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Posted - Jun 15 2018 : 5:37PM
Anyone out there with Mission Erotica on VHS? It doesn't have to be a stand alone title. The one I used to own was part of a compilation VHS. Mission Erotica was first, then a 2nd movie I can't quite remember the name of and finally included Nymph.
Thanks in advance!


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Posted - Jun 15 2018 : 5:38PM
I am also looking for Vivids Weekend Warriors on DVD as well as Double Decker Sandwich 4.


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Posted - Jul 28 2018 : 12:48AM
Im hoping u can help me as well.... u remember the scene in weekend warriors with Raylene? Im actually lookikg for another scene shot on that same set.... a blonde like JR Carrington, but cant renember the title or production company !!!

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Posted - Sep 17 2018 : 5:30AM
You can't offer pirated material on this site.

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