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Posted - Jul 25 2019 : 8:19AM
I'm trying to find an old xxx film (maybe the 80's) where theres like a operating table with a neon colored device that the actors lie down onto with their head on the device. It's like a virtual fantasy dream or something. The scene starts with the actor touching themselves, and then cuts to a sex scene that I believe their dreaming or fantasizing about. One scene is a guy on the table and then he starts having sex with a brunette woman in a pool. The 2nd scene is a busty blonde who have a guy tongue f#ck her. I cant remember any actors names or the title of the movie.

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Posted - Jul 30 2019 : 12:22PM
Possibly either Night Dreams or Night Trips


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Posted - Jul 31 2019 : 9:23AM
There's a 1992 film called "Mind Trips" that kinda fits some of scenarios you mention. But the fantasy device looks more like a VR headset, rather something people are lying down on, so might not be it...
But other details are quite close - a busty blonde (Taylor Wane) gets tongued early on...and there's a scene by a pool (although not in a pool... but there is another scene in hot tub.)

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All smartbuydisc.rus > The Feature Side > Need help finding an old movie

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