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Posted - Nov 7 2015 : 12:37PM
luckily for me it's all over now... but remembering some parts is a real turn-on, especially when you need to cum faster
I met her on dating site in Moscow, it's some kind of social network for call-girls, so she was one of them...every girl on her page describes that she likes and what's a no for her, and not much of them are into cumshots in mouth, even if she's ok with letting it in her mouth she spits it after...this Kristina (or Kris she called herself) - she wrote on her paged that cumming in mouth is totally ok for her and you don't have to ask about it, it's all included...I decided to meet her, i always fantasized about meeting a real cum-slut...so our first time i couldn't even fuck her, i just couldnt put my dick out of her mouth, she was all into it... i was curious if she swallows and didn't tell her that cumshot is on the way (i usually ask at first time with new girl), she swallowed every drop without any hesitation...but what i liked most - she didn't let the dick out after finish and continued to suck it off more and more...later she told me that it's her thing...it's how she is different from other girls in business who's running to the bathroom to spit
and this madness started...i couldn't think of any other girls, i only wanted her blowjobs... but what turned me on most - it's our Whatsapp communication...she was ready to talk about everything...and always answered back...so i knew that if whe's not answering - it's her sucking time... sometimes i saw that she even chatted in Whatsapp with other dudes while sucking me off and it was even hotter...so i knew that if she answers - it could also while sucking some other dick, mobile messengers and dick sucking was like an addiction for her
sometimes i didn't even want to meet her, sometimes i'm just lazy, so we would just chat on phones, she wrote about her everyday routine (yeah, moving across big city all day long, sucking fucking and swallowing) she could wrote that some client cummed in her mouth 5 minutes ago and she's chatting while he's in the bathroom...i was totally enough for me to get hard on and just jacked off, especilly when i asked if she sucked him till last drop, and whe answered that it's a rhetorical question, she never do otherwise
that was not a good period in my life...i was doing a lot of coke then, so morning hours after sleepless night were the hardest...those who used - they get what i'm talking about...it's hours of total lust and you just cannot think about anything else than sex...for me it was thinking about girls swallowing cum, girls who suck dick, it's my type of thing...and she always was online..she always was there for me, ready to talk about anything...she was up from sleep early and that's how our mad fuck morning sessions started
early morning, 7 or 8 on the clock, i'm high as kite after coke night, in the taxi, going to her place... we communcate over whatsapp and she always writes me something that i'm ready to start masturbate even with a driver next to me...it was hard for her to cum with clients, there was two or three who licked her good and she could cum
she also had one guy, they had some kind of relationship but she rarely could cum with him either...so it was a turn-off for him so she decided not to have vaginal sex 5 days before he was returning from some business trip, and all those 5 days she didn't let anyone lick her, she was getting ready to meet him and to cum with him
i asked her if she wanted me to lick her as good as usual, it turned out that it was the exact day when she was waiting for her guy, so she wrote me that it's a 5-day period without any pleasure for her and she only sucked a lot those days... it turned me on big time, i asked hom much she sucked and she answered (she always answered that way) - it was enough
so we meet and i see that she's realy horny...maybe it's because of early morning and she's right from the bed...i touch her pussy and it's totally wet. she starts to suck and it's absolutely clear for me that she's absolutely ready
"so, maybe fuck your romantic rendevouz, i see that you want to cum more than everything" - i ask her and when i'm ending those words she's absolutely naked in front of me, spreading her flower...it took her about 20-30 seconds to cum and it was a first time for me when i swallowed a girl...it was a total surprise but she had so much juice coming out, never saw anything like that...of course i didn't have any hesitation about it and also swallowed all of it...it was like returning favor to her..and it was almost a full day of insane fucking, she decided ho have a day off before her man takes her out, so we hanged... i was super horny after coke and i had 1 or 2 g with me, so i was cumming practically all day... even when there was no sex she just kept my dick in her mouth... i asked if there was something she didn't try before and suggested her to try cum drinking from the glass, it was totally yes for her and nobody asked her about it before
wow it was something...i was filling a glass for this girl, who swallowed tons of cum before, but never swallowed a drop from the glass...this cum drinking turned her on really, really hard, and my dick didn't even get soft, so i started to fuck her right after she drinked
there were so many days , many mornings and evenings with Kris...but that insane day, full of coke, sex,lust, my infinite loads in her mouth, we kissed like lunatics and the taste of sperm never disappered from her mouth because when it was getting empty - i filled it full in 5 minutes...it was something you can never forget
i always fantasized about her dick sucking everyday job so i always thought about it, it was like an obsession
one day we planned time to have our usual time together (sucking, swallowing, sex stories from her - and she had those a lot) ...one hour before our time she called and asked if it's ok for me to shift our time 2 hours later...if not then she's ready to arrive at exact time...my first thought was to not change the time but after i realised that she's going to another client...i said okay, i'm ready to wait... but i have one thing to ask in return...what? she asked
- try to swallow as much as you could before we meet, - i said
so when we met i started to kiss her, and i knew that hour before, this mouth was totally full of loads...yeah, it was really something...when she started to suck i filled her mouth in about one minute and she said that she cannot remember such intense cumshot and she had a lot of them
she was up almost to everything, and since i'm a total oral, cum and swallowing fan, she was a perfect match for me
there was only four things that i asked many times but couldn't get from her...and the fourth thing was the last drop...i realised that it's time to end it
first thing was that i never could fuck her with no condom, she had a strict rule about it, any man could cum in her mouth and she liked it but her vagina was totally another story...only few men came inside her...and of course it became a new obsession for me...i could lick her till she started to go mad of orgasms, and in this conditin average woman is up to anything sex-related, you can do with her anything...but not with her...
