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Posted - Jul 20 2019 : 11:27AM
In porn do you often go for a storyline leading up to sex (like Digital Playgrounds teachers, nurses & Babysitters)


Just pure sex

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Posted - Jul 20 2019 : 11:40AM
Um, neither? Certainly not the examples you provided for storyline and not the way you describe ("leading up to"). The best for me is where the story and the sex are blended. This means the scene might be sex from the get go, but there is a guiding idea and characters that carry through the sex. This is a rare find in today's porn but you occasionally find it on Pornfidelity (Get My Belt, for example) and probably other sites I am unaware of.
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Posted - Jul 20 2019 : 12:09PM


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Posted - Jul 20 2019 : 12:45PM
^^ Perfectly put.
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Posted - Jul 20 2019 : 6:04PM
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Posted - Jul 20 2019 : 7:46PM

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Posted - Jul 20 2019 : 11:01PM
I like a bit of a storyline to set the sex up but just for a few minutes so most of the scene is sex, 3-5 minutes of a storyline is good and then all sex.


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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 5:36AM
There doesn't have to be a storyline but it's welcome and I do like an introduction to the action so neither as a black and white answer.

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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 8:44AM
I generally prefer some story/lead in before the sex starts, particularly if it's funny. I also like when they incorporate the plot while the sex is happening or after the sex ends (e.g., someone walks in).

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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 9:26AM
I'm with Gore Gore Girl

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Posted - Jul 21 2019 : 6:23PM
Just pure sex

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Posted - Jul 24 2019 : 12:57AM
What Gore Gore Girl said although I used to be pure sex. What changed was the day I saw Lesbian Truth or Dare 5 from Nica Noelle courtesy of Sweetheart Video. Sensuality, foreplay, seduction . . . I became hopelessly addicted. I realize I am in a minority though given the number of GB, anal, DVP, DAP and TAP folks who just want to race from start to a messy finish.
All smartbuydisc.rus > Polls > Poll: Storyline or pure sex?

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