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2 dvd's to trade in Australia
Nymph with Chasey Laine Real Female Masterbation #11 with Nikki Anderson,Tanya Danielle etcAny offers? dont mind trading these for non XXX Titles
GattManReplies: 1
Views: 493
Feb 16 2002 7:21PM
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Dvd's for trade in UK
Hi,I have various mint condition dvd's for trade. I'm open to offers of both adult and mainstream dvd's for these. If you are interested in any please leave a message and I'll contact you back.BTW -
nruddockReplies: 1
Views: 620
Feb 16 2002 8:55AM
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UK XXX DVDs For Sale
post deleted.please, no commercial sales here.-Steph
Steve32Replies: 0
Views: 529
Feb 14 2002 10:05AM
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Lukes Freak Show
I know It's not strictly porn but I've a copy ofLukes Freak Show vol. 4 Spring break - the Return for sale at 7 inc. postage if anyones interested. It's in excellent condition and is about 1hr 30mins...
DWoodsReplies: 0
Views: 670
Feb 6 2002 10:24AM
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I have some Private/Anabolic to clear
Hello,I am based in the UK and have a few brand new DVDs to clear from the studios of Private and Anabolic/Diabolic. They are all brand new but a few of the Anabolic/Diabolic are not factory sealed
EuroDVDReplies: 4
Views: 772
Feb 5 2002 9:06AM
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Hi All,Following titles for sale. 10 UKP each inc. P&PAmerican BukkakeJacked in the Box: Climax Shots 4Monster black Dicks, Little White Chicks 7contact
PopeyReplies: 3
Views: 737
Feb 5 2002 7:26AM
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DVD's Sale or Trade, U.K.
DVD's for sale 10.00 each inc. postage -Private:MilleniumLewd Conduct 10will consider trade for evil angel dvd's...any suggestions welcomed.contact me at-
DWoodsReplies: 0
Views: 566
Jan 30 2002 2:19PM
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Dutch and German DVDs for sale
Who is interessted in german and dutch hardcore on DVD? Multiple titles in offer. 20$ per unit. Brandnew stuff. E-Mail me ya!
RagnarReplies: 0
Views: 693
Jan 20 2002 2:23PM
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£13 DVD's for Sale
Service Animals 2Rocco Ravishes Prague 4 (monic sweetheart)Anabolic World Sex Tour 16 All dvds are perfect condition, boxed, original covers.Price includes postage. If interested/queries please email...
snowden pornReplies: 0
Views: 503
Jan 20 2002 11:39AM
snowden porn...
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Assman 11 10.00Angry Anal 10 8.00 Buttmans Ultimate Workout 12.00Chunky Chicks 13 12.00Euro Scavenger - 8.00 Fresh Meat 1 12.00 Latin Fever 9 - Free item My Baby Got Back 4 10.00My Baby Got
RitchReplies: 1
Views: 541
Jan 15 2002 9:05PM
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DVD For Sale in UK
None of these have the covers, (some bastard nicked them). I can supply them with boxes if required. All of these are for 10 pounds each unless otherwise stated.Wet Teenies - 4 hour compilation. New
paragliderReplies: 2
Views: 867
Jan 15 2002 6:02PM
The Wanderer
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DVD's for Sale or Trade, U.K.
The following dvds are for sale 15.00 each:Island FeverPrivate: MilleniumLewd Conduct 10Or I will exchange them for any of the following:Rocco: Animal trainer 5Cream of the Crop (Diabolic)Lexington...
DWoodsReplies: 2
Views: 626
Jan 10 2002 6:35PM
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I have Hardline Digital DVDs for sale
Hello,I am based in the UK and have some brand new DVDs from Hardline Digital up for sale. I will accept uk pounds 15.00 each or 30.00 for 3!! If you need to view covers let me know. If interested
EuroDVDReplies: 0
Views: 896
Jan 9 2002 11:19AM
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List of DVDs I am clearing CHEAP!
Hello,The following DVDs are all brand new (although not all of them are still factory sealed). They are from US & Europe so some are NTSC and some are PAL - but all are XXX and no region coding....
