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International Shopping Guide
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Hi guys,We've got a great smartbuydisc.ru here and I'd like to thank you all for your contributions. I've been reading back through older topics and I realise we don't have one really good thread with relevant...
rieekan333Replies: 128
Views: 32663
Aug 6 2018 2:28PM
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International Shopping Guide for US buyers
Hi guys,This thread is for American buyers to post information about their preferred foreign stores and advice for shopping transactions with non-American companies.+ + + + + + + + + +REPLY TEMPLATE
rieekan333Replies: 29
Views: 8931
Jul 26 2017 4:53AM
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Australian Porn Law FAQ version .02
Since similar questions seem to come up with some regularity regarding Australia and our porn laws, I've decided to try to condense much of this information into a single post. I might at some stage
scipioReplies: 22
Views: 5732
Feb 27 2008 8:53AM
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Importing into Canada - Issues?
I would like to ship from the US (AdultDVDEmpire or CD Universe) into Canada. Has anyone had anything seized by customs? Has anyone gotten into legal trouble from ordering from these sites?How do
deathiusReplies: 3
Views: 135
May 16 2019 10:39PM
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Canadian Versions? (Ex. Valentine Video)
Hello,I am ordering from a Canadian website company, and I noticed some of their Evil Angel products are distributed by Valentine Video.I heard they make some cuts on their DVDs.However, my only
deathiusReplies: 11
Views: 428
May 15 2019 8:56PM
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DVD vs scene download pricing???
I am comparing DVDs for sale on different sites and they range from $4. to $30.+ dollars per DVD.On the other hand, most adult sites have subscriptions for around $15. to $40. dollars per month and
paulvirtualReplies: 1
Views: 137
Dec 4 2018 3:38PM
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has anyone heard of excaliburfilms.com?
hi,I am looking for some adult dvds and this site stocks the ones I want but I don't see them on the shopping guide list and therefore don't know if they are reputable?
Big750Replies: 3
Views: 776
Dec 2 2018 7:09PM
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German Playboy
Is there a site or other way to purchase German Playboy in the US? Particularly recent/current issues.
jbob79Replies: 0
Views: 205
Nov 14 2018 7:52PM
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Does anyone know if ATV Entertainment DVD playable
Does anyone know if ATV Entertainment DVD playable in the U.S.? Thanks for any info!!
roookie2224Replies: 0
Views: 94
Oct 26 2018 5:51PM
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Buying pornstars used panties
Hi all, I know there's a lot of people that will read this will coil up in horror but for many people like myself there's just something about owning your very own pair of panties a pornstar has worn...
ChronicWanker1Replies: 0
Views: 4587
Jun 16 2018 6:58PM
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Nothing to see. Please move along.
MOD:No tube sites.
kingpietroReplies: 0
Views: 162
Jun 2 2018 4:40PM
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Is DVDErotik reliable?
Anyone have any experience using DVDErotik? I normally order from AdultEmpire but DVDErotik has Batman XXX on Blu-Ray which is damn near impossible to find anywhere else. I'm hesitant to use them
Steven_999Replies: 1
Views: 851
Apr 23 2018 1:55AM
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lots of xxx movies for sale
lots of Dutch, German and French porn vhs pal tapes/ eo_1/m.html?item=162833985586&hash=i tem25e9a97032%3Ag%3AEeIAAOSwXshaTQH8& ;rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562...
brucecampbellReplies: 0
Views: 239
Mar 23 2018 10:54AM
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Canadian Rentals
Anyone know where I can rent adult dvds if I live in Canada -mail service type ?
stevieday2000Replies: 0
Views: 181
Jan 16 2018 6:26PM
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Hi./ Canada only.Do you know like Stackry service in Canada?
kasumiReplies: 5
Views: 382
Dec 6 2017 7:40AM
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Adult DVD Marketplace
Hi.I want to buy 1 blu-ray disc, but seller is not allow international shipping.I'm in Japan.Do you have good idea?
kasumiReplies: 14
Views: 803
Nov 20 2017 6:32AM
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How do I join brasileirinhas.com.br?
Hi,When I click on the link that says "get full access", it just takes me to a page without anything apparently to click on to pay/sign up.Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.JVTopic...
John VeselkaReplies: 6
Views: 589
Oct 13 2017 12:39AM
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Please Help Searching for Bondage DVD
Hi there! I hope you can help. I'm looking to purchase a bondage movie from 2006 called "The Slave Trader". It was produced by Blue Lightning Productions, a company that I think went under....
