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Posted - Mar 11 2003 : 6:04PM
Hi guys,

We've got a great smartbuydisc.ru here and I'd like to thank you all for your contributions. I've been reading back through older topics and I realise we don't have one really good thread with relevant store information for international shoppers. It'd be a great resource to have when someone new to the smartbuydisc.ru wants to know about the best stores for their country.

Before we get to the template, here's a few quick and useful links for international shoppers:
• The . You are here
• The for worldwide person-to-person trading.
• The for information and links to online stores.
• Saki's and astroknight's Porn Studios and lists.

+ + + + + + + + + +


MY COUNTRY: City optional.
FAVOURITE STORE: Name of your favourite store. Please include the store's URL if it hasn't already been listed.
LAST ORDER: The month & year of your last order with this store.
AVG SHIPPING TIME: The average time for deliveries to arrive from this store.
COMMENTS: Feel free to include comments of any length regarding the store's customer service, selection, prices, shipping costs, good/bad experiences, etc. You don't have to include comments if you don't want to.
CONTACT (optional): You can list your email address if you're happy to field questions about the store. And you can also list the email address of a preferred customer service representative at this store.

If you have a second, third or fourth favourite store, feel free to include those as well (and in what situation/s they might be preferable to your first listed store).

+ + + + + + + + + +

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email me (just click the Email Moderator link at the top or bottom of this page).

Thanks guys, I look forward to your responses

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***A note from scipio***

There are a lot of stores listed in this thread, many of which have no affiliation whatsoever with AdultDVDTalk. Please bear in mind that while neither we moderators nor Steph and Drew (who actually run this site) are going to indulge in censorship or removal of non-ADT-sponsoring stores mentioned in this thread (unless there's obvious abuse of course), this also means that none of us can take responsibility of company X takes your money from na order and runs off to the Honduras with it. The companies who are affiliated with ADT are checked out to be trustworthy, so you should be able to order with some confidence, but this doesn't mean that a company that none of us have ever heard of before isn't also trustworthy. Just remember, your mileage may vary, and this is a public smartbuydisc.ru with this thread being a public discussion, albeit a moderated one.




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Posted - Mar 11 2003 : 6:43PM
MY COUNTRY: United Kingdom
1) (no contest)
2) (good prices & service, but inflexibility on customs declaration is a big minus)
3) (great prices, personal service {eventually!})
4)(excellent service and brilliantly discreet shipping but too expensive for regular use)
5) (recommended for French porn, slightly expensive but good service and fast)

LAST ORDER: Feb 2003

AVG SHIPPING TIME: Laser's Edge - 8 days to 2 weeks (via their Adult Shipping Special)

COMMENTS: On balance I feel Laser's Edge have the best blend of the qualities I am looking for, great service and excellent personal attention via email being paramount, shipping rates and good prices are also important. Stock levels and availability could be better, but overall they've done a great job for me.

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Posted - Mar 12 2003 : 1:14PM
Here are my favorite sites, I'm buying DVD's from Holland.

1. : I love this site because of the $1.99 shipping and because their prices are very good compared to other sites. You can't go wrong with Laseredge. They also have a great customer service department. Their search engine could improve though and they should update their site faster like putting up newer titles sooner than they do. I also wish they would put the real time stock-status when searching for titles.

2. : Very good prices and they often have great coupons which you can use. Shipping is also not very expensive and they deliver pretty fast and the package is very professional. Their search engine works pretty good and they also mention the real time stock-status which is great but I just don't like it that they won't allow you to see the full size boxcover. Other than that they're great.

3. : Free shipping and they have a lot of DVD's at very cheap prices. The only problem would be the fact that they are pretty fast out of stock and they don't work with back-orders or inform you if they have it back in stock. I hope they can change this in the future. I also would like to see bigger boxcovers to preview.

4. : Very good prices and shipping is also not very expensive. Very fast shipping. Their site is very easy to search in and you can see the full size boxcovers which is very important to me. They also mention real time stock-status, again very important to me because I hate to wait for movies which are not in-stock.

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Posted - Mar 12 2003 : 1:35PM
Excellent idea - I was thinking of suggesting this myself, in a similar vein to the studios sticky thread.

MY COUNTRY: United Kingdom (Brighton)

LAST ORDER: January 2003

AVG SHIPPING TIME: 7-14 days, from order to arrival.

COMMENTS: Best features of this site are, 1. the $1.99 shipping rate, regardless of order size, which is amazing. And 2. the fact that they mark the customs sticker with a low rate, which is important for UK (and possibly other) shoppers. Then 3. their restocking speed if something is back-ordered is quick. Only downside I can think of is that their title range is sometimes limited - some Evil Angel titles are not stocked.

I would also generally agree with Gabriel Nine's list. Some shorter comments on other stores i've used over the years:

from Switzerland, are good and fast, with a nice range of euro and US titles. Only downside is they aren't that cheap.

based in the Netherlands, are very cheap with free shipping, with plenty of obscure euro titles, not so many US titles. But their website is clunky in my opinion, no order tracking at present. And they can be erratic with stocks and no backordering. I still have a soft spot for this place!

