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Company ignoring e-mails
I've now sent 4 e-mails to Vidshop about my backorders and how they've taken money without me receiving the goods (the last one was very sharp) and they're simply ignoring me. What can I do to change...
Ryan1481Replies: 13
Views: 1025
Aug 25 2007 1:43PM
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spam gone
spam removed
thrustergirlReplies: 0
Views: 460
Aug 23 2007 4:16PM
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UK: Are R18 releases worth purchasing these days
Hi Folks,As a rule I've up to now avoided R18 releases completely as they have been vetted by the BBFC - British Board of Film Classification (aka Censorhip) for the non-UK folk on the board. The
pb3Replies: 14
Views: 912
Aug 21 2007 3:35PM
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Adult Video Nation??
<link> Anybody had any experience with this company? They're not the cheapest when it comes to postage, but they accept Paypal, and have some DVD's I couldn't find on many other sites.
GlimpseReplies: 4
Views: 1433
Aug 16 2007 5:54PM
sir wankalot
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USPS Air Mail - Delivery time differ!
I find this rather strange - or is it?One spesific order took only 4 - FOUR DAYS - to arrive Norway from California, USA (shipped 08/07, received 08/11). That must be World record! However, two
vassfaretReplies: 5
Views: 621
Aug 16 2007 5:44PM
Adult DVD Paci...
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E-post to AdultdvdNow cannot be delivered
I ve tried to shoot messages to AdultdvdNow (), but they cannot be delivered.Do they have some technical problems - as far as you know?
vassfaretReplies: 0
Views: 436
Aug 14 2007 9:44AM
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Actiondvd reliabilty?
Had an order sent 13 days ago and it still hasn't arrived. I'm in the UK.Wondering if any other buyers have had to wait this long with global priority mail from Actiondvd?I'm always suspicious about
sir wankalotReplies: 13
Views: 906
Aug 12 2007 6:21PM
sir wankalot
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Three GGG's For Best Offer (topic moved)
I have three GGG DVD's purchased from BAM. They all had played well on my Apple I Book, but when I sold it and bought a Sony DVD player none of them would play... I suspect some sort of regional code...
spurtinmouthReplies: 1
Views: 583
Aug 6 2007 3:08PM
Gabriel Nine
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Paradise films evil angel releases
Hi everyone,looking for a bit of help...would anyone know how the german paradise film label releases of the evil angel titles compare picture quality wise to their u.s counterparts,it seems they are...
ukbadboyReplies: 4
Views: 817
Aug 2 2007 1:21PM
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Last days: 10% at
10% reduction on all orders placed in July. Last days...Also, try our Video On Demand Download service, the first bunch of 21Sextury titles has just been added.
ORGAZMIKReplies: 0
Views: 525
Jul 23 2007 12:28PM
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Adult DVD to Germany
I am reviewing my supplier base, taking 200-300 DVD a month. Just wondering with which shop it might be worth checking terms for shipment to GermanyAny ideas appreciated
gbffmReplies: 2
Views: 637
Jul 21 2007 1:49PM
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Best USA site for sending abroad
I am sure this has been gone over time and time again, but just to make sure, I want to know what is the best American site for sending to the UK. I have used Movies by Mail but their choice is poor,...
lromayReplies: 10
Views: 1509
Jul 18 2007 7:29PM
Topic MovedNo New Posts - Search motor all in vain (topic moved)
Give me a good reason to maintain (... since we have; I did search for following DVDs the other night; Big Busted Lesbians 6/7 , Busty Hollywood Starlets , Bang That
vassfaretReplies: 1
Views: 482
Jul 18 2007 3:55PM
Gabriel Nine
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Difference between US and European version?
I want to see Private's Sex City. The US version is cheaper, but does it contain all that is in the European version?Is there generally a way to find out if the US version have been cut compared to
pornfan666Replies: 3
Views: 842
Jul 16 2007 11:57AM
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Double-D website gone?
Hi there,A new member here! I was window shoping a while back on the Double D Productions website, trying to build up the confidence to make my first ever online adult purchase.But now their website
Janey Milk M...Replies: 3
Views: 1117
Jul 16 2007 6:48AM
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Region 'O' dvd's
Can somebody tell me if I buy a Region 'O' dvd from a US website will this play on a UK dvd player.Do I need a special TV also.Excuse my ignorance but all this region code stuff baffles me.
UrkoReplies: 4
Views: 737
Jul 10 2007 6:40PM
Gabriel Nine
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Where to list DVDs ?
