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For my 1000th post, I thought I would share with all of you one of my stories. This is the sort of thing I'm talking about when I talk about that Hypnosis thing, and if you're a fan of the Hypno-Fetish--or Raquel Welch--or both--then you should enjoy this story. I hope you do.
And now--
Present The Pleasure Unit
By wcw43921
The year was 1973, and one of Hollywood’s better known actors, James Coburn, was throwing a party at his house to celebrate the release of his latest movie, a murder mystery called The Last Of Sheila. He had invited the cast and crew and almost everyone had shown up, including the person he had most hoped would show. She happened to be climbing out of Coburn’s swimming pool just as he approached with a towel hung over his forearm and a drink in each hand.
She was one of Hollywood’s better known actresses, and certainly one of its most beautiful. Her auburn hair, dark eyes and dusky skin set her apart from movie sex symbols past and present. Her voluptuous yet athletic figure was barely contained by the white bikini she wore, and her nipples stood out in the wet fabric for the delight of anyone impolite enough to stare. She may have been born Jo Raquel Tejada, but to Hollywood–and therefore to the rest of the world–she was known as Raquel Welch.
“Thank you,” she said to Coburn as she took the towel from his arm and dried herself off. She pointed at the drinks he held. “Is one of those for me?”
“Mmm–hmm.” said Coburn as he handed her the drink in his left hand. “And you’re welcome.”
Raquel smiled as she took first one sip, then another. Coburn took a sip from his own drink as he watched her, trying not to stare too impolitely.
“So,” said Coburn, “what will you do next? Do you have any projects lined up?”
“Oh, you know,” said Raquel, “the usual stuff. Mostly I get a lot of offers for sex comedy roles. Just about every director in town wants to get me out of my clothes. Is that really all they can think of when they think about me?”
“Well, you could always do one of the more popular movie franchises. I think you’d fit really well in a James Bond movie.”
“Maybe–but I don’t think those movies will be around much longer now that Connery’s no longer in them. Besides,”–and here she winked at Coburn–“if I were to co-star with anyone in a spy movie, it would be Derek Flint.”
“Interesting you should bring up Flint,” said Coburn. “It so happens I have a souvenir from the movies in my basement. Perhaps you’d like to see?”
Raquel smiled at him. “Sure. Is it the cigarette lighter?"
Coburn smiled back. “Even better.”
They went together inside his house, with Raquel taking another sip of her drink as Coburn led the way to the basement. Down there was a room with wood paneling, tasteful carpeting and soft lighting, with a wet bar, a poker table and plenty of seating, including bar stools and a sofa. They passed through the room to enter what was obviously a projection room, with one wall painted solid white and the rest covered in wood paneling. There were several sofas lining the walls, and a movie projector sitting somewhere between the back and the middle, where it would not block anyone’s view. Coburn pointed across from the room’s entrance, and Raquel opened her mouth in amazement at the sight.
There, set in a sort of alcove, was a single stool attached to the wall. Set facing the stool was a transparent disc covered in multiple rows of circles of various sizes ranging from very large to very small, and arranged to form a spiral pattern. Each row of circles was a different color, ranging from deep red to burnt orange to solid white, The disc was set upon a pylon so it would be eye level to anyone seated on the stool, and the whole thing was even more softly lit than the rest of the basement. Raquel took one look and recognized it immediately.
“Oh my gosh—it’s a Preparation Room!”
“What can I say?” said Coburn. “It was either that or the Electro-Fragmentizer, and that really didn’t go with the decor.”
“Well, how did you get all of it?”
“I knew some guys in the studio prop department, and they were good enough to do me the favor.”
“That is so kooky! Does it work?”
“Go see for yourself,” said Coburn. “Why don’t you finish your drink?”
Raquel finished off the last few sips in her glass and set it down on a nearby end table. She crossed the room to the alcove, and stopped at the entrance to examine the machine more closely.
“How does it work?”
“Just have a seat and I’ll show you,” replied Coburn, and Raquel sat down on the stool before the disc—and while it wasn’t as large as the set in the movie, it certainly had the same feel as far as she was concerned. Coburn crossed the room to stand beside her.
“Now, then,” he said, “we just turn things on and see what happens.” He reached for a switch that Raquel couldn’t see, and a moment later the disc was turning around on its hub, the colored circles sort of blending into each other as they swirled around and around—and around and around. Coburn pressed another switch, and a soft red light on the hub began to blink on and off—and on and off. Coburn pressed yet another switch, and a series of soothing electronic tones, just like from the movie, began to play in the alcove. And Raquel listened to the soothing electronic tones, and watched the disc as it turned around and around—and around and around—and she seemed to be drifting away from the room—and everything else---
“It’s all right, Raquel,” said Coburn with a reassuring smile. “Just sit back, relax, and let it happen. Relax, and let it happen.”