[link inactive:Server error]StatesideDVDUK has a fairly good range, but isn't cheap. Main benefit is that they dispatch from within the UK which is important to some people.

based in the US, have a good range and I've used them to get titles that Laser's Edge didn't have. Fairly quick and cheap, delivery is about $10 per order though. Downside is that they mark the full value on the customs sticker, so I got charged for import taxes.

based in the Netherlands I believe. Very fast order turnaround, and reasonable delivery charge (about 4 euros). Some titles have cheap prices (others not) but an impressive range of titles.
They ship with boxes, for some reason.


The Ether
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Posted - Mar 12 2003 : 3:05PM
FAVOURITE STORE: [link inactive:Server error]Statesidedvduk
LAST ORDER: March 2003
AVG SHIPPING TIME: Last order placed on Friday, arrived Monday.
COMMENTS: Although more expensive than American stores and with only a limited range, Stateside have several positives. Firstly, they offer European studios like GGG, MMV and Videorama - material not available in the US. In addition, they mail from inside the UK (again useful when pursuing fetish material like watersports and fisting which *might* still invoke the wrath of British customs). Postage is free and sent via Recorded Delivery. Orders over £100 are sent Special Delivery and if you order any four titles you get a freebie (their choice). Packages are well-wrapped and the DVDs themselves are vacuum sealed inside a non-see-through envelope in case the outer package is opened. Customer service queries are friendly and dealt with super quick. If you have any qualms about ordering from overseas (for whatever reason) and don't mind spending a couple of quid extra, give this crowd a try.

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Posted - Mar 12 2003 : 3:43PM
COMMENTS: They have a lot of great bargins, wide range of titles, fast descreet service. Shipping, totally free, no customs probems at all.

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Posted - Mar 13 2003 : 7:40AM

LAST ORDER: March 2003

Pros: Cheap prices compared to other European retailers. Free shipping and commendably a lot of effort put into packaging discreetly. Now offers secure payment using Paypal. Fast response to emails (In my experience). They also run a bricks and mortar store so not titles are listed online. Mail them if you are looking for anything specific.
Cons: Stocks can run out without notification.

1st FAVOURITE STORE (US): [link inactive:Server error]AdultDVDToday
LAST ORDER: August 2003

Pros: Fast cheap shipping costs. Excellent customer service.
Cons: None

LAST ORDER: August 2002
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 7 - 10 days

Pros: Cheap shipping costs, which make it economical for small orders.
Cons: Can be slow in getting new releases. Cheapest postage option can take a long time to arrive.

LAST ORDER: 2002 sometime

Pros: Easy way for non-Japanese speaking shoppers to buy JAV, the site is run by a US ex-pat. Plenty of DVD’s here for the cum fetish fans. Shipping is reasonably cheap for a Japan based retailer. Good friendly customer service.
Cons: DVD’s have a huge mark-up on their list price i.e. 90 to 100%. The list prices are printed in Yen on the box covers.

[link inactive:404 - Page not found] English site
LAST ORDER: 2002 sometime

Pros: Vast selection of JAV DVD’s. Prices are closer to their list prices plus a few extra dollars. They now have an English section on their site. Customer service is friendly and they speak English.
Cons: Shipping is expensive, the only option is EMS but it is very fast and more economical for larger orders. They ship the disc only and charge extra for shipping the artwork separately. Ordering is via fax/email.

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Posted - Mar 13 2003 : 2:31PM
MY COUNTRY: United Kingdom
LAST ORDER: February 2003
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 8 to 12 days
COMMENTS: Ordered 20+ times from Lasersedge and always received package. No customs hassles. No wrong orders. No discrepancies. Cheap prices. $1.99 international shipping. Good customer service - not that i've ever had to complain! Good at replying to your email queries. I only order 1-2 dvds per package. When I did order 5 dvds in one go I chose the DHL special shipping which arrived safely in about 3 days.

I have so much trust in Lasersedge after shopping with them for 20+ orders. I don't even bother looking at other retail sites - I go straight to Lasersedge.

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Pontefract, West Yorks. UK
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Posted - Mar 13 2003 : 10:15PM
Country: UK

Fave Stores:
1) FREE shipping, ship titles separately, none too expensive.
3) Expensive but have caught them having sales, Very quick to deliver, I usually order late Sunday night & have them Wednesday.

Note. DvdBoxOffice claim all their adult titles are the full directors version etc.. which isn't strictly true, Ben Dover titles being an example of videos censored for the American market.


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Posted - Mar 14 2003 : 5:13PM
continental Europe
Fave Stores:
[link inactive]XONAIR (US Postal Service): fast and cheap, a wide range of items and studios and a almost secure shipping method
(WorldMail): cheap and almost secure, but only a very limited assortment,
(FEDEX): very fast and secure, but expensive shipping method (limited to 8 discs)
: very fast and secure, but only a very limited assortment
: very cheap, almost secure but they are slowly, sometimes you will have to wait up to 3 months for order processing
/ (USPS$1.99): Contrary to all the UK members in this smartbuydisc.ru I had several seizurements and hassles by customs with their shipping method, so I had give up ordering from them.

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Posted - Mar 19 2003 : 12:50AM
Country : Malaysia

Favourite :

Pros : Fedex shipping is cheap. DVD prices, not so bad. Customer service is good. Declaration as ********, which is not taxable in Malaysia.

