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Golden Age Classic

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Posted - Mar 25 2019 : 4:33PM
Portraits of Andrea Palmer, a modern-day golden age classic, is coming to Blu-ray this June.

Tomorrow Productions provided me with a digital screener of the film, which is reviewed here . I love this film and it has the last performance of William Margold.

Golden Age Classic

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Posted - May 21 2019 : 5:26PM
The Blu-ray is coming out through Tomorrow Productions / CAV Distributing and is available to pre-order at .

Attached are the sell sheets from CAV that I stole from elsewhere. They list extras for the release.



This is a film that fans of the golden age really aren't going to want to miss!

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Posted - Jun 1 2019 : 2:16AM
Didn't realize this was hardcore. Is it available to stream anywhere?

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