Raquel continued to watch the disc turn around and around—and around and around—around and around—and around and around. Her breathing deepened—and her lips parted ever so slightly—and her hands, which had been folded in her lap, now were slowly coming unfolded as her legs slowly uncrossed. Her eyes fluttered somewhere between half-shut and completely shut as she struggled to keep watching the disk turn around and around—and around and around—around and around—
And Coburn smiled even more broadly as he watched it all happen. He had dreamed of this moment ever since that day on the set of Our Man Flint when the movie’s female lead, Gila Golan, fell asleep watching the spinning Hypno-disc while they were setting up the scene. Of course the crew had awakened her as soon as it happened, and of course they were all amazed that the thing had actually worked—and that’s when Coburn stsrted making his plans. Because Raquel Welch had been up for the role that Gila was playing, and Coburn couldn’t help but think that it should have been Raquel should have been sitting there in the Preparation Room being transformed into a “pleasure unit.” And now his dream was becoming reality.
It wasn’t all that difficult to make it work, either—as Coburn had told Raquel, he had gotten some studio hands to install the original props in his basement, then got a studio sound engineer to install the electronic tone player. What he didn’t tell Raquel was that embedded in the tones were subliminal suggestions to relax, concentrate, sleep, and open her mind to whatever she was told. That, and the mild sedative that Coburn had put into Raquel’s drink, all came together in that moment as Raquel’s eyes finally fluttered closed, and her head drooped to one side. With each deep breath her chest slowly rose and fell, and each time her breasts strained slightly and so very wonderfully against her bikini top. The sight was enough that Coburn almost lost control of himself then and there—but then he reminded himself that she wasn’t ready yet. There was work to do.
“Raquel—I want you to listen to me, and I would like you to do as I ask. Would you sit up straight, and open your eyes?”
For a moment it seemed that Raquel would remain just as she was—but then she slowly stirred, gently lifted her head upright, and after a brief struggle, managed to open her eyes halfway. She once again fixed her attention on the spinning disc. Coburn went to the bar and got himself a fresh drink, then returned to stand over Raquel. He was ready to begin.
“Raquel—I would like you to repeat after me. I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit.”
Coburn leaned down to speak directly into Raquel’s ear. “I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit.”
Raquel responded after a full five seconds. “I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit.”
Coburn continued, “My sole purpose in life is to bring pleasure to my companions.”
This time Raquel responded a bit more quickly. “My sole purpose in life is to—is to bring pleasure to my companions.”
“All that is asked of me, I will perform.”
“All that is asked of me, I—I will perform.”
“It is an honor to offer my body for the pleasure of others.”
“It is—it is an honor to offer my body for the pleasure of others.”
“Bringing pleasure to others brings pleasure to myself.”
This time there was no hesitation. “Bringing pleasure to others brings pleasure to myself.”
“You’re doing very well, Raquel. Now I would like you repeat everything you’ve just said all at once. Do you understand?”
Between the flutterings of her eyes, Raquel somehow managed to answer. “Yes.”
“Go on, then.”
“I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit. My sole purpose in life is to bring pleasure to my companions. All that is asked of me, I will perform. It is an honor to offer my body for the pleasure of others. Bringing pleasure to others brings pleasure to myself.”
“Excellent,” said Coburn. “Now I would like you to repeat it all again—but this time, when you finish saying the words, you will feel the most wonderful pleasure you can imagine–the most sensual and erotic pleasure. Do you understand?”
Raquel smiled a little at the thought of such beautiful pleasure. “Yes.”
“Then begin.”
Coburn watched intently as Raquel repeated the words, and when she was done a big, beautiful smile came over her face, a smile that indicated for anyone fortunate to see that she had discovered some deep, profound level of pleasure inside of herself that was unlike any pleasure she had experienced before. Coburn himself smiled at the sight—everything was going exactly as he had hoped. Now to put it in high gear.
“Raquel—I want you to repeat the entire statement again, and keep repeating it until I put my hand upon your shoulder—that will be the signal to stop. Each time you repeat the statement you will feel the same pleasure you did before, and a little more so each time. And for every one hundred times you repeat the statement, you will have an orgasm—the most wonderful and powerful orgasm of your life. And each orgasm you have will be more powerful than the one before. Do you understand?”
