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Director: Mason
Starring: Mandingo, Pristine Edge, Sophia Leone, Moka Mora, Ivy Lebelle.
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Buying from England
hi. Greetings to one and all..I'm an ex collector of porn and my problem is this:buying porn in the uk is very expensive and with the current credit crunch I'm looking forward to buying the porn I
Cupid StuntReplies: 2
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Jun 28 2008 8:00AM
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Credit where credits due...order recieved today within a week of posting to the U.K from the U.S...very well packaged,very reasonably priced,had a problem with one disc which was resolved via email
ukbadboyReplies: 12
Views: 1095
May 29 2008 1:56PM
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Shopping for Jav
Can anybody recommend a store for Japanese bukkake + gokkun titles.
UrkoReplies: 3
Views: 2078
May 28 2008 1:11PM
Gabriel Nine
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Spring Sale at Your Choice
We have one more week left on our Spring Sale.With all this rain, you are better of watching porn anyway!144 different titles for 10 Euro each, 7.50 pound for the UK.While stock lasts, sale stops
JaccoReplies: 1
Views: 534
May 28 2008 2:37AM
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anyone got a copy of the 1984 film the last taboo
hi there you guys i am looking to purchase a copy of the film the last taboo from 1984 i have been looking for the film for 12 to 13 years can anyone help me purchase it
mikehigh199Replies: 3
Views: 640
May 22 2008 9:41AM
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Sex toy question
Hey everybody.First off, I hope I've put this on the right It seemed to fit best, but feel free to move if neccessary.I came across this video <link> and a similar one <link> It's
Colt CobraReplies: 0
Views: 537
May 16 2008 2:28AM
Colt Cobra
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Adultdvdempire regress to 'full value' declaration
They make it clear on their website that they do not alter customs declarations, yet i had a good run with them for a while.I asked for 'customs friendly' declarations a long time ago and they kindly...
sir wankalotReplies: 4
Views: 589
May 15 2008 6:39AM
sir wankalot
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Are they relaxing censorship on R18 films?
I just bought an R18 Rob Stone film and was surprised to see that some sex acts had got past the censor.I noted:1. A girl being fucked with a glass beer bottle2. A girl receiving mild slaps to the
sir wankalotReplies: 6
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May 11 2008 7:18PM
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Anyone use
I'm thinking of using them to buy some black mirror DVDs that aren't available anywhere else.
Darth-MorpheousReplies: 5
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May 7 2008 10:36AM
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Hi guys n Galshas anyone from the UK used video search of miami?are they customs friendly?The reason I ask is they stock a film no one else has, that I have been looking for agesmany thanks
Juan KerReplies: 1
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May 6 2008 9:36AM
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Trying out Adultdvdbestdeal (resolved)
There prices are very good on Adultdvdtalk so i thought i'd give them a go.I sent an email 7 hrs ago to ask if 3 titles were in stock. No reply as yet....but i went ahead anyway and got my order in
sir wankalotReplies: 16
Views: 1151
May 3 2008 7:55AM
sir wankalot
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Adultdvdexplorer - reliable?
To those who have experiences with Adultdvdexplorer; would you recommend them? Are they reliable?
vassfaretReplies: 5
Views: 703
May 2 2008 4:53PM
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JAV Question
I was wondering if there are any places that sell JAV for region 1 or All region players. I was about to order some JAV online when I realized that what I was about to order would only play on region...
Lloyd W.Replies: 1
Views: 915
Apr 27 2008 1:53AM
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Where to find 80s Brazilian films
I'm wondering if anyone knows where to buy legal releases of some of the odd adult films that were made in Brazil during the 80s like Un Pistoleiro Chamade Papaco.
FlashReplies: 1
Views: 874
Apr 17 2008 4:56AM
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Is this legal?
I live in New Zealand and a lot of the porn we get is censored or not allowed to be sold (eg/ anything with fisting, squirting, bukkake, a girl outnumbered by more than 5 guys, etc). Am I able to
redheadReplies: 2
Views: 644
Apr 14 2008 9:52PM
Daddy Fat Sacks
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Why customs charge for a parcel valued under £18?