TiffanyJones38Replies: 0
Views: 252
Jul 25 2017 1:36PM
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Purchase of exclusive porn videos
Hello, we are looking for content providers, who would sell us unique videos with exclusive rights. Different variants may be considered: ready made exclusive videos and shooting of custom videos as
AnnaKReplies: 0
Views: 295
May 12 2017 4:44AM
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Customs duty in the EU
I recently bought some films from ADM to the value of $19. On entry into the UK, the package was held up in customs and I had to pay 15 ($18) to release it. The charge is made up of a handling fee
cormacReplies: 2
Views: 535
May 10 2017 9:37AM
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Erodvd trying to rip people off
Erodvd have been seen to be going downhill over the last few years. At first i thought it was just forgetfulness or poor customer service, but now i realise they are trying to dodge refunds for items...
sir wankalotReplies: 2
Views: 592
Mar 9 2017 4:11PM
sir wankalot
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Requesting help to purchase from Xjuggler.de
HiI would very much like to purchase two DVD titles from the sites Filmundo.de and Xjuggler.de,but since im not a german citizen i cant buy anything from the sites above unfortunately ;(The two DVD:s...
ArtepReplies: 1
Views: 445
Mar 4 2017 4:07AM
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Jeedoo marketplace
Has anyone else used jeedoo.com yet? They are a European marketplace similar to adultdvdmarketplace. They appear to be an English language version of the xjuggler website or at least related in some
Josh78Replies: 25
Views: 3958
Feb 25 2017 5:27PM
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Where to buy kink.com DVDs shipped to the US?
They have hundreds of DVDs, just all released in Europe for whatever reasons. Anyone know a good site that will ship to the US? I see a few online but they seem shady (vidshop for example, which I
neo_reloadedReplies: 7
Views: 981
Jan 8 2017 12:53PM
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AVOID dvduncuts.com. It's run by a guy name Benjamin Giraldi, avoid the $TA$D like the PLAGUE!!!This website rips you off by not sending you any DVDs after sending in your payment. I had to
roookie2224Replies: 1
Views: 554
Nov 10 2016 11:42PM
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Buying from AllDelight.com or Blaze123
Hello everyone,Am new here and am considering buying a few DVD from either Alldelight.com and/or Blaze123.The thing is that I have no idea how these sellers ship their items internationally. I know
bigds9fanReplies: 10
Views: 3450
Jan 25 2016 8:01PM
sir wankalot
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Looking For Vivid Virtual Blowjobs Collection (topic moved)
Hi.I'm looking for the following:Virtual Blowjobs: Lick It Up (2000)Virtual Blowjobs: Blown Away (2001)Virtual Blowjobs: Casting Couch (2001)Virtual Blowjobs: Down the Hatch (2001)Virtual Blowjobs:
SamuraiGunmanReplies: 1
Views: 718
Aug 18 2015 6:15PM
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erodvd.nl Anyone had trouble with their orders?
Hi, Just joined this website. Has anyone had problems in receiving goods (or even a service to replies) from ERODVD.NL? I ordered 13 dvd's last week (just under 200 Euro) and nothing has been
blue briefsReplies: 22
Views: 6089
Jun 18 2015 1:36PM
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fiona Cooper or school uniform dvd wanted (topic moved)
Hi I'm looking for fiona Cooper school uniform dvd or girls in school uniform ideally British.
jrhugh1969Replies: 1
Views: 587
Jun 14 2015 11:42AM
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know of any online shops in EU that post to uk?
Hi,just joined and was looking to buy a couple of dvds and have been trying to find a reputable online site in Europe that will post to the UK and can't find one.The only site I have came across is
Big750Replies: 2
Views: 762
May 4 2015 6:54PM
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as above , need a contact in the US willing to track down the cheapest prices on DVD`s i`m looking for who is willing to ship to me in the uk , don`t expect it done for free either , please get in
hdpornfreak2014Replies: 2
Views: 748
Apr 12 2015 9:15PM
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Adult DVD Market Place Help Please
As i live in the uk, i was wondering if anyone had used (recently) adult dvd market place. If so which sellers did you use, did you get your dvds, where problems dealt with by the sellers fast ect.
jondoe_clsmReplies: 9
Views: 4638
Oct 30 2014 7:38PM
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AdultdvdEmpire to Canada experience?
