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Posted - Jul 18 2010 : 6:49PM
It was 1905. My four brothers and I had just finished pulling stumps from one hundred and sixty acres of land in Iowa along the Mississippi River. We each had built sturdy farm houses for ourselves.
Having found a flyer at the post office in Keokuk, I set about finding a bride for myself. I wrote to the address listed on the flyer.
I received a reply to my letter three months later. My bride and her chaperon would arrive by train on the 3rd Of June. I marked my calendar. I had no idea what my bride looked like.
It was the 3rd of June, 1905. I waited at the train station for my bride to arrive. Standing on the platform, I saw the thick, black smoke first, then the train appeared out of the fog. The train pulled into the station slowly and came to a stop. I felt embarrassed holding a wooden sign I had fashioned. It read,"Mail Order Bride?".
Two women stepped off the train. They saw my sign and laughed. My face turned red. We introduced each other.
My mail order bride, Isabella, has the face of an angel.
Her chaperon, Maude, on the other hand, has the face that would stop a clock! I told the both of them that I had a room for them at a boarding house nearby. I loaded their bags in my wagon, we jumped aboard, and went to the boarding house. The women settled in just fine at the boarding house. I excused myself to go look for a justice of the peace. Maude invited me to join them for supper. I agreed. Maude said, "it has been a long, hot journey on that train. We would like to take a bath."
I replied, "I'll return at 6 p.m."
I found a justice of the peace to perform our wedding ceremony. My friends and brothers helped me prepare a wedding reception at my house.
I returned to the boarding house to have supper with Maude and Isabella. While we were eating, Maude said, "you know my services as a chaperon don't end with the wedding?" I said,"how so?" Maude smiled. She said, "Isabella doesn't know anything about the ways of love, so if you don't mind, I'd like to help you on your honeymoon". I swallowed hard. "Yes, that's fine with me".
The wedding went well. I enjoyed the company of my new bride, family, and friends.
Maude, Isabella, and I rode in my wagon, behind my team of strong Morgan breed horses, to my farm house. Both women were pleased at the sight of my farm. The house, barn, tool sheds, and the picket fence all had a fresh coat of white paint. Isabella took to the animals right away. I smiled as she rubbed the dog's ears.
The two women set about keeping house. They moved everything around to suit them. When I came into the house at Noon for dinner, they had prepared a great meal.
After dinner, I returned to the fields with my brothers to make hay while the sun shines. There is something special about working up a sweat behind a steam-powered threshing machine. Every so often, a cool breeze comes up to cross my face. All my troubles fade away when I work up a good sweat.
Around dusk, I returned to the house. Maude and Isabella have supper prepared. Supper smells good outside as I wash up by the hand pump. I hang a mirror on a post by the pump. I work up a lather on my face to shave. I shave close for my honeymoon.
Supper tasted as good as it smelled. It sure beats my poor attempts at cooking anything. When we had finished eating supper, I praised both women for a fine meal. I helped with the dishes.
We sat on the porch after supper. We talked for several hours. Maude said, "well...I guess it's time for bed?"
Isabella and I looked at each other and smiled.
Maude, Isabella, and I, brought in from the barn, three metal bath tubs I had out there. We took our baths in the parlor downstairs. Maude and Isabella had several buckets of hot water ready. I stood, as Maude and Isabella undressed me. I sat down in one of the metal tubs. They poured the hot water around me. They sprinkled soap flakes in my tub and worked up a foam with their hands. Maude took a sponge and showed Isabella how to wash me.
I watched, in awe, as both women undressed in front of me. My hand was stroking my cock under the water while I sat in my tub. Both women have beautiful bodies. I watched them both bathe themselves. I stood up to dry off. Maude and Isabella stood up to dry off. We dried each other off.
Wrapped in towels, we went upstairs to the bedroom. We took off our towels. Isabella and I laid on our backs on the bed together. Maude stood at the end of the bed. "My! Don't you two look good together! Two virgins, without a clue!", Maude laughed. Maude said, "the art of making love is as much about being able to receive pleasure as it is giving pleasure". Maude said, "I know that you both enjoy doing the little things to make each other happy. I know you will find it nice to satisfy each other as well physically. Shall we begin?" We nodded.
Maude said, "take your pillow and put it under her bum.
That's right. You want her lifted up a little so you can reach everything. Kiss each other. That's good. Move your tongues around inside each other. Touch each other. Very good! Lick her ear. Yes! Take her ear in your moth and warm it with your breath. Kiss her neck. Run your tongue down her neck to her nipple. Good! Suck her nipple gently. (Isabella moaned) Run your tongue down her body to the inside of her knee. Lay your head on her thigh. Can you smell her? ("Yes", I said) Does her pussy look good? ("Yes", I said) Does her pussy smell good?
("Yes", I said.) Talk to her. Tell her she has a pretty pussy. Tell her that her pussy smells good. ("Oh Isabella..your pussy looks pretty...and your pussy smells good!") Lick her pussy. That's right..up and down, slowly." I could feel Maude's hand reach between my legs. She squeezed my erection. She whispered in my ear, "does it make you hard when you lick her pussy?"
