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Posted - Sep 23 2016 : 11:45PM
Anyone have any experience using DVDErotik? I normally order from AdultEmpire but DVDErotik has Batman XXX on Blu-Ray which is damn near impossible to find anywhere else. I'm hesitant to use them because they ship all the way from Europe and I'm not sure if what I'll get would be the same as everywhere else.
So, is DVDErotik Reliable?
What was your experience ordering from them?
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Posted - Apr 23 2018 : 1:55AM
Yes, I know this thread is old and Steven most likely may or may not have given DVDErotik a try in the meantime - but just in case someone else is looking for information on the site: is the European/German partner site of AdultEmpire.
I live in Europe and am perfectly satisfied with their offers and shipping. So far I received DVD originals and had no reason whatsoever to be suspicious. Credit card billing was correct.
As they offer discreet international shipment via UPS and DHL (and both of them are quite reliable), I'd give them a try in the USA as well.
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