Apart from the International DVD Trading part of ADT, where else are we legally allowed to post?I used an auction website in the past (no not ebay) and the film parts have been taken down!I want to
ShiWarriorReplies: 4
Views: 660
Jul 10 2007 3:56AM
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Adultdvdempire sent dvd-r
hi i regularly buy used items from adultdvdempire without my last order i received 2 dvd-r, when i mailed and complained they said Some studios actually burn discs to save costs.
slippery samReplies: 17
Views: 993
Jul 6 2007 3:58AM
slippery sam
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European films
I was wondering if anyone knew of a good site where I could buy European adult films such as ones from the French and German market. I'm not looking for a particular genre, such as the hardcore
ian86Replies: 10
Views: 969
Jul 6 2007 3:37AM
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UK DVD Sale: Evil angel,Creampie - 5£ incl p&p (topic moved)
Girlfriend moving in clearout. All full uncut versions with original artworkcovers. Super condition. INCL p&p to UK. Europe etc pls ask. Lot 1 and 2 as below: 5 each for Lot 1, 2 each for Lot 2.
pornlondonerReplies: 1
Views: 700
Jul 4 2007 3:30PM
Gabriel Nine
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For those who have had backorders....
From, any idea how long it usually takes for a backorder to come in stock? I know it must vary but what are your own experiences? Does it take longer than, say, 8 weeks? Cheers.
Ryan1481Replies: 4
Views: 719
Jul 2 2007 5:02PM
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What's the service like, guys? I've just ordered a 666 title from them and I'm wondering how reliable they are? They have live support chat, anyway, which is a good thing.
Ryan1481Replies: 6
Views: 2935
Jun 27 2007 6:08PM
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Cyberdvdx Problem - Contact Info.?
Does anyone know how to contact Cyberdvdx when a problem arises wth an order?TIA.
struanReplies: 4
Views: 827
Jun 27 2007 5:55PM
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DVD rentals to UK
Anybody know of a good rental service to UK?Thanks
thebigunReplies: 5
Views: 695
Jun 27 2007 9:04AM
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Online Adult DVD Rentals: Canada
I have experiences with 3 Canadian adult DVD rental companies and would like to hear if there are any other good ones.----------------------------------- ----The GOOD:---------Avica.caPros:Fair
knightzReplies: 0
Views: 1365
Jun 19 2007 4:13PM
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Has anybody problems with ?
I m just a little bit concerned as I ordered several DVDs at the end of november/beginning of december last year (which are already paid also).First of all they told me some titles are out of stock
lordasmusReplies: 45
Views: 3235
Jun 19 2007 2:52PM
No New Posts Reliable?
Came across a new store recently; Found them here at ADT. Have any of you experiences with them? Are they any good?Vassfaret,Norway
vassfaretReplies: 2
Views: 661
Jun 6 2007 7:49PM
Adult DVD Paci...
No New Posts closed down?
I had good experience with the Austrian DVD and magazine XXX webshop Sexpress ( They seem to be renewing the site. Now the old site is down. Any news?
facialmanReplies: 0
Views: 565
Jun 5 2007 3:59PM
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Even better Australian online DVD sale....
Once again, this is purely a heads up for others used to paying high prices for their DVDs down here.I have no connection to the site, other than being a customer.axisshop.comDVDs from Private,
OneLouderReplies: 4
Views: 645
Jun 4 2007 9:39AM
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Escapade Videostore
I recently found this website and they have a large selection of older & younger which I am interested in. Anyone ever ordered from them? They seem to be the film producing company Book &
Silverbutthu...Replies: 0
Views: 811
Jun 2 2007 12:10AM
No New Posts selling copies?
I have recently ordered some MFX and GGG DVDs from but they sent me copies? Is this normal? These are expensive DVDs. Anyone else received copies in stead of originals?
blackstarReplies: 7
Views: 1254
Jun 1 2007 7:58PM
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Cyber DVD X
A french site with some good titles I want to order i.e. French versions of True Anal Stories 9 and Rocco's Private Fantasies.Anyone from UK used them? good/bad outcome? Discreet shipping?ThanksJust
snowden pornReplies: 9
Views: 1042
May 23 2007 5:31AM
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Australian online DVD sale
Adultshop is having a dvd sale at the moment. Starting from $9.95, with some Evil Empire stuff from $14.95./ on DVDs, then discount DVDs.(Mods, I don't have any
OneLouderReplies: 2
Views: 627
May 19 2007 4:12AM
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Customs question
Hi,I recently ordered some DVDs from MoviesByMail. UK customs opened the package and removed 2 items.However now they seem to be opening all my US mail. The last 4 packages shipped from LasersEdge
Dan39Replies: 15
Views: 1554
May 17 2007 12:15PM
No New Posts hoax?
