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Director: Jacky St. James
Starring: Ramon Nomar, Sheena Ryder, Aidra Fox, Robby Echo, Ricky Johnson, Kristen Scott, Lisey Sweet, Brad Newman.
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After Ginger & Amber, the hottest Lynn?
"Lynn" is perhaps the most ubiquitous stage surname in the history of porn, so I thought it would be fun to see who was the most popular starlet ever to use it after the two obvious
dkpaineReplies: 21
Views: 628
Jan 30 2019 8:53AM
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Samantha Saint or Tasha Reign
Who is hotter ?Samantha <image> Tasha <image>
dialbiggerReplies: 19
Views: 3690
Jan 30 2019 8:32AM
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Who's hotter? Karlee Grey or Ashley Adams
Karlee Grey is #1 to me... <image> ASHLEY ADAMSor... <image> Karlee Grey
Chris Pickle...Replies: 23
Views: 1435
Jan 30 2019 8:30AM
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Greatest celebrity voices?
Pages: 1 2
Which celebrities have the greatest voices in your opinion?
RandomPrecisionReplies: 66
Views: 1967
Jan 30 2019 8:30AM
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Tory Lane or Tori Black
Who is hotter between these Porn Superstar ? <image>
dialbiggerReplies: 39
Views: 2045
Jan 30 2019 8:28AM
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White female pornstar with the best ass??
Who do you think has th best ass.I was gonna say Katja Kassin or Tiffany mynx untill I came across Bella BellzHer ass is just 100% perfection. <image>
wolvie667Replies: 29
Views: 12509
Jan 30 2019 8:21AM
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If you could have all the scenes of ONE actress...
Who would you choose? I say Miss Tori Black.btw, an additional question: does someone collect all the scenes of any actress? I'm trying it with Alexis Texas, Riley Reid, Tori Black and Valentina
TomWopatReplies: 15
Views: 210
Jan 30 2019 8:17AM
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Favorite Lisa Ann Scene?
What's your favorite Lisa Ann scene? Title, volume and who she paired with would be greatly appreciated. <image>
Midnight MaxReplies: 13
Views: 15713
Jan 30 2019 8:15AM
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top 5 Male Pornstars
Who are your favorites woodsmen? Ny Top 5 is probably these guys...Maniuel Ferrara (ManFer)Jonni DarkkoEvan StoneMoe the MonsterJules JordanDon't know too many of the dudes names, but these guys are
ImaladymanReplies: 20
Views: 1154
Jan 30 2019 8:00AM
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Who should be in the AVN Hall of Fame but isn't?
Pages: 1 2
Who belongs in the AVN Hall of Fame but has, for whatever reason, been overlooked?I'm going to lead off with the following: <link> <link> <link>
fu_qReplies: 55
Views: 1208
Jan 29 2019 5:37PM
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McDonalds should bring back our favorite foods :)
What foods should McDonalds bring back to their full time menu permanently? McRib? McDLT ? Angus Half Pounders? :) and should McDonalds have all day lunch too?
Sonicposter69Replies: 5
Views: 102
Jan 27 2019 11:20PM
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How many members still buy new titles in DVD ?
Pages: 1 2
This is not a download vs physical media thread. I always prefer a physical media but i can't understand why porn studios still released titles in DVD format, high license fees for Blu-ray not an
bahadirReplies: 54
Views: 1647
Jan 27 2019 4:05AM
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Favorite Scottish person?
Pages: 1 2
I have a few candidates in mind, and there's probably plenty that I don't know of. I have no clue about Scottish porn stars though, so if you know of anyone, please provide sexy pics.
JohnWReplies: 68
Views: 3570
Jan 26 2019 9:10PM
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What is your favorite VR porn website?
Inspired by other pools online, like <link> , I thought to ask here as well.Please mention websites that you already tried.
tornadokimReplies: 1
Views: 61
Jan 25 2019 11:29AM
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Wankable moments in mainstream entertainment
Pages: 1 2 3 4
There is no secret one of the main uses (if not the #1 use) for porn is to fire up some fantasies for jacking off. Let's be honest, though, every guy has seen something in regular TV and movies that
Cornell LingusReplies: 185
Views: 11387
Jan 23 2019 3:12AM
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Favorite Anal postion (to watch)
My favorite anal position to watch is reverse cowgirl :)It allows me to se all the action while seing the girl's pussy, boobs and face in the same time..What's your favorite anal postion to watch?
_swede_Replies: 40
Views: 1672
Jan 21 2019 1:14PM
Steve Smith
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Are you a Thread Killer?
