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Posted - Mar 29 2019 : 9:57AM
I'm trying to find a movie a long time ago, of which I remember 2 scenes ...

The first one happened on a staircase, maybe it was a threesome

and the second and more important when it began with a very vintage fade in a voice-over said "the artist of the nineteenth" or in Spanish (language in which I saw the movie) "El Artista del Novecento"

Something specific that I remember is that it happened in a big room, they had sex on armchairs and the plot was that the woman fucked the artist.

Ended with a cum on the face I think, and she spit on a painting to finish the work (this I'm not 100% sure)

I saw it in original DVD format, so I think it was Private, although I checked the entire private website without finding that scene, maybe it's from another producer.

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Posted - Apr 4 2019 : 3:07PM
Something you might try: the HotMovies website has a category search where you can get a list of plot-oriented movies with a historical plot. Here is the link.


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Posted - Apr 7 2019 : 9:59AM
Maybe this one? Plot sounds like a near perfect match...
Elegance (Bluebird Films, 2006)

Gustave Legaspier, the greatest artist in nineteenth century Europe, has lost his inspiration and his passion. After years of being surrounded by gorgeous, half-dressed models, he finds he is bored by the sultry pouts, perfect bodies and flawless faces, which are unfortunately accompanied by Lackluster, superficial personalities. It takes mysterious and haunting cello music to revive his fading art and the beautiful cellist behind it to awaken his dull heart.

The scenes seem like kinda match your memory, but not perfectly. There is a threesome...there is a scene near some stairs (albeit outdoors.) There is sex in an armchair (but it's a lesbian scene.)


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Posted - Apr 9 2019 : 9:10AM

Thanks for the reply,

use the hotmovies search engine, but I had no case.

The movie "elegance" is quite close but it is not, I think it is older than 2006.

It is likely that the staircase scene is a thresome.

And something punctual, is that when he finishes fucking the artist, she spits (I think) cum on the painting he had painted.

For the style seems to be a private, or salieri but review all and there is no case.

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Posted - Apr 17 2019 : 10:01AM
I was able to find the scene on the stairs, it's one of nikky anderson from the movie "love me deadly"

Most likely, the DVD was a compilation of the style "the private life of ..." or something like that. Since after this scene comes the one I'm looking for.

What I am doing now is to follow the nikki scene to see what movies appeared but I see it very complicated.

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