EuroDVDReplies: 0
Views: 885
Jan 6 2002 12:10PM
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For Trade:Blow (Infinifilm DVD US version) + Private: Holiday In & Out (VHS)will trade both for either: Private life of Monique Covet (DVD) Private Life of Cassandra Wilde
Khawaja30Replies: 0
Views: 622
Jan 3 2002 8:14AM
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LIST UPDATEThis is my updated list, some prices have been lowered and new titles have been added. I am looking to get rid of all of them so I might offer deals on multiple purchases.Contact: -
RitchReplies: 5
Views: 826
Jan 3 2002 6:34AM
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For sale
Hello,I have a few DVDs for sale - cheap prices to clear. All are brand new (but not shrink-wrapped in some cases):Prices are in UK pounds:Assman 14 (Anabolic) 15.00Pure Anal (Private) 15.00Scharfe
EuroDVDReplies: 0
Views: 622
Jan 1 2002 5:11PM
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ADT International Good trader List
This thread is closed. Please check: <link> This is the first installment of The ADT International Good Trader List... Presently empty:If you have traded with anyone here on the International
paragliderReplies: 14
Views: 1502
Dec 31 2001 5:20AM
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I have the following DVDs FT or maybe FS: T2 UE, R1 in lovely shiney aluminium slip cases - 2 copies both sealed. Down the Hatch 2 XXX - 1 copy, sealed. Freshmans Fantasies 3 XXX - 1 copy,
IAmATeafReplies: 1
Views: 655
Dec 14 2001 5:44PM
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Private XXX FS/FT
Private Latex Sex Private Sampler 2 Private Sampler 3Moonlighting Pilot (Anchor Bay, Sealed)All above for sale or trade.All offers considered.Post offers here and email me if interested.I'm a Green
SidReplies: 0
Views: 542
Dec 11 2001 2:38PM
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Hello Fellow International Shoppers
Hey Voyeur,I know you always looking for overseas stuff. I have a couple stuff I have to trade with you, and I just live across the state from you..Devient
DevientReplies: 1
Views: 614
Dec 11 2001 3:13AM
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Looking for Various DVDs / VHS
Greetings fellow International DVD traders!Desperately trying to find the following:Lusty Busty Dolls 1Super Freaks DPNice Rack (any)Will pay any reasonable asking price or I have a number of
pb3Replies: 0
Views: 514
Dec 10 2001 2:12PM
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Looking for Ben Dover/Private and similar, I have the following, may do 2 for 1 on some titles: Ben Dover Banned in BritainBen Dover Porno GroupiesPrivate Sampler 3 (no cover)Porno StarButt Slammers
majellaReplies: 0
Views: 664
Nov 29 2001 7:44PM
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French Guy, need your help!
In the HOT VIDEO MAGAZINE I have and a few catalogs that ragtime sent I keep seeing the cover of this video called: L'ECRIN DE JADE by Extase video (I believe an amature video) mentions Un Film De
VoyeurReplies: 1
Views: 565
Nov 27 2001 7:54AM
French guy...
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UK porn sale!!
If anyone is interested in any of the below items - please email me with offers. My email is Animal Trainer2 DVDTrue Anal Stories 14 DVDRocco, Kelly & Silvia Saint
snowden pornReplies: 11
Views: 920
Nov 26 2001 8:45AM
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TONS of quality porn DVDs to trade or sell (UK)
--UK ONLY--I am looking to get rid of most of my adult DVDs, I would prefer to sell them but would be willing to trade for anything decent. The list below contains some pretty recently released
RitchReplies: 3
Views: 963
Nov 25 2001 9:06PM
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DVD Trades for the Brits! Most sold :)
- ( Private:Pyramid VHS :D)- Jenna's Dream Quest - don't want to lose it, but I have wants (below!!!)I'm after (& might pay cash for):Up & Cummers 64North Pole's (especially 11)- good
tpr007Replies: 1
Views: 654
Nov 25 2001 7:44PM
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Please add Ritch to the Good Traders List
Guess I'm the first to get the ball rolling I've just concluded the first of 2 ongoing trades and I'm happy to say that the trade with Ritch has concluded successfully.The items were well packaged,
pb3Replies: 2
Views: 493
Nov 24 2001 3:07AM
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DVD/VIDEO Trader in France, Italy, Netherlands
I am looking to trade dvds/videos with someone in any of these countries. I have 3 vcds (plays like dvd on a sampo dve 611) and about 500 videos I can transfer to any format, pal, secam, ntsc and
VoyeurReplies: 0
Views: 532
Nov 24 2001 12:08AM
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Looking for Devil in Miss Dare / Boobtown brats
Hi all,As per title looking for the following moviesDevil in Miss Dare (80s porn flick available only on VHS)andBoobtown Brats (DVD)Any one have any leads on these titles? If so please email me at
pb3Replies: 0
Views: 518
Nov 22 2001 12:09PM
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FT/FS (UK only)
For trade or sale(UK only). Okay...listen up...I will swap all (yes ALL!..thats 6 Hardcore titles) of the following (below) for one of these that I want.----------------------------FOR SALE or TRADE
FlintyReplies: 0
Views: 549
Nov 21 2001 2:28PM
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UK trade?
Hi,Does anybody in the UK fancy trading dvd's with me? I have a few to trade listed below.xxxPrivate: Uranus Experiment 2: (Sylvia Saint)Wicked: Pornogothic: (Serenity)Collectors X: Up N Coming:
nruddockReplies: 2
Views: 731
Nov 16 2001 1:12PM
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Welcome to the new international trading smartbuydisc.ru. Many thanks to paraglider for volunteering to moderate.Happy Trading!
JanitorReplies: 6
Views: 754
Nov 15 2001 9:35PM
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