Hi everyone, long time ADT'er here.I'm wondering how many of you from Canada have used adultdvdempire with success? Have any of you had any discs stopped and seized by customs?I ordered a couple of
M.B.Replies: 1
Views: 1015
Jul 22 2014 3:47PM
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where to buy japan porn dvds?
does anyone have an idea where I can buy this dvd?/ gallery/index.php?dmc26
Swallow-it-downReplies: 2
Views: 18132
Jul 22 2014 3:36PM
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blu ray films which is the best site for uk
Hi,Just joined this site and wanted some advise please. I want to get some Blu Ray adult dvd and which is the best site for delivery to the uk.Thanks Darryl
darryl1963Replies: 3
Views: 966
Jun 30 2014 6:17PM
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Where to get good porn DVD's cheap?
By good, I mean in particular not pirate copies, not illegal copies.But yeah, basically from which sites can I (legally) buy DVD's for decent prices? BTW I live in the UK in case that helps.Topic
Electric_LoganReplies: 10
Views: 8922
Mar 13 2014 7:45AM
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Hi,I leave in France and i search in original the DVD : THE TOWER by Pierre Woodman,If someone sell it, I buy it with paypal payment,I hope that someone will can help me !Sincerely yours,Michael
DJMIKE78Replies: 0
Views: 1546
Feb 7 2014 3:08PM
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just a question
hello guys and girls,Today a friend asked me something i could not give him an answer for. Is it common practice to let a new customer buy downloadable content and then at his 2nd time have him
cubesnakeReplies: 1
Views: 725
Jan 21 2014 4:34PM
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wanted blu rays
wanted adult blu rays dont like ordering outside uk in case the parcel get damaged pm if you have any
bluraymadReplies: 0
Views: 754
Nov 25 2013 1:32PM
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l am looking for dvd,s of a jap publisher Dandy
I am looking for dvds of japanisch publisher Dandy especialy thee interacial porn is very Nice.I have seen soms gids of thee worm and i think its awsome especially there White stewardess asian guy
Jurgen975Replies: 8
Views: 5275
Sep 11 2013 8:44PM
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Looking for used European DVD's
Any online store that has a large selection of used DVD's from the major european studios?
jim2Replies: 2
Views: 1072
Jul 26 2013 7:44AM
Topic Locked
Searching for a specific Vivid studio DVD
MOD:Don't make the same post in multiple smartbuydisc.rus.
strawshadowReplies: 0
Views: 696
Jun 19 2013 2:50PM
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Summer Sale at Your Choice
Even if the weather isn't really cooperating, the calendar says that Summer begins this weekend.That means it's time for a seasonal sale here at Your Choice!We've managed to negotiate special prices
JaccoReplies: 0
Views: 741
Jun 19 2013 8:41AM
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used john thompson cd;sany
anyone can tell me where to buy used john thompson cd's cheap ?
bobby101861Replies: 2
Views: 968
Jun 10 2013 11:10PM
Thread Moved
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Looking for Mercedes (Eva Black) DVD's
Cupid StuntReplies: 0
Views: 1137
May 23 2013 10:43AM
Cupid Stunt
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Wanted GGG Title
Die Sperma Testerinnen. Really into the Asian chick in this.I am in the US.
2fermeReplies: 4
Views: 1251
May 23 2013 1:13AM
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Hi all,I was just wondering if anyone knows if the German adult dvd marketplace xjuggler.de ships internationally ?They have got some great dvds thereThanks if anyone can help me with this
jh30Replies: 2
Views: 1353
Apr 26 2013 10:39AM
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German website: Translation help needed
I would be very happy if someone could help me to translate the terms of use for a specific german website,how can i as a non german user buy this sites VOD streams,what do i need to do to make it
ArtepReplies: 8
Views: 1104
Apr 13 2013 12:56PM
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US DVDs that are Banned in Australia
Hi Trendsetters.Following several almost seizures by Customs I thought that a thread on some high profile US porn dvds from major studios that have been refused classification, ie. banned, in
Cuddly WombatReplies: 0
Views: 1230
Apr 7 2013 6:40AM
Cuddly Wombat
Topic Locked
Porn DVD to Russia
MOD:Copying DVDs is illegal, please don't ask for illegal activities in these smartbuydisc.rus.
porndiskissReplies: 0
Views: 878
Apr 6 2013 11:17AM
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