDs 4 sale - now 4 EURO each*!!! & small UPDATE
I have some titles in my collection and now I decided to sell them out. All of them are of course original, all have booklets, mainly from famous studios (RLD, PXP, Evil Angel and more). As I said
mikey72Replies: 49
Views: 4004
Jan 3 2008 1:16PM
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RLD and PX Sale , 6 Euros each
All original USA DVDs with artworks.Payment via Paypal, shipping costs depends on the destitation.RLD Ass AttackFull anal access 2Just Over Eighteen 12mind fuckSwallow my Pride 1Tear Me a New One
ikarusReplies: 2
Views: 730
Jan 1 2008 1:34PM
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Wanted Pick Up Lines #2 DVD
Hi, First time posting on the :)Not sure if this is allowed as I haven't seen any other wanted ads ... fingers crossed.I am after a copy of Pick Up Lines #2, I have a bit of a thing for Demi
bigTesterReplies: 3
Views: 812
Jan 1 2008 9:38AM
Topic Locked
New offer: everything must go!! 25 DVDs for 150€
New offer : You choose 25 titles and you pay 150 . So it makes only 6 euros per title.For this offer, no additional Paypal and shipping with insurance fees.You can choose any title you want in the
MefffistoReplies: 16
Views: 707
Dec 31 2007 6:38AM
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DVD sale
Hey GuysI'm selling some of my DVDs. Every title is complete with box, cover and they're like new! For shipping and Paypal fees, please add 1 euro per title. I'll ship everywhere inside Europe. I
mikehReplies: 0
Views: 464
Dec 29 2007 9:03AM
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North Pole collector's edition 4 disc #2
Well, I received this one from a friend but I don't know how much I could sell it or maybe exchanged it..The box includes 4 discs inside a metal box signed by peter north and hand limited to 2500
DOAPLReplies: 0
Views: 379
Dec 27 2007 6:34AM
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WANTED: Female Muscle Bodybuiler Porn DVDs
I have a few DVDs to swap but I have no bodybuiler titles, I'll send a list to anyone who has any of this genre to swap as I don't think there will be many people with any.Melissa Dettweiller makes a...
PALGaryReplies: 0
Views: 1635
Dec 27 2007 4:21AM
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WANTED: Ass Obsessed 1,2,4 & Anal POV 1,2,3
Hey GuysIm looking for Ass Obsessed 1,2,4 and Anal POV 1,2,3. So if you're interested in selling them: care,mikeh
mikehReplies: 0
Views: 376
Dec 26 2007 9:42AM
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Stocking fillers
<link> All DVDs are originals and all are US imports unless otherwise specified. All DVDs are shipped without boxes, with box artwork and all are in excellent condition. All prices include
GofReplies: 0
Views: 568
Dec 21 2007 11:57AM
Topic Locked
Please close
SidReplies: 0
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Dec 16 2007 5:40PM
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Wanted: John Thompson's Blond und vollgespritzt
Hi,I'm interested in buying John Thompson's [ invalid url ] on DVD.Both the cover and the disc have to be in mint condition.Please contact me at if you're interested....
Len NicodemoReplies: 2
Views: 732
Dec 9 2007 5:28PM
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few dvds new prices buy or trade
All discs are ORIGINAL and come with artworkSupreme Hardcore 1 5.00 Viv ThomasSupreme Hardcore 2 5.00 Viv ThomasSupreme Hardcore 3 5.00 Viv Thomas Blowjob Fantasies #17 Toxic 4.00Secret Suburban Sex
stevewassyReplies: 1
Views: 649
Dec 9 2007 3:30PM
lucky slevin
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Last 4 to go
I have the following original dvds to sell or trade within the U.K. Cover included except where stated. Payment by cheque if possible please, and includes postage: * Now 3 each or any 2 for 5Make me
tit worshiperReplies: 4
Views: 808
Dec 8 2007 2:35PM
slippery sam
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Eurobabeindex collection for sale.
Except a few things (Pierre, Private, selected EA)Hundreds of dvds, many of them brand new, R0, NTSC (most of them)4 pounds each, paypal only.Discounts and free shipping for multiple purchases.I'll
Sbando BoyReplies: 19
Views: 1527
Dec 3 2007 1:38PM
Drew Black
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DVDs I really want to get rid of.
There are number of DVDs I have but no longer want and I will consider any offer maybe a a bargin for the lot of them. the ones not in there case are.Gangbang 5 White Trash Whore 37the ones in case
pornfan22Replies: 3
Views: 564
Nov 30 2007 8:06AM
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UK Sale
Got these original US DVD's for sale. 4.50 each, free postage to UK, add 1 postage per disc overseas postage, all sensible offers considered, discount if you buy more than 1, paypal only, email
GeordieReplies: 8
Views: 1078
Nov 25 2007 7:26PM
Topic Locked
All sold!
Thanks for buying!
Len NicodemoReplies: 4
Views: 711
Nov 23 2007 5:57PM
Len Nicodemo
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Anyone got any "Gina DePalma" films?
I am after films that feature Gina DePalma, Does anybody have anything they wish to sell?You can contact me by the email moderator button or post here and i'll send you an email.Regards
ShiWarriorReplies: 2
Views: 511
Nov 19 2007 4:47PM
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