Cons : None.

Note : Used to be a Lasersedge customer, before they increase their Courier shipping charges. Also a Adultdvdnow customer, drop 'em as their dvd price is expensive. DVDExplorer as well, but customer service is not so good.

Be happy to have tried FivestarDVD and stick to 'em.

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Somewhere in Yellowjacketland
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Posted - Apr 4 2003 : 5:55AM

LAST ORDER: January 2003

Pros : Great prices, free shipping, great service (Aline is always very responsive and helpful). New website is an improvement.

Cons : Some of the titles listed are actually out of stock, and I wish they'd carried a bit more DVDs from Videorama/DVDrama, Magma and DBM.

LAST ORDER: January 2003
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 10 days or so when in stock , otherwise one of my orders (back-ordered) took almost three months but that's the exception...

Pros : Prices are not the lowest, but that's compensated by that great $1.99 shipping special. Good selection of US porn DVDs. Very reliable.

Cons : out of stock items in your order will get to you eventually but it will take a long time... No longer carrying some pissing titles from Mother Productions... Range of titles can be limited for some of the Studios.


I've tried a few other stores over the years but now I stick with erodvd.nl and lasersedge.com with the occasional order to Orgazmik.com (fast, efficient good range, but overly expensive).

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Posted - Apr 6 2003 : 3:32AM
My location: Melbourne, Australia

[link inactive:404 - Page not found]Erodvd
Last ordered a few weeks ago, waiting on an order to arrive so I can place the next one.. (Sept 2004)
Shipping time varies between 10 and 20 days from Europe to Australia, so I can live with that, especially with this international climate. DVDs are sent without cases and in a customs-friendly manner. Aline has in my experience had good customer service and fast email reply.

Last ordered Mid 2004. Shipping time is usually about 3-4 weeks. Their shipping prices are again fantastically low, and I also like the cheap shipping option to tack mainstream titles on for 50c each. The lack of kickback is a bit of a shame.. and honestly if they applied the cheap shipping across the board with their mainstream titles, I'd be buying a lot more from them as I generally can't find enough porn I want to buy from them, (as I get my Privates elsewhere) as opposed to mainstream R1 titles. I tend to order mainstream titles from there and tack on a couple of porn titles that I want in order to get the cheap shipping rate! Several shipping options available. Marc offers great email customer service.

Last ordered in the middle of 2002. Shipping time is usually 10-20 days, but can be longer at times. Prices are usually quite good, shipping is quite reasonable compared to most, but can add up compared to the above 2 retailers. Freebie DVDs offered with orders over various amounts, the freebies range from the expected utter shite to some surprisingly decent stuff. Kickback-friendly, which certainly helps to cut into the postage costs. Several shipping options available. Ethan is quite possibly the king of Adult-DVD customer service, although Ken and all the other staff I have dealt with are very good also.

Last ordered a few months ago (Early 2005), very fast turnaround time with both email replies and order despatch. Shipping time is currently less then a week from order to arrival in Australia. Located in Hawaii which makes them marginally closer to my timezone should I ever need to telephone them. Involved in the Kickback program, which is always a bonus and they also offer coupons based on your order cost which further cut down the cost of shipping. No problems whatsoever at my end and a pleasure to deal with. Combine all this with the good exchange rate of the Aussie dollar vs the Greenback at the moment and you have my main retailer of choice smut at the moment.



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Posted - Apr 6 2003 : 5:05AM
My country:FRANCE

Strange person does not speak about
Prices, choices and speed are their principal assets.And all this towards France.

A exemple:all products are available, I order Sunday, I am prevented Tuesday by email that my order was sent.And finally I receive the parcel Friday morning.
Carriage costs for France: 10$75 (8 DVD)

I ordered 4 times at and I was never disappointed.

If not I await 2 orders at &

The reception is very cordial at .

concerning ,I wait after 3rd ordered Dvd already 2 months ago.However the DVD are supposedly available into 1 or 3 days.And the prices are not low of the market

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Posted - Apr 20 2003 : 9:29AM
Hey scipio, I'm in Sydney. Have you ever had any customs troubles with ordering in adult dvd's? I notice a few Private titles have received RC (refused classification) listings with the Australian censors, including some of Woodman's Castings tapes. I haven't run into them myself, but almost placed an order for Dirty Trixxx 1 and I love it rough before I thought better of it. How do fivestardvd.com label their discs? Do you know what the laws are on having discs confiscated and found to be RC? Can't seem to get a clear answer on this from anyone. I can handle losing the disc, but not a fine on top of it.



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Posted - Apr 20 2003 : 3:12PM
Hello all:
location: Gloucester, UK
Fav Store:
Last order: April 2003
Av shipping time: approx 2 weeks from time of order
COMMENTS: Very reasonably priced, buy 3 get 1 free ongoing special. Extremely discreet, no mention of contents or value. I have had a problem with 1 order which was sorted out efficiently.
Other stores I recommend are:
ADULTDVDNOW gets my top vote.
Best wishes to you all.

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Posted - May 31 2003 : 6:06AM
COUNTRY: Philippines

LAST ORDER: March 2004
COMMENTS: HUGE selection of titles, RELIABLE stock availability status, very LOW prices, FAST shipping & WELL packed discretely, PROFESSIONAL service and card will only be charged once the merchandise is shipped...