only this stupid dentist, her fucking "potential future husband" could cum buckets inside her...and there was another thing she told me about them, i started to fucking hate this bastard (i hate dentists from my childhood)
of course he could receive her hi-end class blowjobs anytime they were together and didn't pay a fucking dime for this (but it's Russia so he never paid even a Rouble for this)... but it was not enough for the bastard... every time she was getting inside of his stupid car, first thing she had to do is start immediately sucking while he's driving...no silly kisses, "how was your day"- style stupid shit...instant action!!! maybe i should be studying in some kind of dentist school to get all of this?
another tho things were both anal-related and it was a no-go even for stupid dentist (i liked to hear that, ir means that he's not so cool after all, even he cannot get everything)... so both rim-job and anal sex, both were banned... once she had anal sex with some big dick and it turned out absolutely unpleasant for her...wow...when i heard about big dick in her tiny butthole, i became horny as hell... i needed to stick my tongue inside it! but nothing worked out...man, this small pink ring was an object of art!!! it was a great pleasure just to watch it right before your eyes while licking her in doggy style...
and finally...the fourth fucking thing...it was not even a thing before, i think i created it myself, when being high on fucking coke
we met several hours before and we both came like lunatics...it was more than enough for me ... so i send her a message while sitting home at night, doing line by line
it came out that she's not sleeping and she's not even with her stupid dentist...she's at a night club with some whore girlfriends (none of them new what is she doing for a living)...i wrote her as a joke, something like "it's not enough cum for you today, so don't waste any time and suck some dudes in the toilet"...and she answered that that's her plan from the beginning... turned out that she had even more free sex than she had with her paying customers...she just couldn't get enough! she was a little bit drunk so she told me things she never told before..all this time i thought it was just business for her
apparently not
she almost never paid for taxi - even if she had money (of course she always had it) - she always at first asked a driver abouut blowjob instead...fuck, i cannot imagine who could refuse
she could get out from a client's apartment and in 15 minutes already sucked another dick with a total stranger in his car
so she was dick and cum obsessed...i told her that i want a free blowjob or sex with blowjob... money-free...i couldn't get it... any fucking pothead from nightclub who just haappened to be around in exact time and place - he could get it in 5 minutes in the toilet
I couldn't... if we met on the street and talked a little - i could get it, 100 percent...but i was a customer from the beginng and she had to pay her bills
and when i started to ger angry about that - i ended it...because i had no right to ask anything like that from her... but something inside of me told me that it's not a big deal for her... i already spent a fuckload of money paying her sevices...one time means nothing for her...but for me it was something big...i just wanted to fuck this 20-year doll for free and cum in her prettu mouth 2 or 3 times... what's a big deal? i'm just a human being after all
also, it were the days when i tried to drop my coke experiments...but it became impossible to see Kris and not doing coke...they were the perfect match...they associated with each other
so it's just a piece of life of 40-years old boring guy from Moscow....with wife and 2 kids
maybe somebody will read it till the end
i'm sorry if there's any mistakes, english is not my native language


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Posted - Aug 30 2017 : 10:28AM
Thanks for sharing.
All smartbuydisc.rus > Story Time > my most perverted sexual relationship

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