'Yes",I said.
Maude sat in a chair by the bed and masterbated herself to an orgasm while she watched us. Maude said,"see how her pussy is getting puffy?" "Yes", I said. Maude said, "at the top of her pussy...see that bump?" "Yes", I said. "Use two fingers to gently push the bump up", Maude said. "See the little pearl that was hiding under there?" "Yes", I said. "Suck and lick her pearl", Maude said. As I continued, Isabella began to quiver and shake. I could feel the muscles in her thighs spasm against my cheeks. I said, "What is wrong with her?" Maude said, "it's fine...that is her body reacting to the pleasure of your tongue. She had an orgasm." The pillow was soaked with Isabella's juices. A wet spot, two feet across, soaked the sheets. "Did you like that, Isabella?", Maude said.
"Yes, I did, thank you", Isabella said. Maude asked me, "Did you enjoy giving her pleasure?" "Yes, I did", I replied.
"Lay on your back", Maude said to me. I did. Maude and Isabella settled in, belly down, between my legs. They rested their heads on my thighs. Maude started by telling Isabella, "lick his legs. Slowly. Lick up to his cock." Maude lifted my erection and kissed it. "Kiss it", Maude said to Isabella. Isabella leaned over and kissed my cock. "Taste good?", asked Maude. "Yes", said Isabella. "Lick it like this", Maude said. Maude slowly licked my cock all over. "Squeeze it", Maude said. Isabella wrapped her fingers around me. "See how hard he gets when you lick him?", Maude said. "Yes", said Isabella. "You want him nice and hard before he tries to move his cock inside your pussy", Maude said. "without letting your teeth touch him, take him in your mouth",
Maude said. Isabella took me in her mouth. "That's good!", Maude said. "Don't try to take too much that you choke on it", Maude said. "That's right, just keep your mouth going up and down slowly just a few inches down from the head of his cock", Maude said. "How does it feel with her holding you in her mouth?", Maude said to me. "It feels great!", I said. "Wonderful!", I said. "Stroke his cock with your hand", Maude said. "That's right, see how his skin just floats free on the outside?",Maude said. "Yes", said Isabella. "Take him in your mouth. Suck. Use your tongue on him. Slowly move your mouth and your tongue up and down on him. That's good! He likes that! Look at the big grin on his face!", Maude said. "If you keep that up, he's going to squirt in your mouth. You can try that later on if you want to. I'd say he's hard enough, don't you?", Maude said. "Yes", said Isabella. "Get up on your hands and knees, Isabella", Maude said. "That's nice. Arch your back down. Good!", Maude said. "You kneel behind her", Maude said to me. Maude wrapped her fingers around my erection. She brushed the head of my cock against Isabella's pussy. Maude leaned over, took me in her mouth, and licked me. "Mmmmmm! You both taste good!" Maude said. Maude said, "Slowly push yourself into her".
I pushed against Isabella's moist folds. They parted. I slowly pushed into her. Isabella moaned. I pulled out. Blood was on my erection. Maude said, "that's fine, you are her first". I pushed myself back into Isabella. What a wonderful, warm, snug place for my cock! "Feels good, you two?",Maude asked. "Yes", we said. "Move in and out of her, slowly", Maude said. Isabella moaned. "I think she likes a hard cock inside her, don't you?", Maude said. "Your job is to try to resist the urge to ejaculate too soon", Maude said to me. That was easier said than done. "Let me know if you feel you are going to ejaculate. Pull out, and I'll help you two continue to enjoy each other a little longer", Maude said. Her words had not left her lips before I felt a strong urge to ejaculate. I pulled out. Maude squeezed my cock and gave it a hard slap. "Owww!", I said. "Did the urge go away?", Maude asked me. "Yes", I said. "Well Isabella, are you enjoying the feeling of a hard cock inside you?", Maude asked. "Yes, very much so", she replied. "Do you think we should let him ejaculate inside you now?", Maude asked Isabella. "Yes", she replied. "How about you?", Maude asked me, as she squeezed my testicles from behind. "Yes", I said. "Let it go", Maude said.
I gave Isabella a hard pounding. She pushed back against me. I kneeled still while Isabella pleasured herself, riding my cock. She suddenly froze, wiggled against me, and had an orgasm on the end of my hard cock. Her contracting muscles inside her squeezed me, taking me over the edge. The head of my cock swelled inside her. I pumped my ejaculate, feeling a wave of euphoria envelope me. We both fell back onto the bed, covered in sweat. We kissed.
We changed the sheets and pillow cases. We fell asleep in each other's arms for the first time. Maude slept downstairs on the sofa.
The next morning, Isabella and I took Maude to the train station. We both thanked her, and kissed her goodbye.
As the train slowly moved away from the Keokuk Station, Isabella and I looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

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Posted - Apr 8 2019 : 9:10AM
Wow! Cool story! :)


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