Pages: 1 ... 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Do you routinely post responses to threads in this or other smartbuydisc.rus .... only to see no one respond after you do ? ie making you a THREAD KILLER.
teemto pagal...Replies: 923
Views: 17013
Jan 19 2019 2:01PM
Joey Starr
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Am I the only one who liked it better when
you couldn't post hardcore porn here? I don't know why exactly but I kind of liked it. Granted, the idea of a porn board with no porn is kind of absurd in a way..but still. It was kind of...I don't
tookieReplies: 3
Views: 147
Jan 17 2019 11:12AM
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2018 RMP Playoffs: Teaser-Lite Division (F)
2018 RMP Photo TournamentTeaser-Lite DivisionMatch FPoll duration: 6 daysMia Sollis <image> versus <image> Starlet
hawkeye jonesReplies: 12
Views: 171
Jan 14 2019 7:08AM
hawkeye jones
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Terrible commercial & great commercial
So, the Matthew McConaughey commercial in the car, trying to be all profound and deep and somber about something--I don't even hear the words. It's so creepy and pretentious about something as
PiepsReplies: 34
Views: 802
Jan 12 2019 8:48PM
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Do you remember 8/8/88?
Pages: 1 2
August 8th, 1988?
HeyNowReplies: 64
Views: 1771
Jan 9 2019 12:10PM
Joey Starr
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Last complete porno you Watched??
What was the last complete porno movie you watched?So no clips on tubesitesMy last was: <image>
wolvie667Replies: 5
Views: 105
Jan 3 2019 9:56AM
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Do you invest in the stock market?
I was initially scared to do it, probably like most people just scared of losing money, started two years ago, best decision I ever made.My advice : start off slow, get your confidence, you'll find
khyberReplies: 30
Views: 739
Jan 3 2019 12:11AM
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Pee Bukkake
has anyone ever seen anything like it?
EverettReplies: 12
Views: 1921
Dec 31 2018 9:17AM
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Best part of Slut Puppies?
I am a big fan of young girls just giving in and accepting being a slut and proud of it...So I like the slut puppies series by Jules Jordan..But what do you think is the best part oin this series??
wolvie667Replies: 0
Views: 75
Dec 31 2018 3:16AM
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your top 3 Big titted Pornstars
Who are your top 3 Big titted Pornstars?Here is Mine:(will look for pics Later)1. Gianna Micheals - Love her tits, also great face. Great personallity and love to she just by snapping your fingers
wolvie667Replies: 2
Views: 144
Dec 30 2018 6:49PM
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your top 5 porn asses??
name your own top 5 porn asses here!!Here is my top 5 of Asses:1. Annette Schwarz. She is known for her work with cum and piss and I love her for that, but I feel her ass was highly underrated
wolvie667Replies: 1
Views: 184
Dec 30 2018 6:43PM
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Favorite Christmas movies
I think my favorite is The Ref.
PiepsReplies: 6
Views: 172
Dec 29 2018 3:24PM
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best bukakeseries besides GGG
For me GGG is on a league of its ownBurt after GGG what is the best bukake series?name your choice, but a few options that ccome to my mind are Bakers Dozen, Feeding Fremzy, No cumdodging allowed
wolvie667Replies: 0
Views: 78
Dec 28 2018 8:40PM
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Who's your Internet Service Provider?
1. Who's your ISP?2. What's your download and upload speed? (if known)3. Rate your internet service from 1-10, 10 being the best.Thank you.
kicker_f1 Replies: 32
Views: 775
Dec 19 2018 5:48PM
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Most Downloaded Pornstar
Who is or are your most downloaded pornstars?Here's mine.Dani DanielsNicole AnistonJenaveve JolieIndia SummerMia MalkovaLisa AnnAmia MileyCameron Canada
VikesFan1981Replies: 5
Views: 269
Dec 12 2018 8:26AM
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jewel denyle if you could see her with older girl
Pages: 1 2 3 4 5
Who would it be? she would have to be a dom in some scenes and a submissive in the others.1.jewel doms jill kelly.2.jewel doms tiffany mynx.3.jewel doms pj spraxx.4.jewel doms jenna jameson5.jewel
babbyReplies: 218
Views: 5105
Dec 10 2018 8:33AM
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Porns Perfect 10's
Inspired by: Pete Zaface wrote:I was trying to think the other night about how many 10s there are or have been in porn. I'm talking about dead solid perfect 10s, perfection, beauty pageant
FlacFanReplies: 20
Views: 1455
Dec 9 2018 11:25PM
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Jada Stevens & AJ Applegate
I currently can't decide who's movies to buy, I do love them both, but I just want spend money on one of these ass queens this month. So I need some help deciding who to go for? Which one of these
ghornyReplies: 17
Views: 1623
Dec 8 2018 12:04AM
Chris Pickledick
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Your favorite foreign pornstar?