This is the BEST and currently my most FAV adult DVD online store. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!

LAST ORDER: March 2003
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 19 days (Deutsche Post)
COMMENTS: DVD price are quite expensive but because of the $1.99 Int'l shipping special... you'll pay almost the same price if you include to calculate the shipping rates in other Adult DVD Retailers. DVD's are ship factory sealed!

LAST ORDER: March 2003
COMMENTS: Free shipping, discreet and 100% guarantee of delivery. Friendly and quick response on customer service. Downside is Euro is more stronger than US dollar so the DVD price might be a little higher.

STORE: PornPlex
LAST ORDER: October 2003
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 28 days (Airmail)
COMMENTS: Although good price! I HATE store's that make money on shipping - handling fee is more than the amount of postage... I'd just tried them anyway.

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United Kingdom
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Posted - Jun 21 2003 : 12:19AM
location : UK

Fave stores :

[link inactive:Server error]statesidedvduk.com

Last order : April 2003

Shipping time : 4 - 10 days (in my experince)

Comments: These stores offers material not usually allowed in the UK , they seem to be Dutch based and all have UK distribution sites.....
Their service is always 100% , with quick shipping , good communication etc etc , highly recommended !

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Posted - Jun 27 2003 : 8:24AM
i live in france, and to buy "marc dorcel" and "hustler movie" my favorite is with no doubt :

If you buy only one movie the price is not fantastic but :

- if you buy 1 movie, you receive a free dvd.. AND if you buy 3 DVD you can choose 4th for free.. And HERE it's cheaper, because you pay 3, and you receive 5 (the free dvd + the dvd i choose for free)

sometimes you have "flash discount" where you buy 2 movie and you can have 3rd for free..

my favorite because galleries are free..

i don't buy other compagny.. sorry

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Posted - Jul 6 2003 : 11:55PM
First of all, I notice a fair number of people from the UK who've put down American sites. Isn't the point of this to find out good stores in the poster's own country? (Or, perhaps, this just suggests that there are no good online stores in the UK...)


  • MY COUNTRY: Canada (Toronto)
  • FAVOURITE STORE: . I should note that jamesuk listed the mainstream Web site in his post - which doesn't provide a link, that I know of, to their adult site.
  • LAST ORDER: July, 2003.
  • AVG SHIPPING TIME: 3-5 days.
  • COMMENTS: I've never had anything but a positive experience from this store. The mainstream side of their business has inflated prices (at least in comparison to other places such as (recently bought by Best Buy from the States) and , so no doubt their adult movies are also a bit inflated - however, I've yet to find a cheaper Canadian site.

    Another Canadian site, that several people have rated favourably, is . However, a price comparison between them has always resulted in Adult DVD Box Office having the lower price. (Especially when factoring in shipping since ADBO has free shipping.) So, I've never ordered from them.

  • CONTACT (optional): Go ahead and email me here at ADT.

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Posted - Aug 8 2003 : 12:36AM
Actually Mythsong, this thread is for posters here to share their favorite stores that fit into the International Shopping criteria - this means non-US residents telling one another which of the many many US-based companies are friendly to non-US shoppers, as well as stores from anywhere else in the world. Well, either that or everyone who's posted in this thread got it wrong except for you!

US shoppers also find this a useful thread (and smartbuydisc.ru) so that they can identify the most useful non-US based companies, as US shoppers occasionally purchase Euro and Asian DVDs.

As for DVD Box Office, I had a horrible experience with them a few years ago over a mainstream DVD fuckup which they admitted was their own fault yet stonewalled me. In the end I had to threaten them with getting my Bank to chargeback the Visa transaction. I've also not been able to get off their mailing list for 2 1/2 years, despite many emails and using their "form" on the page to try to remove it. While your mileage may of course vary, and I'm glad you had good experiences with them, they get my personal strongest reccomendation to avoid. Maybe they offer better CS to fellow Canadians who can actually drive over there and clock them.



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Posted - Aug 11 2003 : 12:42AM
Huh. <grin> I just re-read the original post:
It still seems to me as if it's requesting information about online stores in the place where the poster lives. (Since they'll most likely know the most about their own country.) Still, maybe it really doesn't matter where you live so long as information is collected about as many different countries as possible...

(As an aside, I wasn't the only person to post about an online store in my own country. <grin>)

I wouldn't be suprised if every retailer's had at least one customer with a bad experience. (This sort of reminds me of the movie Rain Man - and the only airline not to have had any plane crashes in its history.)

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Posted - Aug 13 2003 : 2:54PM
well the thing is, the best store for shoppers in your country isn't neccecarily a shop in your OWN country. I know this is true for at least Australia and the UK.
Oh that's not a problem at all, just that this thread is pretty much for anyone who wants to order from outside the US or across any borders. This smartbuydisc.ru is mostly populated by people from outside the US, and Americans who want to order from outside the US, so you can see why it's developed as it has. Other litle things like "which companies ship securely to <countryXYZ>" are important for this smartbuydisc.ru, you see.
Agreed, though I've had bad experiences in the past with Fivestar and Empire. Fivestar was more then accomodating to fix it up, and Empire did so grudgingly. Since Empire did fix the problem without too much hassle, and have an otherwise excellent truckload of feedback from other ADTer's, I didn't mention those bad experiences, though I personally choose to no longer shop at Empire, though Fivestar's service when I had the issue was excellent, so I have bought many tens of DVDs from them since. DVDBoxoffice on the other hand, was the worst CS I've ever had to deal with in my life, and have an otherwise very checkered history with people with regard to CS. So it's worth the YMMV tag for them IMO.



