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Posted - Dec 20 2014 : 11:33PM
I feel a madcap story coming on...;)
While some people are gearing up for the festive period some other unfortunate souls are in mourning...well its not every day you attach 2 crocodile clips to your nipples and wire it up to the mains..all in the pursuit of pleasure and when things go wrong to have them promptly blown clean off is a bit of a let down (understatement)
It all started when the Christmas works night out was held in one of London's seedy Soho bars,well whoever had the idea to go watch an ageing alcoholic drag queen murdering Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive must have been related to the drag queen.
We were barely 2 min in the bar when a shaven headed stranger looked me up and down and said "You can push my stool in if you like" oh god the risque chat up lines are out in force... Wait a minute I think I know that guy I thought to myself.
It was Christian X...

To be continued

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Posted - Jan 15 2019 : 1:29AM

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All smartbuydisc.rus > Story Time > Nipples, it was nice knowing you

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