Currently, im obsessed with Misha Cross. <image> Not sure she is active but I love Michelle/The Red Fox <image> My all time favorite is probably Abigaile Johnson <image> Anyone else...
cchadReplies: 39
Views: 2067
Dec 5 2018 9:10PM
Captain Howdy
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Who's hotter? Karlee Grey or Angela White
Two of the most talented, beautiful, and sweetest women in the history of adult cinematography. What luscious lady do you prefer? Pick both if you like!! I'm voting Karlee!!!Karlee GREY <image>...
Chris Pickle...Replies: 10
Views: 1666
Dec 3 2018 9:24PM
Steve Smith
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Christmas Lights 2018 (topic moved)
'Tis the season for the annual Christmas lights thread. I have not seen a lot of innovations so far this season. The LED technology seems to be mature and to have stretched the limits of what is
Cornell LingusReplies: 2
Views: 132
Dec 1 2018 9:28PM
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Porn Movies with a Story
Hey GuysThis is my first time posting on this like all your opinions. Do you prefer to watch porn movies with or without a story?I'm not sure why but I actually enjoy when the movie has a...
Awake2meReplies: 23
Views: 4628
Nov 24 2018 8:31PM
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2018 Scene Of The Year: Your Winner is?
We're closing in on 2019. What Is Your Favorite Lena Scene of 2018? <link> Studio: Hard XDirector: MasonCo-Star: Manuel <image>
FlacFanReplies: 0
Views: 102
Nov 23 2018 6:17PM
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Which Girls Would A Director Want On Set?
If I was a director, the following are some girls I definitely would want on set multiple times (in no particular order):Brooklyn Chase, Chanel Preston, Romi Rain, Angela White, Alexis Fawx,
foolio101Replies: 2
Views: 172
Nov 23 2018 9:51AM
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Porn pairings that should've or should happen
Are there any porn pairings that you think should've happened in the past, but didn't happen (for some reason)?Also, are there any porn pairings (involving active pornstars for either boy/girl or
matchmakerReplies: 50
Views: 1808
Nov 23 2018 8:06AM
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Perfect backside pic ( visible feet and butthole )
... + one visible nipple ( did not fit into the title ) .The model should be looking into the camera ( When they don t , I feel the pic is lacking something )I ll give the pics a rating from 1 to 10
Airtight_fan...Replies: 4
Views: 213
Nov 19 2018 12:41AM
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Trendy words and phrases
Pages: 1 2 3
Inspired by Lindi's thread about mispronounced words, I thought I'd start one on trendy words and phrases that just bug the shit out of you (or me or anyone). Anyway, I try to avoid them as much as
RandomPrecisionReplies: 116
Views: 2824
Nov 17 2018 5:22PM
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Playboy, Hustler, Penthouse?
Which of these three did you prefer back when people actually use to buy these 'magazine' things?I actually preferred Penthouse to Penthouse itself. Also later found Score, Club and Swank
BlackSixReplies: 36
Views: 1299
Nov 16 2018 8:00PM
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Who Are Your Top 5 Favorite Performers?
Emy Reyes is the opposite of the average star in the industry. She is natural, brown, energetic, and just fine. There are 5 people in the adult business who shine in my eyes: 1. Lily Thai, 2. Nadia
Tenoch123Replies: 36
Views: 1496
Nov 15 2018 6:29AM
Cerebral Jedi
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Pornstars with fake boobs...
When it comes to pornstars with big fake tits... who would you put in your top three as your favourite? 1. Aletta Ocean2. Rachel Starr3. Jewels Jade
Alettaoceans...Replies: 4
Views: 857
Nov 15 2018 6:18AM
Cerebral Jedi
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Best/Favorite U2 Songs?
<link> Their Top 10: 10. “Pride (In the Name of Love),” 9. “All I Want Is You,” 8. “Even Better Than the Real Thing,” 7. “Out of Control,” 6.
Smiler GroganReplies: 7
Views: 209
Nov 15 2018 5:24AM
Cerebral Jedi
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Alison Tyler , Noelle Easton or Katrina Jade ?
2 points for the first place .1 point for the second place .---Alison <image> ---Noelle <image> ---Katrina <image>
Airtight_fan...Replies: 7
Views: 479
Nov 13 2018 11:46AM
Cerebral Jedi
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things you accidentally dropped in the toilet
just the other day; fingernail clippers
EverettReplies: 1
Views: 85
Nov 2 2018 8:23PM
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Should Pit Bulls be banned
Pages: 1 2
Recently there have been several high profile attacks by pit bulls where people have been killed or seriously injured. Denver and Miami have banned Pit Bulls and San Francisco now requires that they
whoremonger ...Replies: 67
Views: 1651
Oct 29 2018 5:38PM
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