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Posted - Aug 15 2003 : 5:04PM
After looking at a lot of adult dvd sites i noticed that
every shop in europe is way to expensive compared to the
us prices. ( especially the uk prices )

Some say ero dvd: don't find them cheap and not a lot of movies .

location: belgium

I order allways in the us:


the first time i did an order here the package didn't arrive, took the cheapest method and after several weeks still nothing.
They promised to resend it again if this time i paid for the fast way (ups), which they did and the package arrived 2 days later with no extra costs but the shipping costs.

After that no more problems, they also have a great customer service.

Packages arrives after 2 - 3 days ( ups )

[link inactive]Xonair

they are cheaper than adult dvd empire but they only sent the discs and the sleeves. for the boxes you need to pay extra.

Never had problems with them

Packages arrives after 2 - 3 days ( FEDEX )

i just hope that in the future there will be a good
renting site for europe or belgium like the many good ones in the us ( xrentdvd,... ), but that's off topic

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Posted - Aug 30 2003 : 6:03AM
Are you sure your looking at the correct site?

The selection and price look xcellent to me?

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Posted - Sep 10 2003 : 4:04AM
Hi fellow M'sian bolih,

try browsing the following sites:

and compare their prices to 5*. should be cheaper than 5*.

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Deactivated User

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Posted - Sep 26 2003 : 7:44AM
I always thought Canada was outside the US? Try not to confuse Canada with the US, or else you might receive some dirty messages back from our US and Canadian cousins!

P.S. I'm English by the way.

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Posted - Oct 7 2003 : 5:22AM
Mojo - thanks for the comments but please stick to the topic - your recommended international shopping sites. Thank you.

Forearm Trainer

mmmmmmm........ after-birth
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Posted - Nov 16 2003 : 5:03PM
MY COUNTRY: United Kingdom


1) They have a frequently updated inventory , so what they say is available actually is . When I've had any questions or problems ( I accidentally entered the wrong expiry date on my credit card info ) with orders then the response has been fast and helpful . But best of all is the shipping method , the disks will come ( with artwork ) in a thin cardboard envelope . This means that not only will they arrive quickly ( 4/5 days ) but I've had no problems with customs .

2) They're fairly new so not every studio is represented yet , however they must buy in bulk because the prices are about the best out there . Only had one order with them so far and it arrived quickly .... But , it was opened by customs . This was due to a poor choice in packaging on their part and also possibly because I requested that the cover art be sent as well . Note - they will not send the artwork unless you ask for it .

3) I Feel safe ordering from these guys , on top of which they have some very decent special offers from time to time . The only point of concern is their courier shipping service . They use FedEx which does arrive quickly and in good shape , but you are liable to get a letter in the post from FedEx asking for £15+ to pay for VAT at customs . They do mark the full value of goods on the outside of the package . My suggestion is to use the cheaper shipping methods .


1) Offer just about the best prices on Salieri and Dorcel DVDs that I've found , and some of their discount titles are quite appealing too - Lex the Impaler 1 & 2 . Shipping was handled well ( in a cardboard box ) , but there is no English language option on the site so you have to have a knowledge of some basic French .

2) Most of the titles are way overpriced , especially the American imports . However they do offer a substantial selection of cheap Euro versions , of Buttman mainly . If you scroll down the Genre bar to DVD A 12Euro90 then a whole bunch of titles will reveal themselves .

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Posted - Nov 25 2003 : 5:41PM
Hi Lee

Thanks for the kind comments, we have been around since 99, we are increasing our studios on a daily basis, we carry currently over 50,000 movies in our warehouse. Also, our store is live database as well, what you see is in stock.



Deep in the heart of man
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Posted - Dec 8 2003 : 7:01AM
Country UK
best sites i've found that accept the awful killjoy that is a solo card
[ invalid url ] a good if expensive site usually have a good selection of stuff from american studios, based in the netherlands but very good customer service on the few occasions i've had to email them they have been prompt and courteous,easy to navigate and well presented if it weren't for the price i'd never leave this site.

[ invalid url ] an american based site that sells all sorts of dvd's but look a little closer and you'll find a hardcore section that is remarkably cheap, not a huge selection of titles but they constantly change stock so if you see something you like pick it up because chances are it won't be there if you check back in a few weeks time.

i know a few uk stores that sell r18 titles but why bother even if u check at the bbfc website to see if its been cut beforehand, all the dvds extras will have gone and even the menu screens will have been reduced to just 'play' or 'scene selection'.


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Posted - Dec 11 2003 : 9:15AM
Country: Philippines


Overall score: 5/5
Pros: Excellent selection of titles, great customer service. Titles added fairly quickly.
Cons: Shipping may be a touch expensive (if you're using DHL, as I do). May take some time to re-stock titles. No ADT kickbacks.
Bottom line: One of the best stores out there. Top-notch customer service and a great selection make this a worthy stop for any buyer.

