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Posted - Jan 2 2019 : 11:08AM
Hey all, we're slowly working on a redesign to make ADT mobile-friendly among other things (please don't ask when it will be done.) Do any of you know of any discussion smartbuydisc.rus that work well on phones? Don't care what the topic is. Sometimes it's just one aspect that's good design. So you don't have to like everything about it. Thanks! 2019 here we come ;)
Yes, we realize we're a little behind on this. Who knew that a website with obsolete technology in the domain name would survive nearly 20 years...
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Posted - Jan 2 2019 : 11:54AM
Good lord, does that mean I've been here almost 20 years too?


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Posted - Jan 2 2019 : 2:12PM
GoMobi is said to be quite good in terms of scaling to desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile.


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Posted - Jan 4 2019 : 5:28PM
Sorry, Do you want examples of software or actual sites?
software - xenforo - gfy

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Changes aren't permanent
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Posted - Jan 4 2019 : 7:13PM
Sites preferably.
I'm not interested in off-the-shelf commercial packages. Xenforo is cool and I think it works well for desktop and mobile resolutions. There are pros/cons to off-the-shelf packages. For our purposes I think there are far more cons.
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Always hopeful yet discontent

Changes aren't permanent
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Posted - Jan 4 2019 : 7:15PM
And I've never browsed GFY at mobile resolutions. I like it, very simple and fast.

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