Hi,As far as I am aware you can import DVDs into the UK from outside the EU, and as long as the value is UNDER 18 you are not liable for any charges. <link> As such I was quite suprised when a
lozReplies: 2
Views: 480
Apr 10 2008 2:35PM
sir wankalot
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Orgazmik offers 10 percent reduction in April
Save 10% on all DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray orders placed in April.Over 30.000 titles to choose from. <link>
ORGAZMIKReplies: 0
Views: 471
Apr 4 2008 5:15AM
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Adultdvdexplorer mess up customs declaration
Not having a lot of luck at the moment trying out new retailers.Received a notice from Royal Mail saying that i needed to pay a customs fee for a package before i could collect it. Oh great!The
sir wankalotReplies: 14
Views: 747
Mar 22 2008 12:04PM
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looking for partners
we offer products : Devils Dolls video DVD foto and video content for all type of media we organise foto and video produktionat the moment we're looking for bussines partners for selling serie video
bettyReplies: 0
Views: 642
Mar 17 2008 4:22PM
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How to avoid prosecution in the UK?
Here in the UK anyone who supplies/sells a dvd by mail order that is either classified as sexually explicit (R18) or unclassified (almost any porno bought from a US/Euro retailer) faces prosecution
sir wankalotReplies: 1
Views: 741
Mar 9 2008 4:25PM
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10 Euro Voucher Orgazmik
A little present to all ADT readers. Save 10 Euro on your next (or first) order at <image> E-Voucher code: 558824 <link> Please note:- Valid Thru 13/3/2008- Minimum order
ORGAZMIKReplies: 0
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Mar 5 2008 1:23PM
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A previous thread about this company seems to rate them. What I'm curious to know is why they need to know your date of birth when you register. Thought it might be something to do with age
RolloReplies: 11
Views: 2424
Feb 18 2008 3:03PM
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Looking for a copy of "black girls get nasty (topic moved)
Looking for a copy of Justin Slayers black girls get nasty too .Please contact me if you have a new or used copy you are willing to sell.
sickguyReplies: 1
Views: 469
Feb 14 2008 3:46PM
Gabriel Nine
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UK orders - advice please
Hi - further to reading post from someone in UK who posted in May re customs opening their packages. Has anyone from UK had any experience with this type of thing happening recently? Cheers.
RolloReplies: 25
Views: 1577
Feb 11 2008 4:17PM
Gabriel Nine
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Best UK adult-dvd rental services?
I've thrown MS-Windows out my life as much as possible (thank god), living happily with Ubuntu Linux; except this now means it's trickier to watch VoD if they involve any custom programs / plugins or...
breezerReplies: 1
Views: 1143
Feb 4 2008 6:38PM
Gabriel Nine
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Club Seventeen DVDs to Canada
Anyone living in Canada ever ordered Club Seventeen DVD titles from I wondered why they were not available as Region 1 DVDs here (US and Canada)... Please give me a little help..
dgeoffReplies: 2
Views: 2978
Feb 2 2008 10:41PM
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Is this safe to do?
I wanted to buy 1 DVD from but they send me an e-mail with this:Due to our security purposes, we request the following requirements in the below in order to process the credit
RamseyReplies: 4
Views: 1078
Jan 30 2008 10:00PM
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good online store for shopping from New Zealand?
hi guys, so every now and again I used to order the odd dvd to help while away those chilly winter evenings. I did most of my ordering with Lasersedge, who I found really pretty good -low shipping
blat2Replies: 2
Views: 607
Jan 30 2008 6:52PM
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Any Amsterdam shopping tips?
I'm off over to Amsterdam next week and although i know the city reasonably well,new store's always come and go from visit to visit..for example i found a market a few years back that usually proves
ukbadboyReplies: 5
Views: 725
Jan 30 2008 4:49PM
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Jules Jordan Video Australia
Hi does anyone here know of any stores in Australia that supply Jules Jordan Video DVD's, I havent come accross any. Sick of streaming new releases which only last 30 days.
hanniballs_l...Replies: 3
Views: 757
Jan 24 2008 4:20AM
No New Posts &
This company has started to annoy me by blocking my email address. So I will repost what I have already written in the International Shopping guide thread in case no one reads it as it's right on the...
mutherhubbudReplies: 10
Views: 1680
Jan 13 2008 9:48AM
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Laser's Edge closed today
Unfortunately closed it's doors for the last time today ,one of the best sites out there for a combination of excellent customer service and good value,certainly for some of us british...
ukbadboyReplies: 22
Views: 1281
Jan 13 2008 6:27AM
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Club Carmen Store Down?
HiCan anyone else access the carmen luvana store on her official website? When I click on it I'm just getting an index page. I'm hoping to order from it so any help would be great.Thanks
Arctic_MonkeyReplies: 2
Views: 929
Dec 29 2007 7:55AM
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Anyone in Ireland annoyed at the price of DVDs?