Overall: 4/5
Pros: Good selection of titles. Shipping costs.
Cons: Shipping costs. No ADT kickbacks.
Bottom line: The flat $35 international shipping rate is both good and bad. If you're using a courier service (like FedEx or DHL), it's not too bad. You have to buy a lot (more than 7) for it to be really worthwile, though. If it has to avoid the post office and you're buying a lot of videos, this is the place to go.

Overall: 2/5
Pros: You can use your ADT kickbacks. Shipping costs.
Cons: DVDs cost an arm, a leg, and an ear.
Bottom line: Their shipping is similar to Adult CD Movies' deal, though they use FedEx. However, their prices tend to be very high. Not recommended.


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Posted - Feb 28 2004 : 10:35PM
Shopping Info for Canadian Buyers

First time Canadian buyers always have this question when buying porn from the States: will customs seize my porn? The answer is no, Canadian Customs never seize the porn I ordered but just want me to pay sales tax (GST/PST).


Store :
Last Order : 2003
Avg Shipping Time : 1 day (DHL Express)
Package Trackable : Yes
Packaging : Place DVDs in padded envelope and puts padded envelope in Box
DVD Cases : Ships in shrink wrapped cases
Real Time Stock Status : No
On-Line Order Tracking : Yes
Pricing : Low prices
Refunds : Returns for full refund on unopened DVDs
Credit Card Charges : Charged only when order ships
EMail Response : Replies within 1 day

Store :
Last Order : 2003
Avg Shipping Time : 1 day (FedEx Express)
Package Trackable : No
Packaging : Place DVDs in padded envelope (No box)
DVD Cases : Ships in shrink wrapped cases
Real Time Stock Status : Yes
On-Line Order Tracking : Yes
Pricing : Low prices
Refunds : Returns for full refund on unopened DVDs
Credit Card Charges : Charged only when order ships
EMail Response : Replies within 1-2 day
Comments : Five Star have Buy $70 take $6 off and Buy $110 take $10 off coupons and Wish List feature

Store : (Canadian)
Last Order : 2003
Avg Shipping Time : 3-5 days (Canada Post)
DVD Cases : Ships DVD Cases
Real Time Stock Status : Yes
On-Line Order Tracking : Yes
Pricing : High prices
Refunds : No refunds, exchanges allowed for damaged DVDs for store opened DVDs prior to shipping, no exchanges for damaged DVD that are shipped sealed to customers
Credit Card Charges : Charged when order is made
Comments : Generally DV-Depot has high prices but they have good bargains for their dirt cheap porn sale

Store : (Canadian)
Last Order : Never ordered before
Pricing : High prices

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Posted - Mar 11 2004 : 4:33PM
To: showstopper & reciprocity

Hello, like the both of you, I am also in the Philippines. Kamusta? Magtatanong lang po: I'm interested in ordering some adult DVD's from those online dealers you mentioned, but am apprehensive about what showstopper said about customs seizures. My question is: has either of you had any of your orders seized? I'm just wary of shelling out the money only to have my order end up in the hands of some customs employee.

Your response(s) and any additional information you feel might be helpful will be greatly appreciated.


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Posted - Mar 11 2004 : 5:43PM
Buko Joe, welcome to the smartbuydisc.ru, and thanks for your message.
While I don't wish to discourage you from posting or indeed to discourage your countrymen from responding to your message, the idea of this particular thread is to provide an on-going shopping guide as a reference for international customers, and I tend to feel discussion that diverts from that goal would be better done in a new thread.

So, if you wish specific shopping tips for a particular country, it might be better to start a specific thread about that topic. In that regard, I've started a new thread, so please post your tips to Buko Joe there...

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Posted - May 2 2004 : 7:09PM
I live in the UK and use global priority letter for shipping
My priorities are dvd price, speed of delivery, customer service and shipping costs.

(1) Adultdvdtoday
Simply very fast delivery (4-6 days even from Hawaii!), cheapest shipping and good service. I also use the coupons on ADT for discounts.
Customer service is good too with a quick response time.

Again fast delivery and reasonable shipping costs. Good customer service. Only second place because shipping costs are higher than adultdvdtoday and no discounts on larger orders (although you can choose free dvds from a given selection).

Although dvd prices are higher than the USA based retailers they are probably the cheapest dvd retailers in Europe. Best of all shipping is free.
As they are based in Holland shipping is quick too. Customer service has been good for me too. Only down side is that being based in Holland means customs pay more attention to their mailings.

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Preston UK
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Posted - May 7 2004 : 10:14AM
I apologize for removing your post. But due to the store you mention promoting themselves on our board in the past I have to question brand new users promoting this store.

Again, I'm sorry. But this is the position I have been put in by so many companies pretending to be consumers and using our board for free advertising.


Edited by - Steph on 5/7/2004 11:01:39 AM


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Posted - Jul 1 2004 : 9:09AM
MY COUNTRY: Australia


- Erodvd.nl

- Adult DVD Today

LAST ORDER: June 2004 ( from both )


- 7 days for Adult DVD today
- 10 days for erodvd.nl


Good and fast response from Adult DVD Today to a problem with my order (one of the DVDs sent was the wrong one - replaced free of charge). Went with them for US titles due to comments I read about speed of delivery and also because they stocked all the titles I was interested in at the time - mainly Anabolic.

