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Posted - Mar 23 2019 : 8:03AM

I watched The Dirt last night. Good flick. I wouldn't consider myself a fan of Motley Crue but I had a few friends back in high school in the 80s that were rabid fans of the band. This flick provided some historical perspective for me. It covers the period of the band's start around 1981 through 2005. It's a good flick even if you're not a fan or too young to have listened to their music in the 80s.

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Posted - Mar 24 2019 : 1:24AM
I caught it and thought it was pretty good. I've always liked the Crue and have seen them in concert many times, most recently in Phoenix a couple years ago. The only time I wasn't into them was when they were really into their glam phase during the "Theater of Pain" years but luckily they got rid of the spandex and lace and brought back the leather and chains for "Girls, Girls, Girls" in 1987. I'm just amazed that they are all still alive after what they've been thru! Edited to add a few vids for everybody to enjoy:

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Posted - Apr 12 2019 : 10:40PM
I thought it was mainly footballers that did this.

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Posted - Jul 5 2019 : 9:26PM
Couldn't get past the ten minute mark, hated it.
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