“Yes—I understand,” said Raquel slowly and dreamily.
“Very well,” replied Coburn, smiling his famous smile. “You may begin.”
“I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit. My sole purpose in life is to bring pleasure to my companions. All that is asked of me, I will perform. It is an honor to offer my body for the pleasure of others. Bringing pleasure to others brings pleasure to myself. I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit—“
Coburn watched the process through several repetitions, and saw Raquel’s smile become bigger and brighter each time. Satisfied, he took a couple of steps backward and pressed a hidden button in the wall. Silently a section of wood paneling slid forward to cover the alcove, and when it had settled into place, no one who did not know could tell there was supposed to be something behind the wall. And since the door had been soundproofed, Raquel’s voice could only be heard by someone standing right next to it. Coburn stood there for a moment more listening to Raquel’s muffled voice, then turned and headed back upstairs to the party.
Several hours later the party came to a close. Everyone had had a good time, and everyone was sorry that Raquel wasn’t feeling well and went home early. And everyone was glad that Coburn was enjoying his own party so much, the way he was smiling all the time. And when the last guest had left for the night, Coburn returned downstairs and re-opened the alcove.
“—My sole purpose in life is to bring pleasure to my companions. All that is asked of me, I will perform. It is an honor to offer my body for the pleasure of others. Bringing pleasure to others brings pleasure to myself. I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit—“
Raquel was all but breathless as she continued to repeat the words, and a smile bigger than Coburn’s seemed permanently affixed to her face. Her legs were tightly pressed together, and she squirmed delightfully as she sat on her stool. Coburn let her have one more orgasm, then put his hand upon her shoulder. Immediately she relaxed and went completely limp, and if he had not been holding her up she would have slid off the stool and onto the floor. Coburn held her in place for a while, and even with her head slumped forward he could see her smile.
“Raquel—can you hear me?”
“Yes,” said Raquel, her voice barely above a whisper.
“Raquel—what are you right now?”
She raised her head and smiled. “I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit.“
“Will you please stand up for me?”
“All that is asked of me, I will perform.” Raquel rose to her feet.
“Come with me, Raquel.” Coburn took her by the hands and gently led her out of the alcove into the recreation room. They stopped before the sofa, and Coburn took a seat.
“What will you do for me, Raquel?”
“It is an honor to offer my body for the pleasure of others,” said Raquel as she stood before him, one leg before the other in a casually seductive pose.
“Well, then—why don’t you show me all of your body?”
“All that is asked of me, I will perform,” said Raquel, and she looked Coburn straight in the eye as she reached behind her back to undo the back strap of her bikini bra. She then slowly lifted the bra up and over her head to reveal the most magnificent set of breasts Coburn had ever seen. She then hooked her thumbs into either side of her bikini panties, and slid them off her hips to let them drop silently at her feet. Coburn admired the view for a moment, then pulled his robe open to show Raquel his own nude body, revealing an erection so hard that Coburn joked to himself that he could use it to punch holes in a phone book.
“Do you see what you’ve done for me, Raquel? Do you see how good you’ve made me feel?”
“Bringing pleasure to others brings pleasure to myself,” replied Raquel.
“Well then—why don’t you sit down beside me and give my cock a nice, big kiss?” said Coburn. “Why don’t you kiss it deep and long?”
“All that is asked of me, I will perform.” Raquel sat down beside Coburn and first kissed his cheek, then bent over and slowly enclosed her lips over Coburn’s cock-head, then just as slowly drew them upward until they left it with a soft “pop.” She repeated the process several times, lingering longer each time, adding a few licks with her tongue each time she lingered. She then drew up her legs to kneel on the couch and began to blow him in earnest. Damn, but this woman can suck, thought Coburn as he idly played with Raquel’s hair, closed his eyes and enjoyed it.
Coburn’s hand then drifted from Raquel’s hair down to between her legs, and slid two fingers inside her pussy, smiling at the warmth and wetness he found there. “I’m glad you’re enjoying this as much as I am.”
Raquel looked up and smiled at Coburn. “Bringing pleasure to others brings pleasure to myself.”
“Why don’t you let me give you some pleasure—and sit on my lap?”