I had to sign for part of my order from erodvdnl.com at the post office as it was sent registered mail ( possibly due to the size of the order ). A better search option on the website would be nice !

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Posted - Sep 5 2004 : 5:04AM
A short update :

Since I moved to Australia last year I've still been ordering from Erodvd.nl (ten days delivery to Australia on average) also Orgazmik (a bit longer as they don't have all their DVDs in stock), Lasersedge (10 days) and Fivestar (5 to 10 days).


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Posted - Sep 6 2004 : 9:19PM


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Posted - Sep 9 2004 : 10:17PM
Placed an order with LASERS EDGE , after reading posts here , took 10 days to arrive in IRELAND, but there shipping is quite cheap at $1.99....


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Posted - Sep 28 2004 : 3:31AM
MY COUNTRY: London, England


LAST ORDER: September 2004

AVG SHIPPING TIME: next day - have ordered three times, the last time I ordered was at 4pm on a Friday and it was on my door mat at 8.15am the following morning which is pretty amazing I think

COMMENTS: Good points are the prices - all are £15 and that includes postage (postage is from within the uk). This is very favourable compared to most other UK suppliers and to most of the bigger Euro suppliers (its about $25 US). Titles are well packed in plain white jiffy bag with no identifying labels or marks. There is an accurate stock indicator and the titles must ship from stock to achieve the delivery times, they have live help on their site where the owner Jay (I think this is a one man band) is very helpful and responsive. The selection is good but not amazing if you like brit porn - about 120 titles on the store. Also has been getting great reviews at BGAFD (bgafd.co.uk) so its not just me who has experienced good service.

Bad points would be they only do R18 (as the name says) so some titles are cut versions and the selection is not as good as a lot of other suppliers tho my preference is British stuff so I think they are fine but some may find the range a bit restrictive - one other bad point might be using NoChex for payment processing as it sometimes can be unreliable sometimes (but not unsafe, payment just seems to be down occassionally) tho using them can also be good as it means no embarassing store names on my card bill for the missus to see :oD

CONTACT (optional): only seems to be one guy Jay - he is on live help most times, his email is


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Posted - Oct 12 2004 : 2:40PM
LAST ORDER: October 2004
Order: 2 DVDs
COMMENTS: Usual rapid email confirmation; Global Priority, no cases; no customs or tax problems.

Trial with Eurodvd:
Order: 3 DVDs
Easy payment with cc; rapid email confirmation; discrete package, no cases; standard EU first class post; 5 days to arrive; no customs or tax problems.
Expensive compared to US stores but would use again for items unavailable in US.

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Posted - Oct 17 2004 : 4:16PM


LAST ORDER: October 2004

AVG SHIPPING TIME: A week very pleased

COMMENTS: Email and order confirmation were excellent. I ordered 4 dvds at around $30 US dollars. The only big problem that I had was they substituted a dvd without emailing and asking. Granted I liked the substitute, but still they should have emailed me and asked if it was ok. Shipping is free so thats good. They ship artwork in good shape. Prices for Euro Porn were good and cheaper on a whole then Orgazmik. Only big problem is alot of the dvds listed must not be in stock.

I will be trying Orgazmik in the near future




Germany, Ruhrgebiet
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Posted - Nov 1 2004 : 3:44PM
LAST ORDER: 09/2004
AVG SHIPPING TIME: appr. two weeks
COMMENTS: The biggest problem in Germany are the customs. I've placed more than five orders at adultdvdnow yet and there was no problem at all. The DVDs are shipped without case but very well packed.
Unfortunately they sort out older material very fast, compared to other shops.

Erodvd.nl has been named several times here. I think their website is just horrible. Java and Flash required. No lists available. And the best: no search available (??? at least I have not found it)
However - anyone in Germany has ordered from them?

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Posted - Jan 1 2005 : 2:13PM
My Country: Germany

Favourite store:

French based online store with plenty US-Titles plus a good Website with "Action-Pics".
But: Not cheap!

Shipping cost: 9,15 €

Another Store is , a store based in the Netherlands

More Euro, less US - i love US-IR, so this Store is my second try.

Favourite Marketplace:

Shipping Cost: 6,50 €/Seller

Till 2003 it was illegal to ship Hardcore-Vids or DVD's in Germany, so the customs at the Frankfurt Airport confiscated the parcels from the US-Stores.
You have to order outside Germany but within EU.

: PM is on his way directly to your mailbox.

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Posted - Jan 12 2005 : 8:33AM
seems to be spam. post removed.

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coolest cucumber

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Posted - Feb 12 2005 : 2:48AM
COUNTRY : France
SHIPPING METHOD : Global Express

FIVE STAR DVD : Simply the best imo. Regular prices for new releases and frequent studio specials (hint : bookmark). Stock is usually up to date. Ships one, maximum two days after the order has been placed. Possiblity to chose from 2 Global Express options : with or without boxcase. Approx 7$. The 2nd solution (CD + plied boxcover) costs 1$ less and you gain one day of delivery. Handy if you want the DVD to slip into your door mailbox and don't want to go search it at the post-office if you're absent. Delivery is more or less 1 week either solution, fastest was 4 days (!!!). Never had a single problem with them, so I can't say if they respond promptly to e-mails. Highly recommended. Discreet packaging.