Hi all,I ordered a bunch of DVDs 2 weeks ago but no word from the company. Is website is a fake nowadays?. They charged my credit card but when I mail to ask what my orderstatus is, I
macropeliasReplies: 1
Views: 650
May 9 2007 2:13AM
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Black Mirror Productions DVDs
Does anyone know where i can buy their DVDs online to ship to England? I'm finding it impossible. Seems only sell them and they only ship in U.S.
TinakaReplies: 3
Views: 730
May 4 2007 2:09PM
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store name removed
Hi all,I have been looking quite a while for a good Adult DVD-review site, and I'm glad I ended here!I am looking for a good and reliable site to buy my DVDs. When I was surfing I crossed [link
Adultmovielo...Replies: 4
Views: 759
May 3 2007 10:27AM
No New Posts Customs:my experience.
Just got this morning the GGG DVD Betty Extrem from my request (but maybe they routinely do that for problematic UK orders) they sent the CD in a plain, medium sized envellope, no return...
Joey StarrReplies: 34
Views: 4405
Apr 27 2007 3:08PM
No New Posts Reliable? is not listed at this place, so I have of corse some doubts about this matter.The thing is; I ve found some DVDs at Excaliburfilms which I cannot find anywhere else. I ve never
vassfaretReplies: 2
Views: 689
Apr 14 2007 8:36AM
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Viernes 13
I don't know if any of you are in Spain or know where I might find a copy of the film Viernes 13 XXL: Jason Se Lo Monta de Miedo for sale. It's a 2001 Spanish adult film with Nacho Vidal and Claudia
FlashReplies: 0
Views: 507
Apr 12 2007 11:59PM
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Free shipping Orgazmik, last days
Orgazmik is having a special easter promotion: Free shipping on all orders placed until the 16th of restricted to addresses in Europe)
ORGAZMIKReplies: 0
Views: 519
Apr 12 2007 12:07PM
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Color Climax DVDs
I see that some of the Color Climax Teenage Bestsellers films have started appearing on DVD. Does anyone know if any other Color Climax stuff is out on DVD, and if so the best place to get them?As to...
NoisembryoReplies: 3
Views: 1198
Apr 4 2007 5:05PM
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European ATOGM/Anal Creampie Titles?
Anyone know any good titles with ass to other girl's mouth, or anal creampies coming from European films? Especially those that aren't released in the U.S. I know of Ass Drippers, by Paradise Films.
M.F. B.O.B.Replies: 0
Views: 799
Mar 21 2007 4:26AM
M.F. B.O.B.
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Brazilian Carnaval DVDs
Does anyone know where I could buy the Brazilian carnaval DVDs that stock?They don't seem to ship internationally (I live in the UK) so I was wondering if there was another place
Austin316Replies: 0
Views: 571
Mar 14 2007 4:00AM
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Gonzo Mania at Adult DVD Empire
Have you guys seen <link> ?
Len NicodemoReplies: 2
Views: 614
Mar 12 2007 2:15PM
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The (new) Devil in Miss Jones (topic moved)
Has anyone got a copy they want to sell/trade in the UK?Either the original on DVD Region2 or international, or The New Devil in Miss Jones 3CD set.Have been advised that they're good viewing, thanks...
JezWolfReplies: 1
Views: 613
Mar 8 2007 12:28PM
Gabriel Nine
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Vidshop - Netherlands
Hello guys,Normally I order from Erodvd. But what is your experience with also located in the Netherlands? As I see it, they have a quite broad assortment, reasonable prices (a bit higher
XenomorgueReplies: 5
Views: 1010
Mar 4 2007 12:32PM
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euro dollars
I wanted to order a dvd the other day, but you had to pay in euro dollars, how does one pay in american dollars, can these companies accept american dollars? or do you have to pay in euro's ?Topic
bobby101861Replies: 2
Views: 582
Mar 3 2007 1:10AM
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Metabolic?picture quality any good?
Hey everyone...i'm after some help again...wondered if any euro based people have bought any Metabolic dvd's...i believe theyre the euro releases of elegant angel titles and wondered how the picture
ukbadboyReplies: 0
Views: 655
Feb 28 2007 12:54PM
Thread Moved
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Has anyone bought from Any feedback? Are they reliable in sending overseas (I'm in Australia)? Are their DVDs good quality, accepting that they're from 'Golden Age' sources?I'm
FergusReplies: 6
Views: 1353
Feb 26 2007 11:25AM
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