“All that is asked of me, I will perform,” replied Raquel, as she shifted position to straddle Coburn’s midsection. She steadied herself with both hands on Coburn’s shoulders while he guided his cock towards her pussy with his thumb and forefinger. With perfect ease Raquel lowered himself onto Coburn, and in the next glorious moment they were joined together, her surrounding him and him inside of her. And then Raquel began to ride, making a slow, steady rhythm as she brought more and more pleasure to Coburn, moaning softly yet insistently with each up-and-down motion. Coburn moaned back as Raquel rode, taking advantage of the position he was in to kiss the sides of her neck, caress her ears with his lips, and bury his face in her monumentally gorgeous cleavage. Then he wrapped his arms around her body and lifted her down to the floor, and now it was his turn to ride as he pushed himself deeper and deeper inside as Raquel’s moans grew louder and more delighted.
“Oh, Raquel,” said Coburn, “you were meant for moments like this. You are such a great fuck.”
“It is an honor to offer my body for the pleasure of others,” replied a smiling Raquel.
She held him close with both her arms and her legs, and her body shook under Coburn’s as her moaning turned to an ecstatic shout. Then it was Coburn’s turn to shout as he released inside her, arching his back for one final thrust. He then lowered himself onto Raquel and laid there blissfully as he caught his breath.
It was several minutes later, and Raquel was back in her bikini and sitting before the Hypno-disc once more, her eyes slowly fluttering, yet fixated on the spinning disc as it took her deeper where she wanted to go. Coburn stood nearby with a drink in his hand.
“Now I’m going to take you home,” said Coburn. “Whe you get there you will go to bed. You will tell everyone who asks that you left the party early because you were not feeling well. Do you understand?”
“All that is asked of me, I will perform,” replied Raquel.
“You will remember nothing about what happened tonight in this room. It is a secret for just the two of us, a secret you will keep even from yourself. And when you hear me say the words, ‘Present the pleasure unit,’ you will return to this Hypnotized state and once again become a pleasure unit. Will you do as I ask?”
“All that is asked of me, I will perform. I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit.”
“Excellent, Raquel. Do you know how happy it makes me to hear you say that?”
Raquel smiled. “Bringing pleasure to others brings pleasure to myself.”
“Very well then,” said Coburn, “Let’s get you home.”
The year was 1999, and it was the night of the 71st annual Academy Awards, the night when the movie industry honored the best of the performances and moviemaking achievements of 1998. While there were many for whom the Oscars did not matter when it came to judging the movies, very few of them were in Hollywood and certainly none of them were in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, listening to the presenter read the list of nominees for Best Actor In A Supporting Role.
“And the Oscar goes to—James Coburn, for Affliction!”
Everyone in the Pavilion applauded as Coburn, smiling his famous smile, walked down the aisle, ascended the steps and crossed the stage to accept the most coveted statue in show business. As he congratulated the other nominees, and thanked everyone he was supposed to thank, his mind was already on the celebration party for himself.
Later, in a luxury hotel suite reserved for just this night, there was a knock at the door. Coburn crossed the main room of the suite and opened the door, once again smiling his famous smile.
“Hello, Raquel.”
“Jim!” Raquel entered the suite and gave Coburn a big hug. “I’m so happy for you. This is such an amazing night.”
“Thank you,” said Coburn as he stood back a step and admired Raquel in her long, elegant evening dress. Even at age fifty-nine she was still one of the most beautiful women he’d ever known. “Why don’t you come on in?”
Raquel stepped into the room, and looked around, her excited walk slowing to a stop as she got to the middle of the room. Coburn closed the door and made sure it was locked as Raquel truned to look at him, the bewilderment apparent in her face.
“Jim—where is everybody?”
“They’re in another suite a few floors down,” he replied. “I thought we could have our own little celebration before we joined the main party.”
Raquel smiled hesitantly, clasped her hands together and looked downward, trying to figure a way out of the situation. “Jim, I—I know we’ve been friends for a long time, but I hardly think this is appropriate—“
“Present the pleasure unit.”
Raquel slowly lowered her hands to her sides, and Coburn watched as her eyes fluttered open and closed at the same time. It was a scene he never got tired of watching, even after all these years, as she slipped out of her usual self and into the sensual erotic goddess she should have been all along. Of all the pleasure units he had made over the years—including his first and second wives—Raquel, the very first, was still his favorite.
“Raquel—what are you?”
Raquel smiled. “I—am a pleasure unit. I—am a pleasure unit.”
“And what do you do as a pleasure unit?”
“My sole purpose in life is to bring pleasure to my companions.”
Coburn smiled his famous smile and took a seat on one of the suite’s plush, comfortable sofas. “Well then—why don’t you come over here and bring me some pleasure?”
Raquel began to remove her evening dress. “All that is asked of me, I will perform.”

"There he goes talking about that Hypnosis thing again."
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