ADULT DVD EXPLORER : Occasional price cuts on Vivid recent releases, so I'm an occasional customer. Shipping more or less one week, delivery approx 2 weeks. Not the fastest but reasonable. Boxcase compulsory, but slips in mailbox if only one DVD. Approx 7 $. Occasional stock problems on specials. Often sends as stock arrives, even if you've specified otherwise.

ADULT VIDEO UNIVERSE : Perfect if you're into bundle shopping, since you can make one single order with their sister sites cduniverse (music) & videouniverse (PG & R). Not the biggest adult selection and rare specials, but incredible selection for their sister sites. Shipping 1 week, delivery 2 to 3 weeks. Patience is necessary. Reliable stock. Discreet packaging.

EXCALIBUR : Very wide selection of 80's unfindable titles. They hold exclusive rights on DVD transfers for some of those titles (CDI, Coast to Coast, Intropics...). The transfer is more than acceptable, don't expect fancy menus, it's just a transfer and serves its purpose. Those particular DVDs come with no boxcover, just the boxcase & CD, you'll have to print front & back cover from their website. Stock is unreliable. Prepare to be patient. One particular boxset took 2 months to ship (after 2 e-mails). Clumsy packaging, don't expect it to slip in your mailbox. Ships as stock arrives. Customer service professional (answers on the same day) but not very friendly. That's also the 1st time I've ordered from a site that requires you to send them an e-mail once you've received their shipping ! It remains to be seen if they've charged me shipping twice, but I have strong suspicions they will. Use only for those rare 80s titles. Doesn't ship VHS internationally. Videouniverse is much better for bundle shopping. Not recommended.

TOYBOXXX : Excellent choice of hard-to-find VHS. The selection is pretty much on par with Excalibur. Very fast service. Available status ships in 24 hrs max, delivery 10 days US -> France. It's my experience that bargain-priced 3$ VHS arrive in plain white boxes, while regular-priced VHS come in original box with boxcover art. Discreet, safe packaging. Responds to e-mail on the same day. Globally, excellent save for the impossibility to create a customer account. You'll have to re-type your details with each order. I've been chain-ordering 80's VHS from them for the last 4 months and haven't had a problem once.

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Posted - Feb 25 2005 : 10:32AM
Country: Australia

Favourite Store: Adult DVD Explorer

Last Order: November 2004

Average Shipping Time: 2 weeks.

Comments: Shipping is always a standard 2 weeks (except for an order placed in early September 2001 when, for obvious reasons, delivery was delayed for a few months). The catalogue could be a bit larger, but it has the most popular titles. Discounts for multiple purchases are generous.

The Cuddler

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Posted - Mar 19 2005 : 10:08AM

LAST ORDER: February 2005
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 10 days including weekends. Global Priority Letter. Discs and covers without cases. Discs individually placed in paper envelopes.
COMMENTS: Mostly good prices. Good service. In stock status indicator.
Backordered titles usually arrive within a week or so. With longer delays, titles already in stock are shipped by themselves without extra charge.
Excellent site with OK covers and a working wishlist.
Another plus is that there is an option to not have your CC info automatically stored and applied to future orders.

Info on other stores:

LAST ORDER: March 2004
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 10 days including weekends. Cases included.
COMMENTS: Usually hideously expensive for US titles, but quite OK for European productions. Occasionally has a whole studio's range of titles on sale.
Usually emails $10 (approx) monthly vouchers to returning customers who subscribe to their infomail.
Good site with a few censored screenshots.
I find it a security issue that they always store your CC info and apply it automatically to future orders.

Previously also shopped at:
LAST ORDER: October 2004
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 20 days including weekends. $1.99 Adult shipping special. Cases included.
COMMENTS: Good prices. Good service. No in stock status.
When shipping without cases, they just chuck all the discs and artwork in a large padded envelope. Severe scratching is unavoidable.
As I prefer to not have the cases shipped to avoid discs coming loose in the box and getting scratched, I no longer use Laser's Edge.
I find it a security issue that they always store your CC info and apply it automatically to future orders.

Recently had to try out this store to get a title Five Star didn't carry:
LAST ORDER: February 2005
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 20 days including weekends. Deutsche Post Airmail (free shipping special). Discs and covers without cases. Discs individually placed in paper envelopes.
COMMENTS: Good prices. In stock status indicator.
Again, I find it a security issue that they always store your CC info and apply it automatically to future orders.

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Posted - Apr 2 2005 : 2:48PM
LAST ORDER: March 2005
AVG SHIPPING TIME: 10 days from Hongkong to Germany

COMMENTS: As mentioned before, we have a very restrictive porn policy in Germany. Therefore I have to order from within the European Union from the shops listed in this thread.
It sends the DVDs safely via Sweden to Germany.
CD-WOW isn't an adult store. The adult section is very small. But you will hardly find the latest Wicked and Vivid Comps cheaper anywhere on the web since delivery is included in the ususal price of about 10 euro. The assortment changes very fast.
Here you can find the latest coupons.

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