The average price of a DVD in Ireland is 60 euro [almost 75 US dollars]. Why do we have to pay so much from our stores when you see the cheap prices that are available in the US? If anyone from the
PerfidiousReplies: 11
Views: 1065
Dec 28 2007 12:06AM
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Carmen Luvana 2008 Calendar
HiI was wondering if there is a Carmen Luvana 2008 calendar available anywhere on the net?If not does anyone know anywhere other than the adam Girls of Adam ? It contains Carmen in it so it will do
Arctic_MonkeyReplies: 1
Views: 1161
Dec 19 2007 3:11PM
Carmen Luvana
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Just want to give this Swedish site I found by accident a plug It has a great collection of vintage porn, horror, si-fi as well as some modern stuff with reasonable prices and
homerjayReplies: 0
Views: 639
Dec 11 2007 2:10PM
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Has anyone used
I've been looking to buy some of the earlier SG Videos on DVD, and so far is the only who seems to stock what I am looking for.Has anyone used them? There doesn't appear to be much to
wolfie74Replies: 2
Views: 604
Dec 9 2007 12:13AM
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Gag Factor still legal?
I heard from someone that the makers of Gag Factor, JM Productions, were in some legal trouble a while back (facing an indictment?) in the US.Is Gag Factor still legal to purchase in the United
RedWhiteReplies: 7
Views: 2855
Nov 11 2007 5:52PM
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Wanted: red miniskirt
My girlfriend and I like this miniskirt but can we find one like it to buy? Not even on ebay. The skirt carries a label 'Elegance' but adding this into the searches for miniskirts was no help. So
John PypeReplies: 5
Views: 878
Nov 5 2007 5:09PM
Gabriel Nine
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Anyone know what <link> is like for foreign orders? Are they reliable and do they have any nasty habits, like Jaded's thing about not sending the sleeve with the DVD case. (???)
MojoReplies: 10
Views: 940
Nov 2 2007 1:01PM
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Anyone speaks Italian?
Can you guys please chech this site out / =2&cat=&q=anita&genere=& c=cast&top=&Added=4134 ...I wonder if those dvd prices are for real
wally1Replies: 2
Views: 514
Oct 28 2007 2:41PM
Laurie Cameron...
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European sites
Has anyone recent experience with '' or other European suppliers? I want to buy the DVD re-issue of 'Josefine Mutzenbacher #1' with the delectable and insatiable Birgit Zamulo'. It's
John PypeReplies: 3
Views: 785
Oct 23 2007 7:05AM
John Pype
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where can i find karen lancaumes' german, eur dvd
i saw a post listing directories to international sites for Karen Lancaume films..she was my favorite. god the French gals are hot!even the productions are of high quality...look at alpha france and
cjurocksReplies: 0
Views: 699
Oct 16 2007 4:29AM
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Amsterdam Adult Happy Shopper
HiAnyone here have experiences with the above site? I'm looking to buy some DVDs from them but need to know that they are OK to buy from.Here's a link - />
Damn~small~p...Replies: 1
Views: 1866
Sep 25 2007 3:51PM
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Titles wanted (topic moved)
TITLES WANTED:(Buyer lives in Australia)Black Pipe Layers 5Big Booty Revenge 1Take It Black 3, 5Mandingo 5, 10Mami Culo Grande 2Black Girls Get Nasty Too 2Lil' Fly Honeys 1Booty Talk 44Big Black
arcReplies: 1
Views: 510
Sep 19 2007 12:00PM
Gabriel Nine
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bravomodelsReplies: 0
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Sep 7 2007 6:17PM
Thread Moved
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New Store - Flixes
Pages: 1 2
I've just noticed a new store on ADT ~ Flixes.I was doing some comparisons on titles and prices, preperation for my next order if you will, and noticed on a few titles their prices seem especially
scipioReplies: 58
Views: 4745
Sep 7 2007 12:15PM
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can anyone be honest and tell me if Scat films....
are scat films (films or dvd's where girls are eating shit, piss, diarrhea, etc) are they legal to buy? and own in the u.s? can anyone that knows tell me? I obviously do not know, so I thought, I'd
dvd4dvdReplies: 3
Views: 1954
Sep 6 2007 2:23AM
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Where To Get IFG Videos
I recently got a peak/previews at some pretty hot videos produce by IFG but I can't find an outlet for these Euro films, does anybody know a company or a link that makes IFG films available for sale
jcupid254yReplies: 3
Views: 1184
Sep 2 2007 11:26PM
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Sites for Foreign Adult DVD Shops.
I'm looking for foreign adult dvd shops.Here are a few sites that I have come across. <link> <link> <link> If you know of any that are not already listed on this site please
ZibobReplies: 9
Views: 1800
Aug 26 2007 11:25AM
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